Fairy Tail Season 3 Review

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, time for a break from the beauty stuff and getting back into anime. I know I was supposed to talk about a plushie maker but that will wait until the next post because I just finished watching Fairy Tail Season 3! I was happy to see the story continue since I did have to wait until Christmas for the last two parts, even though I did have to get 12 on EBay and I did find out the hard way that 13 has been out and 14 was coming out soon. Forgive me for being behind when it comes to collecting this anime, on top of that have been in Daytona, which is where I finished watching it and plus starting to collect Attack On Titan because of Omni Expo and need to catch up.


Anyuway, my thoughts on Season 3!


Story: So, season 3 started off strongly because it continued from where it left off in Season 2 after Etalus and now it’s time for the big S Rank Test for chosen members of Fairy Tail to become the next rank wizards, well one of them, and Kana, a card magic user, was chosen and feel that since it was her fourth time competing that she won’t get it and she hides a secret from Guild Arts on top of it! During the S Rank Test, another dark guild decides to attack Fairy Tail on their island known as Tenro Island and cause them to vanish all thanks to a threat that almost killed Guild Arts in the process. I did like this arc and the next one after a few fillers that give the Fairy Tail members a new adventure after their disappearance for seven years and reuniting with everyone that tested them and it included a secret that Lucy’s father had before he died during her time away and it started with a girl coming with a clock piece and a link to destruction and the return of the Eracion Seis! Yes, they are back and this time it not only brought back Midnight, Angel, Cobra, but new members with them. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, this arc did bring the Earthland versions of some of the Etalus people they met but this time as a part of a holy group known as Zenotopia who also wanted the clock piece Lucy holds that leads to them their answers that may lead to danger.


Thoughts on Story: This season did start off pretty strong because there were hardly any filler episodes before the S Rank arc started, as in the past season before the Eracion Seis arc, the first disc of Part 5 did have a lot of filler episodes, like five or six and then it goes into the arc, where Wendy and Carla appear, Blue Pegasus calls for them and so on while this season just went into it and was happy about it! I didn’t read the manga and knowing that the volumes go and start the arcs one after the other and do have filler chapters in between, this one had lesser filler episodes. Part 11 did have most of the filler because since the normal crew vanished for a few years, it kind of shows them getting back into the thick of things of being a guild once more and it does flow into the next filler, which if I remembered correctly it was called  “Key of the Starry Heavens” from what Tyler Walker said in the second commentary of Part 12, which I found out that this is an entire original arc. I know most people are wondering when will the Grand Magic Games will start in anime, I am guessing not til Season 4 which this arc would start wrapping up and I figure that Part 13 wraps it up. I think this should have had a manga arc as well because the story not only has the comedic stuff as always but takes a nice and darker turn and get to see some of the other members of Fairy Tail take a more prominent role as this arc keeps going, even Levy’s troop gets seen a lot more!


Best Episode: The best episode for me this season has to be a return from RaveMaster and that is the episode with the Jiggle Butt Gang. I know some of you guys may correct me in comments but if you seen the original episode from RaveMaster, they were the Jiggle Butt Gang and they will still be called that. Anyuway, this season did make the most hilarity with this appearance because back in RaveMaster they were hilarious and they became even more hilarious by this episode and how they corrupt Wendy a little. What makes it even better is that they return in the “Key of the Starry Heavens” arc and this time it involved Erza! OMG Erza! If you seen any episodes where Erza wears a costume she takes it seriously and rolls with it! Still, how Wendy got involved was still as equally funny. I wish they had Brittney Karbowski in the commentary with the guys who voiced them in this dub because they talked about a lot of funny things and would’ve seen how Brittney thought about the episode, especially when Wendy wore the suit!


Another episode I did like in this season would be where Lucy met Capricorn and how she had to fight him. I am so glad I still have my Capricorn key and do like the character for his spirit because of how the actor made him sound so proper and manly with all the extension of syllables when he has to do the goat speak. I would imagine how hard it might be but it did work! I did have to write in that way when I had to bring Capricorn into Fairy Tails and it wasn’t easy that way. Still, I did like the back story on how Capricorn used to be one of Lucy’s mom’s spirits and how he was possessed on top of that. I did like the fight between him and Leo, which made it even more fun to watch!


