The Convention Comet: Omni Fandom Expo 2020 in Kissimmee, FL

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It’s time for the first convention of the year!

Omni Fandom Expo 2020
Dates: March 20-22, 2020
Location: Days by Celebration, Kissimmee, FL

Another year has started and you know what that means? Time for another convention season to start and our season starts with Omni Fandom Expo. As you all know we’ve been doing press for these guys since their first year in 2014 and glad to get another!

Location: Change of location this year and it will be at the Days by Wyndham Celebration located in Kissimmee. This hotel is located near Disney and of course a few miles away from Universal if you want to check out the main attractions. The features include free parking, express check out, free breakfast, a work out room, hot tub, and pool and even a restaurant known as Savannah Bar & Grill. The room rate here is $129 a night and I would say reserve as soon as possible because this discount ends on February 27th!

Guests: This year’s guests include Grey Delisle Griffin who is well known for her roles as Mandy from the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Azula from Avatar: The Last Air Bender, and of course can’t forget Vicky from the Fairly Odd Parents! Returning to Orlando after years of not coming back is Neil Kaplan which makes me happy since it’s been years. You can hear him as Lord Zarkon in Voltron: Legendary Defender! And of course, returning again this year is Mr. Xemnes himself Paul St. Peter! And of course we can’t forget Speak Easy Sirens who has been a Burlesque troop that always been performing every year and bringing on Theoretical Rejects as another troop for this year’s event. And finally, one group that will be doing a performance this year is Shinobi School which is a performance troop from Tampa that specializes in park or, circus acrobatics, and so much more.

Events: One event I’m excited for is Miyazaki Madness which will be performed by Shinobi School and will be taking place that Saturday at noon during the convention. It will take our most beloved Miyazaki characters and have them do many feats and dance moves. If you want the more eighteen plus stuff, Speak Easy Sirens and Theoretical Rejects have Lore Olympus and NetFlix & Chill during that weekend. Please leave your kids at home since these two are eighteen and up only!

That is about it on this year’s event! Can’t wait to see you guys there! Hoping they add more guests in the meantime since we haven’t interviewed Grey yet and glad to see Neil back in Orlando since his last con was around 2009 I believe? So can’t wait to see what he has in store if we get that chance to interview him. And with Paul, we all know his events and can’t wait and see if Pirate Curses makes a return and if you want to learn voice acting I highly recommend his voice acting class panels. We will be buzzing around the convention floor this year and of course having new teammates! Let’s meet them shall we?

Damion Alexander Faelan and Michael Roach: Welcome our new teammates who will be joining us to do photography during the event. If you’re cosplaying, there will be photoshoots being held by these two and Damion does have his own photography business known as Shadow Rayne Photography which we will include a link down below.

And of course, we do have a new camera coming with us for floor interviews so a lot of new things will be with us so stay tuned. And of course, don’t forget our podcast Nerdy Shique Transmissions where I will also be talking about this convention in each episode leading up to the convention itself! Anyone on Breaker? I forgot that you can also listen to it on there too!

What is next? Our start of the RangerStop Panel videos since Damion was also helping us in getting those put together since they were recorded in separate parts. First of the panels is the Magical Source! Mystic Force! Panel! Stay tuned!
Shadow Rayne PhotographyOmni Expo Home Page

Convention Impossible: Omni Expo 2016

DISCLAIMER: THIS REVIEW IS BASED ON OPINION AND OBSERVATION! PLEASE RESPECT THE THOUGHTS and feelings of the one writing this review. If you don[‘t like, don’t read it!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, another convention has passed where we done press and it’s time for Convention Impossible for Omni Expo 2016! Yay! This year was new location, new guests, and new interviews as well! So, we got a lot of new experiences from this convention and had a lot of fun! Let’s see what I think and if it is a Convention Accomplished, Complete, or, doubt it would be, Aborted?

