Ipsy and BOxyCharm: August 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, another month and another time for Ipsy and BoxyCharm! I finally got both in the mail, well BoxyCharm came before my Ipsy bag which is weird since they either come at the same time or Ipsy comes first but it was the other way around. It seemed that BoxyCharm also shown up first while I was away for AFO, which my review will be up next for that. Let’s see what I got in both!

Ipsy: This month’s theme was “Prep School” and it fits since some states start school in August while others don’t start til next month, Ipsy usually kicks it off with their bag and unlike last year, the bag was very different! Last year’s bag was a pencil case type bag and the items were tiny compared to other items in other months and a lot of people didn’t like it. I did and I got the idea of the theme while this year it was more of a hounds tooth-like bag and very textured. It kind of feels like last month’s bag but more plastic/vinyl feeling and inside you have a cloth material. It is a pretty decent size this year and the items fit with this year which a lot of Ipsters got pencil-type items and other things you may use in school, especially when a lot of younger teens have been getting into make up and I always remembered standing behind girls hogging the mirrors and sinks putting on make up. Anyways, I did get one item I had to give to my mom and the rest was good!

Ofra Cosmetics Lip Liner in Wine! To start my Prep School bag is a liner pencil and it’s for the lips! As said, a lot of Ipsters got pencil items to fit with the theme and lip liner pencils were part of it and I got my lip liner from Ofra Cosmetics, which I have tried products from them such as my first Ipsy Me offer of an eye shadow pallet, the shimmery blush stripes from BoxyCharm and also an eyeliner, forgot about that, and one of the points items in the points shop. I never tried a lip liner by these guys and it’s good to try out something new and it’s clever to put a lip liner in this, plus it’s my second lip liner I ever gotten and starting to use them here and there. It is in a wine nude color, I think it will go with a lot of my lip colors.

Doucce Precision Eye Liner in Black! Another pencil for the month and that is an eye liner pencil by a brand called Doucce. I gotten a face mask by this brand in BoxyCharm but gave it to my mom since it is meant for mature skin. I am glad to receive an eye liner by these guys because it lets me explore this brand more and of course eye liner is a major item I love to use and it’s good that I get these because I don’t have to buy so many eye liners in the store and let me try out newer brands. This is in black and it is very universal to have black liner since it is pretty much a base color to have. I have tons of black liners but hey I get to try out other companies while I use them up! It says on the page that is very precise and glides on very smoothly, which I like and it’s also a blends easily! Plus it’s full size, which I did get a liner sample last August from Lord and Berry, which that brand was also one of the others available this year, in black as well but used it up due to how tiny it was. At least it is full size and will last even longer! I hope to get more of this brand along the way!

Marc Anthony Argon Oil! Next is a hair product and it’s my second time trying out the brand Marc Anthony! As we all go back to school, we love to use hair products and this was a perfect time for Ipsy to give out hair items! Some Ipsters did receive a Brioggio volume spray and this argon oil by Marc Antony. I tried the hair spray and love it and got the full size of it and now this time I have a hair oil, I can’t wait to try it out since I have so many other hair items from both the subscriptions I have, like the Cool Way Leave in Oil, the Gorge Cosmetics Leave In Conitioner and the product I got in Boxy this month. I love getting hair items and this one is something good totry. And also good news, mine didn’t leak.

La Fresh Group Good Night Cream! This is something I gave to my mom because of its properties and that is La Fresh Group’s Good Night Night Cream. I know I should be happy since it is a night cream but not, this cream is meant for people with wrinkles and crow’s feet and I don’t have that. Yes, I know it’s hydrating but it is meant for older skin. Again, I would’ve been happy with nail polish instead or anything else but this is not something I use. At least my mom gets to put it to good use!

