May and June Favorites 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do the permanent make up controversy until I didn’t realize that it was close to the end of June and that means May and June favorites! This May and June, I had a few faves from Omni Expo and a few beauty thingslet’s see what I got for you guys this time and good news, no not-so-faves!

Favorite Voice Actor Moment: Meeting Matthew Mercer again and meeting Jessica Calvello and see her geek out! Oh man, Omni was amazing this year! So many guests and so many events, man it brought a lot of great moments as well!One of them is meeting up with Matt Mercer during his second year back and he did recognize me through my cosplay despite having my crappy cold last year. Don’t worry, diddn’t get sick again before the convention. I did have Gondras with me and he was cosplaying of course the 4th Doctor and that was the one that got Matt into Doctor Who since it was what he watched before going to school. Don’t worry, he got a Jelly Baby along with Lauren Landa and some of the other guests! Another moment is seeing Jessica Calvello go nerdy the entire weekend, even cosplaying as her character from Attack on Titan! It is great to see a voice actor have fun and Jessica Calvello is one of them! Still great to see her panels with Matt and David Walde!

Favorites Interview: Bryce Papenbrook! It was hard to choose from the interviews I done but Bryce Papenbrook’s stood out the most since I waited the months before to meet him and glad to have that one on one with him. Plus, it was the most head breaking one, which I will reveal it and that is his dad played the role of Rito Revulto in Power Rangers. I watched a video of it and was like “OMG, it is him!” Bryce is a very nice guy and a very talented one at that!

Brushes: Kabuki Brush by ELF and Concealer Brush by Glamier! I am adding brushes to this list because there are two fave brushes that I have been using. First is the ELF Kabuki brush and man I can see why people went crazy for this one! It is easy to hold and very soft and easier to apply my foundation now on top of the newer foundation primers I’ve been trying out for a change. It also doesn’t cost that much either like the Bella Pierre one I got in my BoxyCharm this month which is $20 and bigger than it because the Bella Pierre one is a bit smaller and sheds a little when I first got it like other people. Next is the Glamier Concealer Brush from this month’s Ipsy bag. I might be cheating since I started using this once I got it in my bag but couldn’t wait to use it! I love how soft it is and easy to blend my spot concealer which is what I use it for. I use a smaller one for my under eye concealer from one of the brush sets I got this month, this one is best for the spot concealing since it can provide the easier canvas for foundation and with blending the foundation with the kabuki, with whatever I don’t blend with the concealer brush it will blend the rest which makes it better.

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner! Speaking of brushes, I had to bring up something interesting I found and that is the ELF Daily Brush Cleaning Spray! As an ELF user, I didn’t know this exist until I bought an eye primer to try out after using up the Mica eye primer I received in Ipsy and then my dad found a brush cleaner. I decided to get it and try it out since I like to clean my brushes a lot more easily than just soap and water and that seems to gunk up the brushes a bit, which my foundation brush from ELF has gone through that. Anyways, this is an easy to use spray which you just spray the bristles and use a cloth, which I use a standard towel, and clean off the make up and residue. I did read through my Open Book when checking directions on the box (For any curious readers, it’s a scanning program for the blind that reads documents, it helps read the BoxyCharm cards and packaging for buying make up when needed) and saw that it mentioned a brush shampoo. I have to hunt that down whenever I go back to Target or might have to see about the website having it. I am so glad ELF has their own brush cleaner because it sure beats just soap and water and it is easy to do it in one, two, three since the brush dries right away. I don’t know how much it costs, maybe it’s a bit more than the make up items that get sold, I would say try it out especially for any make up artists that need that rapid clean while on the run without breaking the bank!