Hotel: Too bad this convention was not at the Rosen Center this year even though that was a nice place, but of course a convention does grow out of its location like Holiday Matsuri had. This year it was at the Double Tree across from Universal and man it was a very good choice! How so? Well, it was all in one building versus more than one like the one near SeaWorld. The only thing I wished some of the conventions and hotels would do is to put up signs to indicate the location they are at instead of people guessing where to go if they aren’t staying at the location, especially if you are at a huge location with a lot of levels to it like the World Center back in year one. What was also weird was that some of the parking lots were blocked off and like with the sign thing, no signs to show where to park either. Yet again, signs please and thank you. We did get to have free parking even if we had to be in the Kobe Steakhouse parking area which it looked like where we parked was in there. Hey, better than nothing. Speaking of restaurants, there were restaurants where you could walk to and we did that Friday night with GOlden Corral since it was right there and we did drive to other places nearby which was very convenient. I hope they stay at this hotel for next year if they are doing another one because it is so easy to navigate inside for one thing, everything was in one place than having to walk building to building to get to events like how the Ramada near Kissimmmee was with JACON and the Double Tree with MythiCon near SeaWorld, especially with how unpredictable Florida weather is where it’s hot, it’s been seasonably cold which is good, and of course rainy even around summer if they decide to move the dates. I also heard that Spooky Empire was at that same one and can see why they hold it there. I also liked the set up with the vendor’s room and Artist’s Alley being in two different rooms which we don’t have to go far in the vendor’s room to find artist’s alley. I didn’t get to see it so much but knew where it was. Then there were smaller rooms near the bathroom area for viewing rooms, gaming, both tabletop which was a first, and video gaming. There was also a smaller panel room as well for open discussions which was also fun and that was the Sci-Fi room.

Vendor’s Room: Since I mentioned vendor’s room in the Hotel section, it was pretty nice and well…not many vendors this year like the last. I did have a bit more money this year and was hoping to find some of the vendors from Holiday Matsuri to buy from besides the Japanese Snacks guy, which I will get to him next, but there weren’t that many! I think it was also because of ConjureCon taking place that Saturday and Sunday. I just hate it whenever I have a bit more money to spend this year that there is not much. I did get three items and it shows since I tend to go spend crazy at these things but not so much even with limited space in my room. What did I get? Well, one thing is a sleeping Raichu beanie baby! There was a stand that sold imported plushies of Pokemon, Digimon, and many other items and man there was a lot! You know me I do love Pokemon and have been collecting plushies of them and now got back to the card game which I have braille labels on my decks. At first I almost bought a Skitty plushie that had a face going “Nya!” It was so cute! You know me and cats and even have a Skitty on my team in Alpha Sapphire. But Gondras had to break me and it was with a Sleeping Raichu! What do I mean by this? Well, at the Pokemon Center stores lately there has been versions of the Pokemon plushies like they are lseeping and they have the little animated faces to show they are sleeping. They mostly did it in the Ty Beanie Baby style and have Pokemon such as Mew, the Evees, Cyndaquil, and of course, my all time fave, Raichu! It is sooooo cute! If you find these anywhere with your fave Pokemon or go to the Pokemon Center website, get them! I will get Skitty another time if I see this dealer and hoping I have more in my money pouch since she also sold the Cosplay Pikachu plush of him as Lucario. I wish they made one of Lugia since that was my fave legendary.

Now onto the other place where I bought from and that is my buddy Mr. Japanese Snacks! Hey, made a new name! I bought cheesecake flavored Lucky Chocolates! I heard about these before a long time ago actually and seen videos of people having them and they are basically chocolates that spell out “Lucky” and they are packaged in the style of Hershey bars but they are already separated for you. He had many flavors but the cheesecake ones appealed to me like crazy! They do taste like cheesecake but with a hint of fruitiness. I want more of these because I love Japanese chocolates a bit more than American ones except for Ghiradelli, I love that brand the most and if I end up as a guest and ask for gifts for fans to bring (which I hear stories about), Ghiradelli is my number one. Anyways, the main thing I bought from him was all thanks to PikaBelleChu! She posted back around January a picture of a tin of Pokemon cookies that has Pikachu and a few other Pokemon on it and I asked her on Facebook, “Where can I get them?” She told me that only the Pokemon Center in Japan has it and was kind of sad but then realized that I knew Mr. Japanese Snacks and shoot him an email and he said he was going back to Japan in February and will drop by the Tokyo one and get me a tin. I was happy! What made it more fun of the story is that he was at another convention before Omni and had it on display! An attendee sees it and asks for it and he tried telling them nicely it was for someone else and the person begged him because you can’t get this anywhere in the US and this tin is made for the 20th Anniversary for Pokemon. He sold it and did ask his buddy to overnight him another tin and glad he did! It was $15 but worth the pretty penny because you can’t find this unless you’re in Tokyo. The flavor he got me was mil tea and they are DELICIOUS! My patience was very rewarded and of course will keep the tin since it is gorgeous. I suggest if you see Mr. Japanese Snacks, buy from him! He gets very good stuff from Japan and does go back for more of it. All in all, there should be more vendors for this convention, hoping next year!