Hikari Lip Gloss! Yay! Another Hikari item! I love Hikari and and was super excited to find out that I was getting an item by them again and was looking forward to getting the lip gloss when I saw my Glam Room! A lot of Ipsters got this item and they got it in the color Salsa which is a red, not sure if it’s red but glad to try this out since I liked the Cabronet lipstick that I swapped for. Glad that Ipsy sent this to me and hoping they get more Hikari items in the future because this is a good company.

BoxyCharm: This month’s BoxyCharm was slightly better. It had more eye related products but one stood out in particular!

Coastal Sense Revealed 3! First item is the Coastal Sense Revealed 3 pallet! I was so happy to get it this month because I was hoping to get it in one of the boxes and decided to wait for that and my patience paid off. I did get the first two in December and April like everyone else and loved them and now the third pallet has come. This pallet has the twenty shades and it still has the cardboard covering but it feels more sturdier than the first two because it has more of the standard pallet look inside minus the magnets all over the place. This pallet has more of the pink and purple shades along with some bronze-like and taupe shades and one black one. I wore it and it felt great on the eyes, but the warning is that these are pretty powdery, so some tapping may be required with brushes. I hope they give out more Coastal Sense stuff because it is a great company to get items from!

Mica Beauty Gel Liner! Next is another eye product and it’s the Mica beauty gel liner in black. I stopped wearing the potted gel liners because not only they can kind of get messy but they started bothering my eyes a bit. That even includes the liquid liners since they do bother a little but the extra step is annoying and I prefer pencils now. I know they are meant for the upper part but it’s hard for me to apply there, that is why I put liquids and gels on the lower line on top of the pencil. I do like Mica beauty items, heck still using the eye primer I got in Ipsy, I won’t be using this and may give it away to Vivi or someone else.

Nio Sheild Texture Spray! Next up another hair product and it’s by Nio Sheild. I never heard of these guys before and it seems interesting, especially this spray or hair oil since it has a pump for that has SPF in it which would help with the scalp from sun damage. Perfect for Florida due to how we are known as the Sunshine State except a friend made a point that we should be the Thunder State due to how bad the weather’s been lately. Anyuway, this is a nice try since I can’t use any make up with SPF due to sensitivity, the hair may be better due to how it is supposed to help with texture and keeps frizz away with the argon oil in it. Perfect yet again! It also has Vitamin B and E5 which is also good. Wish they had this in stores around summer since it will help during this time of year. I will try it out and see how my frizz will be tamed.

So Susan Statement Highlighter Crayon! Yay! Another highlighting product ad another company I never heard of. Like in my many reviews, I like trying out new brands and it’s good to try them out in these subscriptions. This is a chiseled highlighter crayon and it is in the color Moonstone by what I heard from one video who got this. I tried it out and it is very easy to use because it goes on smoothly and easy to put on the cupid’s bow and nose. I think it goes on better than the highlighting pencil I got in Ipsy a few months back, heck this doesn’t need a sharpener since it’s self sharpening. Boxy and Ipsy needs to give out more highlighters after getting this.

Seta Eye Liner Brush! Last and definitely not least, the Seta eye liner brush, which may be useful besides in eye liner. How so? Well, since I started getting my Fairy Tail emblem painted on, it would be nice to get the small details painted a bit. Anyways, this is supposed to give you a nice precise and chiseled line on your lines and even. As said, since not using the gel liners, I would use this for getting any make up detailing for any other work.

Well, that’s it for this month. A better month for BoxyCharm since it did send the Revealed 3 this time and now have all three pallets, which will be showing to Vivi since she wants to check them out. Glad to get a hair product for the summer, wished they gave this out in May due to how hot the sun has been all summer. Then of course Ipsy with the lip and eye pencils, lip gloss, and another hair product. I will give away the gel liner from Mica since I stopped using those. All-in-all, great month and can’t wait what September will bring to these boxes.

What is next up for Nerdy Shique Universe? Convention Impossible with Anime Festival Orlando 2015! Will it be a Convention Acoomplished, Complete, or Aborted? Then I have two videos from two panels and will be starting a new segment known as “Doesn’t Sound the Same” with artists changing their music to fit with the times or just not how they used to be. And of course, forgot, the whole too young for make up thing. Stay tuned for all that!