Mica Eye Primer! I finally started using it since I ran out of the City Color Cosmetics one I’ve been using since last December. I got this in my Ipsy bag along with many other people and not sure if I did mention it in a faves but mentioning it now! I know Mica is a highend brand and saw the price on an eye shadow duo that Ipsy had for an Ipsy Me and I think it was close to $40 retail on Mica and I could imagine how much this would be normally. Also, Mica does show up in BoxyCharm time-to-time as full size and would be interesting to get the full-size of this in that box because…the only problem I have with this version from Ipsy is that it’s hard to reach in and get the product! When you open it, it pretty much dips into it and it’s hard to do it with the finger so I grab one of my smaller shadow brushes, I think it’s the Bare Minerals one that Mommy Gondras gave me or the Urban Decay one from the Ammo pallet I got when it was discounted, still decided to use that brush to get the product and it works well but you need to swipe it a few times to get it on the brush. I do like how it holds my shadows for hours! I did find it interesting how some people found a black spot or two in their sample of this but me nope! I understand how bad and scary that could be but mine was lucky! I hope I get more eye primers like this as sample sizes because it shows me what brands do make them and let you experiment!

Foundation Primers by NYX, Smashbox, and Rimmel! It seems that lately I’ve been experimenting with new foundation primers because it costs too much to buy the Ulta Matte Prime and decided to branch out a little. Plus, there are times where some locations sell out of the Ulta Matte Prime even during sales when they do their special buy one get one half off or buy two get two free, even the $5 sale they had in November, still it costs a bit much! I started to try out with NYX’s eye primer which is a smaller version but it did a pretty good job in holding my foundation. I didn’t like how greasy it kind of felt and even though it was good for my skin-type, I kind of felt it a little itchy at certain points of the day and of course ran out a little too quickly. Then of course, I did try out the Stay Matte one from Rimmel! This one was something I saw how people liked it! It felt smooth on my face despite it being a little heavier and it felt cool while applying it! As in, it didn’t burn or anything, I can see why people liked this since it doesn’t break anyone out and good for sensitive skin as well. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as the NYX one which that one was $13 according to Ulta and the RImmel one is $7 at CVS, not sure if Ulta locations near me carry the RImmel one but glad to see that I can get a cheaper option than the Ulta Matte Prime. Now onto the Smashbox one! I got this in my June Ipsy like a lot of Ipsters! If you saw my post of what I got, I was skeptical and did my research and was glad to see that it was for my skin-type since I did back out from getting the starter kit that had this and didn’t want to risk my skin! I did try it out and enjoyed the feeling! For a $36 primer, I liked how it did help blend everything in and it was very convenient since some people do have oily skin around this time of year and glad Ipsy had it. I may get the starter kit if it still exists if I wanted to use the primer again but I will be sticking to Rimmel since I do like how it stays put and doesn’t feel itchy or doesn’t burn like most facial products do.

Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty Pallet! Now onto the real beauty products and this one has been a favorite ever since I tried a sample through Ipsy and that is the Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty shadow pallet! For anyone who doesn’t know who Rob Scheppy, which I did a little research, he is the make up artist for the Cardatians and he did start making his pallet for ‘Tini beauty this year. I didn’t know what ‘Tini Beauty was until YouTuber talked about getting some items with points and noticed that some of the make up oproducts are named after bar names and Ipsters got samples of Pearl Fizz. I was happy that the full pallet was up for an Ipsy Me offer and it contains eight shadows which I used this pallet to create the eye look for my ice trainer cosplay for Omni. I used the four middle shades to have a nice frosted look and man it looked good! I will use this time to time for smoky looks whenever I feel like it but this is a cosplay pallet that I will be using for my ice trainer!

Provaclips in Kiss Fatale by Rimmel! Another cosplay make up item that I used with my ice trainer cosplay and that is the Provaclips in Kiss Fatale! I love this since I got Kiss Me You Fool from the same line and thought it would be perfect for the deep deep, plum color. I thought it would fit with the whole looking as if I was freezing my butt off in an ice gym and of course needed something that would be long-lasting during the entire convention weekend. I hardly had to re—apply, especially Saturday when we had to run all over the place the most due to the many panels, meeting guests, and the AOT panel! Still felt light and stayed put! Plus, doesn’t cost so much! I would say get one of these by Rimmel since Rimmel is a well-known make up company, heck I still use Captivate Me from the Stay Glossy line.

Ruby Woo by Mac! I got another MAC product and that is the lipstick in Ruby Woo! I heard Grav3yard Girl talk about this one for the longest time and my cat ears were curious as always and picked it up while MAC had their free second day shipping offer and thought I would take a try at it. When I got it, I was surprised that it was packaged pretty well, like a chocolate on a pillow in a hotel! I do use this on top of lip balm because I feel the lipsticks on their own, for that matter any lipstick, feels dry and have to have that lip balm for moisture and feels a lot smoother while applying. I wanted to keep using it as days go on because of how lightweight it felt and it has pretty good staying power while drinking liquids. I will try out other lipsticks but still gotta finish up what I have, which is hard since new items do come out like crazy!