Guests: Oh man, this year’s special guests were awesome! They did get Austin Tindle back and of course everyone remembered the shouting his name multiple times from last year. I wasn’t expecting the panels they put on being very fun! Maybe I should talk about that here as well since they were very entertaining with what we went to!

RJ Heady was a blast to see! We went to interview him and found his display at the signing area and didn’t know he also made a Mrs. Doubtfire costume! He even does a very awesome impersonation…I bet you’re wondering who? First, RJ Heady was the fan favorite during Face Off in Season Two and if you have seen that season, that was with the Tim Burton challenge where the contestants had to do a Tim Burton version of certain people like the toymaker, baker, and what he got was the bell hop. I don’t want to spoil that for you since he talked about it in detail in the interview and I would say search for videos of that challenge if you’re curious. While Mrs. Doubtfire on the other hand, if you were a 90’s kid like I was, it was the movie where Robin Williams took on a nanny persona, which was a very funny flick. If you guys want to stay tuned for the interview, he was a very nice guy and very awesome to talk to about visual effects stuff since that was a major first to do for Nerdy Shique Universe and made sense due to how I mention makeup from drugstores and highend for cosplay. If you seen my cosplays, that is where you see some of the stuff I used.

Brian Beacock was another guy we interviewed and was funny is that he never played Cards Against Humanity and there was a panel where some of the guests played with the Co-Head of Omni at a game of it. Oh man, it was hilarious at first but then died a bit down. It was fun seeing him reading some of the ridiculous stuff and he was awesome interviewing him. I got to learn more about his background and the series he is working on called Acting Dead. We will have that video and the links to that website up for you when it does go up.

Jeff Perazzo and Kevin Duhaney were the Power Ranger guests and of course our first Power Rangers interview ever. I was glad that two of the Dino Thunder rangers were there since we get to see any of the Disney year rangers, even though the SPD cast was at Ranger Stop last year. Also AFO did get JDF for many years. Still, awesome to know that this convention got these guys to Orlando and they never been until now. We did get to learn a little more about the series in the interview and during a panel that took place when we got back to the con on Saturday and got to know about their own movie project. Stay tuned for that as well! And of course, we did attend a Dino Thunder commentary panel where we got to see their favorite epsodes and talk about the series and interesting enough, I did tell them about Linkara’s History of the Power Rangers since they never seen it. Now they know who he is.

Paul St. Peter was the last voice actor guest which made the convention an all round experience! Even though we didn’t get to interview him since it would be tough knowing what to ask him but able to do that during his voice acting panels. We attended his Villains of Paul St. Peter panel, VOicemaker panel, Pirate Curses, and Voice Performance and man they were awesome and interesting! With Pirate Curses, it was more about the history of pirates and how they came to be. He even was dressed in pirate garb and had the voice to fit! Oh yeah, he is not playing around! He even did a small contest where he handed sheets of paper with pirate curse sayings and some of them were pretty ridiculous when you hear them but more censored in what we tend to say today. If you see this panel in convention guide, I highly recommend it! Even keep tally if you were to make a drinking game out of it, which Gondras did and the tally was over 100! While the voice acting panels, on the other hand, were even more interesting because he was talking about the different ranges he uses, how he layers his voices like with Wormmon in Gigimon Adventure 2, and how to sound nasaly as well, he knows his stuff and how to do it well! He even had people volunteer to try out voice acting, as in doing villains and how to do advertisements and trailers by Sunday. Gondras did try it out since he does have theater experience during his high school days. I also highly recommend to go to Paul St. Peter’s voice acting panels if you’re interested in doing voice work. He also said that Todd Habercorn and Steve Blum do their own panels and of course, anyone who has been to a convention with Chris Sabat, he also does his own voice acting panels too! I would say if a voice actor do panels like these and you want to go into voice acting, go to any of these panels because it gives you pointers, trying it out, and feedback from the audience and the actor too. So glad panels like these exist and there should be more of them!