BoxyCharm and Ipsy: April 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! What time is it!? It’s Subscription Time! I finally received BoxyCharm in the mail today and already got Ipsy, so let’s get into it!


Ipsy: Well, my Ipsy arrived last Friday and it came early! It was supposed to arrive last Saturday but I’m happy that it came a day early. I didn’t want to try the products but used some with my make up today since one product apparently had a bit of a bad batch. Let’s see what I got!


The theme is Beautifully Bohemian and the bag is very nice and fitting! It looks like it was made out of a wicker material and then the cloth inside and it fits with the theme! The theme fits for this time of year as well since we’re tanning and our make up looks are changing to more of a summery look, why not start it off with a Bohemian look!?


Hikari Blush in Tango! First item in my bag is a blush by Hikari cosmetics! I tried this company before and this is my third item by them, I traded for the Caboret lipstick and got the retractable eyeliner by them and now the blush! I was really interested in this when I found out that this was coming in my bag. It’s a full size product and very easy to apply since it went on smoothly. It is also easy to blend even with a highlight on top, which I used my new NYX Mosaic highlighter on top. Way to go Ipsy with this! I hope to get more Hikari items in future bags since this is becoming a fave make up brand.


Lather Ultra Soft Face Lotion! Another sensitive skin friendly product and that is a moisturizer made by a company called Lather. I did mention in all my posts and in my Subscription Rant, I like to see items from products I never heard of and that includes for sensitive skin owners like me. With the grapeseed oils it contains, this is supposed to be gentle on my skin and glad to check it out after I finish a container of Celestial, as a break in between containers since I got a new container of it in the mail this week.


The Balm Nude Dude Eye Shadow Single in Flirt! Next item is something that everyone got and it’s by the Balm Cosmetics and that is the Nude Dude Eye Shadow Single! You already can guess by the name that it is a nude eye shadow and I’m okay with it! There were two colors that people get and that is either Flort or Fit and I got Flirt, which is a golden color. I tried it on today to get a feel for it since I heard good things about the Balm before through YouTubers who shop at Sephora a lot. I like how it went on over shadow primer pretty easily, but one thing was kind of hard was the size it came as, which is a tiny book with a tiny square and it was hard to fit my entire brush in. I was able to get it on pretty well and blend it easily. Not bad for a new item and glad to get this color.


Micah Beauty Eye Shadow Primer! I got a beauty staple this month instead of a scent and found it okay! I do love perfume but getting this was a greater bonus and that is the eye shadow primer by Micah Beauty. I did trade for an eye shadow and happy to try this out. Primers are a big must have especially when the weather gets hotter in certain areas and this is a nice staple to put in, which I wish more like these would appear. I did try this out with the Nude Dude Shadow and it was hard to apply because the pot was hard for me to dip my finger in. I had easier times with my City Color Cosmetics primer because the pot is not so deep but this sample is pretty deep. I think I may have to use a brush with this primer when I get to it. Also, if anyone has gotten this and got an e-mail, apparently some Ipstrs saw this product getting a weird greenish black tinge to it and asked Ipsy about it. The thing is it’s due to how the bubbles pop up after it cooled and of course it does get inspected very well according to Micah. I didn’t have this problem since I had my mom check it to see if it did, mine is fine!


Mullein and Sparrow Lip and Cheek Tint Mini! I am happy and sort of sad about this since Ipsy this month gave out a Too Faced Melted Lipstick in some bags, I was like I”What the heck?” At the same time when I saw my sneak peek I was happy that I was getting this afterwards since I did try a product by Mullein and Sparrow and that was their clay mask from February’s Boxy. I got the mini lip tint this time and it is pretty good size than a small one. To me it reminds me of the size of the Lush lip tints and the same packaging and it smells like Double Choc in my opinion with a hint of orange. I will have to use this at some point in time. I will get another clay mask, I know they have an Ipsy Me with three products, as in the mask, the steam, and moisturizer but I want the mask since I prefer that the most.