Blush Quad by ELF! I was happy to find out that ELF made a blush pallet and man it’s cheaper than the Lorac one since it is nice and compact, plus it still has the same quality as a higher end product. I do say that don’t have to spend too much to look good! I think I got the one for light skin because it comes in two skin tones, one for light and the other for darker skin and it is easy to apply and blend on the cheek bones. I would say get this pallet if you’re on a budget and it’s available at Target and the ELF website!

Mosaic Highlighter by NYX! Lately I have been into highlighting and I have been looking for more of powder highlighters because there are times when cream ones squeeze out too much and gets all over. I had to toss out the Beauty Crop one since it kept on squeezing so much out. I did like it but I rather use powder ones over creams due to how much more control I can get, especially when it’s in a pallet. This one I found with the help of the lady that worked at Ulta and she shown me the powder illuminators by NYX and this one stuck out the most and got it! It is a mixture of the different highlight colors of gold, silver, and bronze into one and you can mix them together to apply to your cheeks, nose, and around the chin. I do mostly the cheeks and sometimes my nose if I’m feeling it. It is always fun to use because I am not sticking to just one and trying to figure out which one I want to use that day, I can just mix all the glitters together. Plus it’s easy to blend into blush! I want to get some of the other ones since they do have a few others but this one is a staple!

Highlighter Pallet by ELF! This one I got off the ELF website since I can’t find it in stores along with their baked highlighters, which I am interested in trying out. Unlike the NYX powder highlighter I mentioned, this is more of a gel consistency but it comes in a nice, convenient pallet rather than a tube. It is easy to blend as well and tend to stay on pretty well! You get choices from four highlights, I am not sure if you can mix one or more but I do like choosing from more than one. I wish they carry these in Targets so I don’t have to order it when I run out.

Necklace: Harley Quin Bat Symbol! My favorite necklace is the Harley Quin bat symbol pendant since I couldn’t fit the choker, I was glad this one existed since it is more of a chain versus a velvet choker. I wish the chokers weren’t so small at Hot Topic, I mis the belt ones they use for the spike ones but those only come out for the fall and it sucks that happens now. At least this necklace fits and I like how you can adjust it to make it higher or lower on your neck and it has Harley’s logo in the shape of the Batman symbol.

Earrings: Harley Quin Set! Yes, I have to include these! I was also happy to find that earrings were made for Harley Quin, well themed after her and they come with six pairs. The only pair I or pairs I like are the black diamonds and the Jester hats. You know I love Jester characters and it was so cute that they made jester hat earrings for this set and of course can’t be complete without doing the diamond patterns she has on her suit. I wear the black diamonds time to time, or are they the red ones, don’t know, still great ot have this set. The only set that seems to be out of blace is the gun pair earrings. I hardly see Harley carry a gun, it’s always the Joker doing it! Heck, he even has a Saints Row moment in the Suicide Club animated movie carrying a gun in hand! I don’t think I will wear the gun pair, I think I will use the backings as extra ones in case I lost one like one night with my jester hat pair and did have to get another pack as a back up. I hope to find more Harley stuff in the future.

I think that is about it for these favorites! Will definitely and try and do that one post about permanent make up this coming week. Stay tuned!

Ipsy and BoxyCharm Time: March 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’ve been pretty busy lately with job stuff and many other things and even have an announcement towards the end but right now it’s Ipsy and BoxyCharm time! Man, this month made me really happy in both because of how they were doing the the themes and what they put in them, especially with BoxyCharm having better items than last month and ea lot betterthan January! Not all boxes and bags are perfect but March was the better month for Boxy. Let’s start it with Ipsy!