Favorite Character Moment: The fave Character Moment goes to Evergreen and Elfman fooling Mira Jane during the S Rank Test! I know another Exseed shown up but my little kitty spazz may have to wait because this was the funniest thing to happen! Not only it happened in the manga but in order for the both of them to pass her was by saying they were getting married! When Gondras mentioned that from the manga it made me laugh, but how they made it in the anime was doing a flashback scene and it caused Mira to have a bit of a head breaking moment! I can’t say if the relationship between Elfman and Evergreen continues but I know it may be brought up again later on.


Favorite Song: It was a hard one because this season featured some great music as openings and closings, even two songs were by the same band back to back. I was happy that Daisy X Daisy did return with another song since they are pretty much the biggest band among Fairy Tail since their music has appeared in all three seasons! I think they do appear in the next one along with Back On, which still makes me happy that they returned with a new song. But if I were to choose one, I may have to say it would go to the song “I Wish” because it is a song that takes on the old punk rock sound I loved. It kind of reminds me of a cross between A Brilliant Lie’s “Live While Sleeping” and “Cherry Bomb” but done with Japanese lyrics.


Rating: 5 Paw Prints out of 5! Why do I say this earns the highest? Because I said in the beginning that this season started off strong and did use the old fillers flow with story like back in Season 1. Yeah Season 2 did have an interesting filler to have Wendy to get used to the guild but that was kind of out of nowhere since it didn’t feel like it didn’t sync up as well as the fillers from this season because of how the time skip takes place for everyone. Plus, this season did feature a nice and original filler arc and it did flow nicely within some of the story bits and kind of filling in the blanks about some of the important characters that come into play and shows more of the roster from previous seasons! Overall, this has been a strong one and hoping Season 4 starts strong and completes the “Key of the Starry Heavens” arc because I can’t wait to see how the Grand Magic Games come into play and bring in more of the past guilds with a few new ones by what Gondras had told me when he read the manga.


Well, that is it! I know I did reveal a few spoilers but try having a fiancé that reads the manga, so didn’t hold any bars right there. So, Season 4 come to my paws, because you are next!


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, of course the plushie maker and in case you guys have missed my Omni Expo news….here’s some updates for you!


New Guest and One Cancelled! So yes, sorry to say that Ashley Birch has cancelled her appearance for this year’s con. But it doesn’t mean that a new guest won’t be coming and Omni Expo just announced it Thursday, or shall I say the days before and that is Bryce pappenbrook! Oh yes! Omni has completed the main three by getting the voice of Aaron Yagar to this year’s event. If anyone doesn’t know him from anywhere else, he is also Kirito in Sword Art Online.


More Pages Added! There have been more pages added to the site such as the Guidelines for the convention, FAQs because of so many questions, also contest deadlines fast approaching if they haven’t already expired, even rules on doing the mascot contest, I would say check them all out except for the panels one, apparently that ended without me knowing. We wanted to bring Blind Experience to Omni but we were to late. I know, that sucks! I may think of something else since we are waiting for press and hoping that goes up soon! There also have been more guests added along the way, more videos, damn Omni, how much more are you holding? This is going to be huge!


Well, that is it til next time!

Christmas Haul of 2014

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Hope you guys had a great Christmas and after Christmas since some of us do go shop after the day Christmas and of course it’s time for my Christmas haul for 2014! A heads up, I’m not bragging or anything because there are things I have most of you might or not have and here goes!


Christmas Itself!


Money: So, the first thing was that I got money from my brother since he was visiting and glad I did since I used that and the $100 that my mom gave me as well for what I got the day after and today or yesterday…well depending on when you read this! So got $25 from my brother and the hundred from mom. Will tell you what I used that for on the days after Christmas section!


Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Pallet: First make up item this year and that is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics pallet! I know I may be a bit behind but I was kind of eyeing this ever since some of my fave YouTubers like Make Up by Tiffany D, Emily Noel, and even Grav3yard Girl, talked about this one during the end of summer since it came out back then and I was happy that there is a cheaper alternative to get the Naked 2 and I do like Urban Decay stuff all thanks to the Perversion mascara and the Smoked pallet and of course having the first Basics pallet! This is supposed to be a bit more cooler toned than the first since the first is supposed to be the mirror of its more expensive counterpart and this one is its cheaper version of Naked 2. I haven’t used this yet but I do like the color names which are Skimp, which is a nude satin, Stark, a pink nude, Frisk, a warm gray which I like, Cover, a mute reddish brown, Primal, muted brown, and Undone, a very smoky brown. According to the description, these colors are new to the naked collection and more exclusive to this pallet like with the shades in the Smoked palled. I am happy I got this for Christmas and can’t wait to use it! May have to use it on New Year’s or when I go back to Daytona since I had my first Naked Basics pallet and reached for it almost everyday! Knowing me, I will reach for this baby as well!


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallet: I FINALLY got this! I wanted this pallet ever since I heard people on YouTube raving about it and it is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet! I always love chocolate and when I heard this pallet was made with actual cocoa I knew I had to have it and glad it was on my list for this year! I know I have tons of eye shadows and using them, even the new Ulta set I bought, this is one I will be using time to time since it was a little pricey and worth it! I even worn it on Christmas with a nice brown tone eye with Ganosh as one of the shades and I think I used two of the other lighter shades and then the middle one on the bottom row. I did enjoy the smell and the smoothness of these shadows while I put them on top of the City Color Cosmetics Primer and they stayed put very well! It even went well with the Tart mascara I got in Ipsy! Funny thing is that it also made me crave my Hershey’s candy canes at least I did have something chocolate during the last Hobbit movie. I can’t wait to use this pallet a little more. If anyone’s wondering, I did hear about the SemiSweet Pallet, not interested! I heard how the pallet is not that pigmented as this one including the Blueberry Swirl shade! What happened Too Faced? After seeing reviews, will just stick to this one!


Too Faced Under the Mistletoe Set: Another thing I saw in hauls and that is the Under the Mistletoe set by too Faced! I have been interested in Too Faced for a while and I heard about this set, knowing my little kitty side wants its paws on it! It is a cute little, glittery bag that comes with three sparkly versions of their Le Crème lipsticks! They are Marshmallow Bunny, Naked Dolly, Spice Spice Baby and they are pretty glittery and glad that I got this instead of one lipstick because normally the price of one is $22 and you’re getting three with the case for the price of one and great thing is that if you are new to Too Faced and don’t want to spend the money on one thing this will be your best bet! You can find this on EBay but warning you, it is pricier than Ulta, so glad I sent my dad to pick this up and he held it for me until then. I will be wearing one of these for the next week and I do like the packaging! I can kind of see why these lipsticks are the price as its own. And also, if you don’t like the sparkle, you can get these three in the original form instead of waiting til next year for this set to return if it does! Too Faced, you’re becoming a fave already!


LipSmackers Holiday Sets: Yes, like almost every Christmas and Easter, I can’t go without my fave lip balm and that is LipSmackers! I did get the candy cane versions and the little four sets that come with four of them in a box like with Easter, which I raided those every year! I find it nice that they changed up the flavoring to be more seasonal, I think one was more candy flavored while the other more cookie scented. I did see that there was a candy cane one in one set! While one of the cane packages had more cherry flavored ones, which made me happy! They reminded me of the Santa lip scrub Lush put out for Christmas!


Captain America: Winter Soldier: The movie that I was happy to see since the end of last year and it was the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier! When I heard it was coming out on DVD and Blue Ray, it was immediately on my Christmas list! I did get the first for Christmas two or three years ago and glad to get this one this year! I can’t wait to rewatch it! Also, another bonus is that my dad put my presents in a Captain America tote bag! How cool is that!? Now I have a Marvel themed tote bag! I wonder if they will make Avengers ones for Age of Ultron next year! I guess I have to wait when the movie comes out.