Verdict: Convention Accomplished! Yes, a third ACCOMPLISHED in a row! I almost thought about a COMPLETE due to how Friday was a bit dead but I can’t base it off of one day. I bet you’re wondering, why didn’t I go to CongjureCon? Well, I did hear that they offered free admission for Sunday but we didn’t want to leave Omni since they have been good to us and the very first convention to reach out to us for press. Plus, they also put in a good word for one of our interviews on top of it. Not only that, you can’t find voice acting panels as much at some of the other Orlando conventions nowadays and Paul St. Peter brought it and talked about it very well and we need more stuff like that since we do live in a place where Disney is around and of course a lot of studios are asking for new people. I hope Omni brings more pros like these even Steve Blum.

Needs for Improvement: Well, there were some things we did notice that need more work on and the first thing is of course more vendors. I did mention this in the MythiCon 2014 review that there weren’t many vendors that sold stuff and we seen it here. Plus, there weren’t many attendees browsing them either due to how less there are from the previous year. The main thing about a convention that a lot of attendees tend to go for is buying from vendors. I am not sure how many people went to Artist’s Alley but I think a lot were there. Still, there should be more vendors like last year and didn’t help with ConjureCon either since knowing them they may have had a vendor room too. Still, more vendors for next year.

Another thing is more security volunteers! Like Holiday Matsuri, there weren’t many volunteers on standby at the doors. I noticed it like Fox Warrior did and felt a bit weird since knowing when I did security for JACON 2009 and MegaCon 2009 that having volunteers for conventions are a big help even keeping people safe. I mean what if a mace spraying or even worse a fire broke out? People will panic and not know where to go and which exits to use if a volunteer is not there to help. I seen more volunteers at the past two Omni Expos but the lack this year kind of needs to be improved.

What I Want to See: New section! Knowing a lot of conventions like feedback in what attendees want to see for next year and since doing reviews on here would help show what I want to see as well!

Guests: I definitely want to see more voice actors appear since last year and the year before there were a lot of them. Like year one, there were a lot of variety of them ranging from Ellyn McLain from Portal to Team FourStar’s Big Three showing up. Then Year Two was all about Attack On Titan! This year, it did focus a bit more on cosplay and visual effects, but there is one more voice actor that should be brought and that is definitely Steve Blum. Why is that? Not only he is the major voice of our childhoods along with Scott McNeill but it would be awesome to see how he teaches voice acting since so many people teach differently. Chris Sabat shown it with his recording panels, Paul St. Peter did it this year with bringing different scripts to play with, I definitely want to see what Steve Blum brings!

More Open Discussion Panels: Why I am I mentioning this? Well, the thing was in the Sci-Fi room there were open discussions with people from NecroNomeCon and it was fun doing it. Of course we have the usual guest panels but having open discussions help with meeting other people and hearing their own convention experiences. Hell, even got to have fun with Doctor Who discussions. I did remember AFO 2012 having a ranting panel with how people are frustrated with certain things and I miss something like that where people talk about what they like, don’t like, and so on.

More Props and Vehicles: This year the vendor’s hall had the vehicles from Supernatural, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park, along with props, they even had the Tardus two years in a row! That should expand a bit more and bring in the Ghostbusters mobile even since there is the reboot movie coming out and would be nice for next year.

Well, that is it for this review! So glad to do press for this convention for another year. They have been good to us and have been going through the sweat, blood, and tears to keep it going! I know the feeling, I write this blog as well and it can be hard. We did get to meet and interview great people and even had fun afterwards since we haven’t hung out with anyone after conventions end in many years. Heck, I still remember CiCi’s Pizzeria being our after convention spot and during convention spot for food. We need more of that! I am hoping 2017 brings another and that we get to do press again or even more stuff along with it.

What is next? The clips from Opening Ceremonies!

Last Minute Omni Expo Information!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I totally forgot that I was supposed to put up last minute information about Omni Expo!

Sorry guys about that! I was not only packing to stay over at Gondras’ place but I wasn’t feeling well the past few days. I thought I was getting allergies but it was a cold despite my eyes crusting shut while I was asleep. I know gross but I did bring it up to the doctor while I was getting my physical form for Daytona filled out and he gave me antibiotic eyedrops and been using those which my eyes are clearing up. Another thing, yes I am going back to Daytona for a pre-employment program at the blind center. Don’t worry, I won’t be heading out until April so you will get all of the Omni stuff we’ll bring you before then.