Ipsy: Ipsy’s theme this month is “Floral Fantasy” due to how Spring is this month and it is already here for us in Florida. We even feel more like Summer than Spring to tell ya the truth, even had a 90 degree day in April once. Sorry to anyone who lives in snowy regions, especially around Boston! I was even happy that the bag came early, which came today, Saturday, when it was supposed to be here St. Patrick’s Day but it was kind of weird when I saw the tracking. Last night, I saw it was in my part of town and then it said Orlando and then it appeared in my mailbox this morning, which made it better. I love the bag, it feels like the February bag but bigger, the same size as January’s mostly in my paws and it matches the flower idea with the theme. I am also using it now! Oh yes, this kitty decided to switch bags for this month! I hope next month it will be Easter themed with everyone probably asking about it. Now onto products!


500 Points Item: Jay Cat Beauty Lip Paint in Queen of Hearts! First off is that I finally redeemed some points for a Jay Cat Beauty Lip Paint! That is another great thing about Ipsy is that you get points for reviewing items in bags, the entire bag, and sharing it on Facebook whenever you have a early Glam Room Access and what you’re getting and then review the entire thing at the end for even more points, so you get a lot out of it. It is sometimes a pain because they do expire within a year of getting them and it’s hard to get to a certain range and was glad that I hit 500 points to get something, which some items are 500 or 1000 points. I think the most is 2000 from what I seen. The thing I went for is a full size of one of the Jay Cat Beauty lip paints that everyone received in December’s bag if I remembered correctly and was glad that this was among the products because I had a hard time finding them at my local Ultas. I loved my Mad Splatter and wanted to get more and saw this color, Queen of Hearts, and thought it would be more in the red range since I’ve been getting a lot of red lip products and was right! What is great though, this is a bigger size than the deluxe size from the bags and now I can see how they are in actual sizes. I am hoping I find these at Ulta or get them online because I love the pigmentation of these lip paints and they stay on pretty well! And they do look like watercolor tubes on top of it, can’t wait to wear this!


NYX Butter LipStick in Pops! Next is a major sneak peek item that I got to see and it is by my one of my most fave make up companies and it is NYX! They gave sneak peeks of the butter lipsticks and eye shadows and I was kind of crossing my fingers on the shadows because I love them so! Still loving my Dream Catcher pallets! But I got a butter lipstick and it’s been a while since I picked one up due to how much I loved the butter glosses and how they came out with the intense ones, the High Voltage lipsticks, and the prismatic shadows but getting this was not a loss! I got it in the color Pops which is a corally pink by what I heard from people who got this one. A lot of other Ipsters got Hunk and I liked the purple pink they described and it does come lighter out of the tube but this one I am going to give a try and hoping I can find Hunk in stores.


Cool Way Glow Oil Treatment! An item I’ve heard people get in the past, well more the company items, is by the brand called Cool Way! I am glad to say that I finally got an item by these people and heard how good they are and what I got is the hair oil treatment. Since I have highlighted hair and my curls tend to go crazy, I am glad to receive this. I took a try at it to see how it felt and it feels pretty lightweight and easy to control from the dropper container. I even love the citrusy scent of the oil. This is one item I will be using over and over and might get a full size in the future!


Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter! I am confused about this product since I got it in this month’s bag and that is the Ivory Lace Highlighter by Chella. I heard about Chella from past months of videos since Ipsy gets products from them. What confuses me the most is that it is a highlighter and yet a pencil at the same time. According to the page, it says that it can be used to hide blemishes, can be used to highlight the nose, eyes, used on under eye circles, even as eyeliner and a brow bone highlight. When I hear highlighter I think of more of a illuminating powder or cream but not as a pencil. I did hear that Ipsters did get a highlighting powder and I wished I got that over this since I already have an under eye concealer I use from Cover Girl and don’t know what to use it for exactly. Don’t know if I want to swap it either because I heard good things about it. Not sure what to do.


Marsk Mineral Eye Shadow in 50 Shades! This item is something I believe everyone got and that is a mineral eye shadow by a company called Marsk. It sounds weird of a name but it is a make up company originated in London and seems interesting. That is why I love these subscriptions time to time is that I get items from companies I never heard of and remembering on the older format of the site, which that is going to be ranted about, a lot of people hated how they got items they didn’t like but I told them that you’re getting items from companies that haven’t been heard of and Marsk is one of them. I got the eye shadow in 50 Shades, which is a dark grey shadow and it comes in a small container, which is pretty travel friendly. I will probably use one of my small eye shadow brushes for this thing because it is smaller than any of the other shadows I picked up and by what I heard this is full size and to me it’s smaller than that. Even my NYX baked shadows are bigger than this thing. I will give it a try and glad that I got another eye shadow!