BoxyCharm: This month’s BoxyCharm had awesome stuff! They only revealed two items and then we get surprised later. I did trade in some Charms, which we should start with that.


Trina Tarantino Eyeliner in Black! I heard Trina Tarantino being given in this subscription before and was glad that this was a price for charms. I was going to save my charms for other things but then was a curious little kitty and decided to go for this. I have a lot of black liners but this is one thing I decided to trade it in for this. The lead does feel soft and can’t wait to try it out on my eyes.


Coastal Sense Revealed 2 Pallet! For the first part of the Boxy Bloom box, which is the theme, it’s something that they decided to give in for this month’s box! Back in December they gave out the Coastal Sense Revealed pallet and of course it was a nice pallet to get. This month they give out the second one! Like the first one being comparable to the Urban Decay Naked 1 pallet, this one is more of a mix between the Naked 2 and 3 which features more cooler tones and has rosy colors. I liked the first and after hearing about how well this one is to the first, I will like this one too. I have a feeling the third one will be given out later on this year since it is the newest one and it is more a multi-colored one. Let’s see what happens!



Ofra Illuminating Blush Stripes! Another Ofra item for this month and was revealed in sneak peeks and that is by Ofra. There were some Charmers who would be getting what I got and that is the Illuminating Blush Stripes and other people got the highlighting powder. I didn’t care what I got since I am getting into highlighting powders and glad to get this one either way! It has four different tripes of glittery blush and can be used as a highlighter for the cheak bones or an eye shadow according to the card. I may just use it as a highlighter and see how it goes!


Vincent Longgo Dual End Eyeliner! Next is something I got over the Model Co. lip gloss and that is the Vincent Longo Dual Ended Eyelinber pencil. I have I heard some Charmers received this and I was hoping for the lip gloss but then found it in my box this morning. I like the idea of dual ended eyeliners since it gives you a choice of color and this pencil comes which Imy line ended up being Satin, a blue color on one end, and Plum, you already know a light purple, on the other! Two of my fave liner colors! I may have to put puffy paint on either end to tell which one is which. Nice way of trying a new item out with two of my fave colors on both ends!


Cool Way Smoothing Lotion! Yay! Another Cool Way item and it is good for frizzy hair! It is full size I believe. This is good to put on wet or dry hair and pretty much is used for smoothing out hair and keep it from being dry. I can’t wait to try. Speaking of Cool Way, Charmers did get a special coupon to Cool Way and comes with a brush. Not sure if I will use it.


Harvey Prince Signature! Finally, I got another Harvey Prince scent! Yay! I love the Hello scent and I am at the halfway point in that bottle and was happy to hear that they were doing random boxes with either Signature or Hello. I was happy to get Signature since it gave me a new one to smell. I didn’t mind another bottle of Hello since that is running low but happy either way! This scent reminds me of Jessica Simpson Signature but a little stronger and spicier in a sense. I can’t wait to try this out and hoping that more of Harvey Prince comes in Boxy and probably Ipsy since I like this company now.


Well, both sides were pretty good this month! I was kind of bummed that I didn’t receive the Too Faced lipstick but I did cheer up that it was a Mullein and Sparrow item instead. The perfume smells nice and will pop that into my bag and of course the Coastal Sense pallet and Nude Dude shadow were a plus. May will be a new month for new products and can’t wait what it holds!


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, another bi-monthly faves, Pokemon transmedia, will also review Y since I am almost done with it. Let’s see…cosplay to come and more! Oh yeah if you’re wondering, we didn’t get media for Earth Day Birthday buuuuuuttt we got tickets to it and getting to see Rise Against, Soul Switch, Sevendust, and others! Yay! So, stay tuned!