Fairy Tail Part 11: You guys remembered how I said I had Fairy Tail part 12  on my Christmas list? Well, Part 11 was found and picked up and happy that I did get it for Christmas since I’ve been waiting to get this due to what happened at the end of Part 10 with Zarif showing up! Don’t want to spoil despite doing the Season 3 review when I finish with these two parts! I will get Part 13 but it has to wait! At least this was on my list and all thanks to not finding it at MythiCon. Yes more adventures with Happy and the gang!


Slammer and Vanillary by Lush: A gift from Mommy Gondras and that is a bottle of Slammer the shower gel and Vanillary the perfume! I know most of us Lushies know that slammer was a retro item and they took out their retro items. I think she went shopping early to get this since she and I do get the newsletter. I get both the North America and Canadian ones to make sure I get all the news! Anyways, I loved the Slammer despite it always fading when I get out of the shower, I like the nice orange and limey scent or was it orange and lemon, it still smells good! I am also glad that it is the larger bottle since those things last me close to four months! Even the Twilight large bottle when I first tried it out lasted me after 2013 started! I do use small drops at a time, now you know why medium bottles last me so long! Another thing that did make me happy was that she got me the classic bottle of Vanillary perfume since they are going to be repackaging every scent according to one guy in the Florida Mall location. I hope they do because I don’t want to be lost without Karma, Lust, Smell of Freedom and Weather Turning, and so many other scents! I always loved Vanillary and how it always has that nice toffee and vanilla scent! I still have the bottle that Gondras gave me a few years back and may have to use it up, because I do have a lot of perfume and do use them to keep it interesting and fun! I did wear Creamy Candy on Christmas since they did sell it as a limited edition Christmas perfume during a perfume sale, which sucked that it wasn’t around this year. Hey! At least I have a new bottle of Vanillary when I run out! I wish it was a shower gel like what they did with the Twilight bath bomb!


After Christmas!


Lush run for Shower Gels: Every year Gondras and I always go to Lush so he could get me his gift of shower gels since it starts the buy one get one free sale! Last year, we were lucky at the Florida Mall location in getting four big bottles of Ponche and four mediums of Snow Fairy but this year we didn’t go to that location nor the newest one in Milennia (it just opened last month) but we did go to the airport location which figuring not a lot of people would go to since you have to pay parking and it adss up after every twenty minutes now but we did get a lot of things. Well only eight bottles of medium ones! Instead of all Snow Fairy, which he got four of, he also got four of a new one that came out and it’s called So White! It is a apple spice shower gel and it smells very nice! It reminds me of the Phoenix Rising bath bomb when they released this one. So glad  he got me four of these! They did have another shower gel but didn’t smell it and after hearing Grav3yard Girl talk about it, didn’t make me want to go back and that is Hottie Tottie. It is supposed to be a spicey ginger smell, even though I like ginger in my food, don’t want to put this on my skin. If you like the smell of it or like the idea of it, I would say call your local Lush for it because you never know if they ran out. Gondras did get me the Santa lip scrub, which was out again for another year and I love it since it tastes like cherry coke when you lick it off! And I did get a sample of the Reindeer Rock, which smells like the Comforter but better. I did get something for myself and it is another Shine So Bright split end treatment since I have been using mine like crazy due to my hair being highlighted! Plus the smell is what I like about it!


Sanrio Cups: I was happy to find out that the airport had a Sanrio store and despite it not being as big I was still happy! Even though I did want the pillows, especially the one of Kuromi and Hello Kitty, since the one they had was softer than the one my Secret Santa got me which it came with a pad of paper and a pen since she knew I loved writing, I went with other things due to the pillows were high in price! I might go on EBay some day since I found out the hard way each time if you don’t get what you like at first, it won’t be there afterwards! I did get two things and I used some of the money from my brother on and it is a tumbler cup of the entire cast of Sanrio which makes me happy the most that Kerroppi and Kuromi are next to each other on the cup since they are two of my fave characters! I also did get a mug of Choco Cat which their mugs were on sale for half off and what got me to get it is that he was sitting on the handle! It sounded so adorable and I do love collecting mugs!