Pur~Lise Gental Make Up Remover Cleanser! I never thought Ipsy would carry anything by Pur~Lise since BoxyCharm gave items by them out in the past, which I hated the tattoos to a t! What surprised me this month was that they sent me an item that is perfect for sensitive skin and that is the Gentle Make Up Remover Clenser and it comes in a small tube as a sample. This thing is made with soy milk and it is good for removing make up even mascara, which is good to know. I am willing to try this out and see how it goes because my sensitive skin does go crazy especially when it comes to some items that aren’t meant for it and doesn’t react to others as badly. I know it doesn’t react well with Physicians Formula despite claiming it’s meant for my skin type. This item is something I should take a try and see how it goes. Ipsy, get more items for sensitive skin! I love you so for this!


Final Thoughts:  This month was a really good month despite the Ivory Lace highlighter being in this bag. I don’t get why I got it since I did like the Mana Kadar highlighter from January. The only problem I have with Ipsy is the website since they changed it. It is sad that they took off the message boards for each month and at the same time kind of happy and just left the ones for reviewing  to get points on each product since so many people complain about their bags left and right! Try having so many people saying the same thing over and over, trust me, I was getting tired of explaining the same thing about how great the bag is and now seeing it, not all subscriptions are perfect! Even BoxyCharm is not perfect all the time. The other part of the site I don’t like is that it’s hard for me to review products now! I use a screen reader to navigate all over websites, reading programs, and of course Word and other programs, but don’t know why if the site is formatted not to be friendly with it as it was. I used to be able to review products effectively on the old site and just put comments easily but not now, when I try submitting the review, nothing happens! What is also weird, all the sections of the review are up, even when I click on “Very Likely” on the part where it says “How Likely Will You Purchase This Item?” The sections asking why you wouldn’t purchase it appears and I try ignoring it and give it a positive review, nothing happens at Submit. I may have to try it on my IPad to see if it works better that way because I like the items, well the four, as in the NYX lipstick, the eye shadow, the hair oil, and can’t wait to try out the make up remover, not sure about the highlighter, and don’t want to make Ipsy think that I hate them all and have my bag crafted sloppily. I hope it gets fixed because this newer version of the website is not working as it did before. Now onto BoxyCharm!




It finally came in the mail, which this part is written days later. I know I should’ve waited but before Boxy and Ipsy came at the same time or a day after each other like with December and January but this month, not so much. It’s Thursday while writing this part. I was so excited about this month’s box with the sneak peeks because it is better than, scratch that, it’s way better than January’s box and February was okay for me. I did trade the Mistura Complexion Corrector for the other Model Co. blush color that Ipsy had last month in Cosmopolitan but didn’t arrive yet, still waiting for that to be delivered.


This month’s theme is Lucky Charm and makes sense with St. Patrick’s Day and man this was a lucky box! Plus, even luckier that I got my450 Charms for being a member for three months already, which makes the points better and did trade that in for something but won’t get it until next month’s box. Let’s see what I got!


Oscar Blondie Dry Shampoo! First item in the box is a dry shampoo by Oscar Blondie and to tell you guys something, this is the very FIRST dry shampoo I ever got in a subscription! I never received any, especially the one that Ipsy did and repeated from August and I thought I marked I loved dry shampoo. I am still using my Garnier Fructis volume one and got a new can recently. I may have to take a try in between to see how this goes. It is also travel size which is awesome! I heard this retails for $16 from videos that got this and if not, there was a mousse for other charmers. That is what I like about this box is that not only they send same items for everyone but they do alternate between items. Such as the Eva.NYC items from December and the Jing Ai lip tint from last month with the colors and this month you either got the Oscar Blondie volumnizing thickening mousse or the dry shampoo and was happy to get the dry shampoo and was crossing my fingers on it and was glad to get it!