Guardians of the Galaxy: Another Marvel release happened in time for the holidays and wasn’t expecting it and that was Guardians of the Galaxy! I loved this movie and how great the jokes were because of how Star Lord was out of place and Vin Diesel was amazing as Groot in this one, I had to get it but on DVD. Apparently they didn’t do a DVD and Blue Ray bundle like with Winter Soldier I think because I had the DVD version of that one too instead of the bundle, don’t get why they didn’t do that for both movies when they did it with Thor, First Avenger, Incredible Hulk, and even with the Iron Man trilogy. Marvel, what is going on now? DVD and Blue Ray bundles are huge still! Even look at all the Funimation releases they’ve done! Anyways, I was still eyeing it even when Gondras almost bought it on the day he called me while I was sick in Daytona, he thought about the Blue Ray and 3D bundle with the HD digital version, I got the DVD version because I can watch it on my PC whenever I like and plus not only it was cheaper but I had a gift certificate for $10 at Best Buy and didn’t want it to go to waste! I know I could’ve gotten more points but I can’t see 3D due to my blindness and if I tried seeing it, like with Last Airbender and Toy Story 3, it would only show in one eye and my PC doesn’t play Blue Rays and have to wait til Gondras and I move in at some point in time. I want to see awesomeness on my own time, so DVD for me!


Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance and Estee Lauder Beautiful perfumes: The final thing that I had to get which had me use the $100 on are two perfumes I asked for Christmas and so glad I went the Saturday after Christmas since they had a deal at Dillard’s for one. For Christmas I thought I would ask for the cosmetics and movies/anime from my dad and perfume from my mom since I ran out of ideas for my mom to get me for Christmas due to having a lot of clothing, even getting a new pair of pants at Burlington back in Daytona, got wintery stuff like hats, scarves, and beanies to stay warm since the ocean makes it ten times colder than Orlando, and even buy my own shirts and purdy hats like Linkara’s, thought it would help save on money for my dad since the Chocolate Bar pallet and the Naked 2 Basics pallets would be more costly and remembered how years ago in my high school days my mom got me my first two bottles of perfume which were NOA and Tommy Girl since I loved those sample things in Teen People and YM. I asked originally asked for the new scent by Ralph Lauren, Midnight Romance, since I am a fan of the original Romance by him, and the new scent by Jessica Simpson, her self titled one, Jessica Simpson. Unfortunately my mom didn’t get them and that led her to give me the money to get them. Not to sound ungrateful…she tends to shop at Macy’s Dillard’s, and other retailers, and the perfume counters are right there! Anyways, I did get the Midnight Romance which I loved it since I smelled it in Ulta back in August I think or was it September and wanted it despite the priceyness of its newness on the market! If you haven’t smelled Midnight Romance, I recommend you should, think of it like Britney Spear’s Midnight Fantasy but darker! I can see why it is so romantic! I did get the small bottle due to the budget I have to work with and knowing it will be a while before Flea World gets it and the prices start dropping, but the small bottles do last me! I still have my bottle of Curve Chill and Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted and also my travel sample sizes of CK One and Nicole by Nicole Richey. The other scent I got was Estee Lauder Beautiful because Dillard’s wasn’t carrying Jessica Simpson’s new scent, which sucked! I tried seeing about the others but they didn’t have them either! I don’t get why though since it is new as well and I have been looking forward to getting my paws on this and Dessert, well Dessert have been looking for and can’t find! I did get Estee’s Beautiful since I smelled Modern Muse and this back to back. Modern Muse reminded me of Pleasures a bit and didn’t hit me as much as Beautiful did, which I liked Beautiful better and how the fruitiness made it smell more enchanting to me, plus they had a sale on their set for $40 and decided, since it is on sale why not get it? The set comes with the one ounce bottle and a travel size version, which I popped it into my messenger bag teeny pouch, and the lotion! I do like the perfumey lotions time to time, I even went crazy with the Nicole one by using that thing up after I got it! If you guys see any of these sets left, get them while you can! It’s worth it! If you guys know where Jessica Simpson’s new scent is sold, please comment! I would love to find it somewhere! I love perfumes!


Well, that is about it! I will reveal my fave present in the next post, which is my favorites of November and December! Stay tuned!