PreviseSkin Tonic for Skin Types 1 To 6! Next was the first item that was a sneak peek and that is the skin tonic by a brand I never heard of and it’s called Previse. One other thing about subscriptions I do like is the brands I never heard of and this is one I definitely never heard of until it got a sneak peek. This retails for $48 and it is full size, which makes it even better because I tend not to spend around that much on skin care. I think the most I spend is $22 and that is my Celestial moisturizer by Lush Cosmetics due to it being for sensitive skin and you can really get sensitive skin items from higher end parts. I did ask if this was good for my skin type and someone replied to my post on the Boxy Facebook and said according to Previse’s site it is meant for sensitive skin, so will try it out and hoping it doesn’t irritate my skin despite it being all natural, perebin free and petroleum free and that sounds more up my alley with skin care. It would be interesting by next month if we can use charms on it like with the Mullain and Sparrow mask, which I almost did that but went for another item. I will see how this tonic works, if not, may swap or just give it away like my Marikuja oil from January.


Ofra Eye/Lip Liner in Black! Next is a product by Ofra Cosmetics and it is an eye liner that can also be used on the lips and got the black one! This is another product that didn’t get a sneak peek like the Oscar Blondie items and like that, Charmers got different colors and I got mine in black! I have a lot of black liners and you can’t go wrong with one, especially when you get it in a subscription like Ipsy or Boxy and by a company I used before. If you remembered, I did get the Ofra eye shadow set from Ipsy in November and loved how pigmented those shadows were and glad to get this in this month’s box with everyone else because I started warming up to Ofra and was wondering when they will have more items by them since Boxy gave out other Ofra items in the past. This was a repeat according to a video but it looks new to me. Thank you Boxy!


LVX nail polish in Mint! ::happy nyuing all around:: I wanted this shade ever since it was announced over Facebook and that is the newer pastel polishes by LVX and whoever gets one gets one between a lemon yellow, a mint green, and a coral pink and guess what? My wish came true and I got Mint by LVX! I don’t wear yellow polish since I do have Werewolf Eyes by Wet N Wild from Halloween a while back, the coral did sound nice from people who had it but the mint woulbe perfect since I tried out a mint polish a while back, I believe it was I need a Refreshmint by WNW and it went perfect with my skin. I will try this polish out for a nice go! Thank you Boxy!


Tart Lip Surgence in Charmed! The final product of the box is a Tart product that I was very very very happy about and that is their Lip Surgence lip tint in Charmed! They announced this on Facebook and it was perfect for the theme and this normally is $24 at Ulta and Sephora and of course on Tart’s website, which Tart gave everyone another 20% off coupon, which I did try using my January one and weird thing is that you would be paying the same price full price after shipping which I didn’t bother. Hey, at least I get to try out something I do use and that is a lip item. I heard so many good things about these and the Melted LipSticks and never got one since I do tend to go to Ulta a lot but I am a drugstore product person most of the time. With Charmed, it is a light pink lip tint and it smells very minty and I did touch it a little and I find it very cooling to the touch! I may have to use this next week! I am really glad to get this and able to use it and this is my second item trying out by Tart since I still have the Lights Camera Lashes mascara samples from Ipsy, the one I got in my bag and the other I traded a pair of lashes for.


That is it for BoxyCharm and to me it was more worth it this month than the last two months, it felt like how December was minus the lashes, as in the brush, the hair oil, lip gloss which I used up, and eye shadow pallet and this one I got another nail polish which I love nail polishes, a lip tint, a skin tonic, an eye/lip pencil, and dry shampoo. That is amazing for one box! BoxyCharm needs to keep this going because there are times that I can’t use some items because I don’t use them and other times I do like to try new things. I can’t wait for April’s box and Ipsy!


Announcements:  So, now that is done, time for announcements! One major announcement is that we did get press for Omni Expo 2015: Attack on Omni! (That was the theme they went by at MythiCon) and I am so happy because there are so many guests I want to interview and waiting on updates as the event gets closer. I am hoping that there will be a room to interview in this year because last year so many people came up and didn’t know I was interviewing guests and also working on a new Pokemon cosplay and gathering two more parts. And speaking of interviews, will be bringing you an interview with Soul Switch which will be on YouTube after the first weekend of April! Yay! If you haven’t caught my review post on the music video they did, check it out and the video as well! That is it for now!