Now to the important stuff! The hotel room discount is done and over, if you’re late on that, sorry! If you need a hotel room, the Double Tree near Universal is surrounded by others and you do have travel websites to help. If you’re staying there, your parking will be $10 each day, while anyone is not staying it will be $15 for self-parking,w hich goes the same with anyone who is staying, and $20 for alet.

Tickets: I know everyone is wondering about tickets and that is the pre-sale ended on Friday but you can get them at the event and as follows:

VIP: $100
Weekend: $55
And One Day: $35.

Note about day passes, for anyone who has been to Mega, the day pass you have is for that day only. Example is if you bought a Friday pass it is for Friday. While VIP on the other hand, the price is there if there are any tickets left for VIP. If you’re wondering about the Crystal Cn Veil Dinner, there will be no tickets at the door, so if you lucked out on that then there is always next year. Just letting you guys know about that part.

Interviews: If you are wondering what we have lined up for this year’s interviews after the past two years of great guests we have talked to and the good news is that we got what we asked for. This year we will be having interviews with Brian Beacock and RJ Heady as one on ones and the last one is a major first for us. Not only we have Kevin Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo but we’re doing the both of them together, as in interviewing them together! So, you will get the first Power Rangers interview here and on our YouTube Channel and it’s from Dino Thunder. Stay tuned for those!

If you were wondering where to get all the schedule info and autograph times, you can check the Omni Expo website at and make sure you follow them on Twitter @ Omni Expo!

That is it for this quick last minute information about Omni Expo 2016! Make sure that you are subscribed to our channel, Nerdy Shique Universe, subscribed here, and following us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all the information and see what is going on with us with press. Hoping we have another gallery of cosplays since the Holiday Matsuri one went very well!

That is it, anyone at Omni Expo say hi to us if you get a business card!

Bests and Worsts of 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, it’s that time again and that is ringing in 2016 once our midnight rools around here in the states! To make tradition even better, it’s time for the Bests and Worsts of 2015 according to us at Nerdy Shique Universe! Let’s start with our Bests!


Best EP: Soul Switch’s Regenerate album! This year was a big year for our friends of Soul Switch! This past April they released their third album, Regenerate, and even had an album release party at the House of Blues. We also got to interview Jimmy Kwong and Matt Larson from the band! I loved this album and sing along when I saw them last, hell I even did the growls and screams the best I could along with “Demons.” Hoping they come out with another video since “Hang On” is a great song and video, I recommend these guys since you might be able to find them on ITunes! I also did recommend them to Rhett Fisher who played the Titanium Ranger on Light Speed Rescue along with our other buddies in Traverser! Speaking of which, we did have David from Traverser appear in that interview but will have a full on interview with them when their next album, Jupiter Doesn’t Care About You, drops next year! Congrats Soul Switch!

Best Come Back for a Local Band: Leaving Haven! Well, the reason why I am mentioning this is that a year or two ago we heard of Leaving Haven and back then we didn’t like their music style nor their performance style either. Once we heard one of their songs on Native Noise all thanks to a friend, we noticed how much they changed and then when we saw them perform on the night of Soul Switch’s album release, they improved tremendously! Their performance style and music have improved and we noticed it that night the most. I have two of their CDs and they are amazing! I would highly recommend this band.
Best Event We Finally Went To: Earth Day Birthday 22! We finally went to it after hearing so many things happening and who was going to be there this year and that is Earth Day Birthday! For many years, Gondras and I always wanted to go to this thing, especially the years Sevendust made their stage appearances many times over and over again, even before we saw them at Carnival of Madness back in 2010! As you know, I have been a fan of Sevendust ever since I heard the song “Denial” back in 2003. This year got us going because our buddies in Soul Switch announced at their album release that they are going to open the show and we got there to see that. It was kind of sad that Florida Anime Experience was that same weekend and they were bringing people from Evangelion and haven’t gotten to meet Tiffany Grant. So, we sent Papa Jeriyah on a special mission to get stuff signed by her, Spike, Brina Palencia since she’s Rei in the new movies, and Trina Nishimura even though we were catching up with her at Omni and getting to interview her. Was it worth it? Yes. I do love anime but music has been a major love and this year’s Earth Day Birthday did have artists Gondras and I do like which included Flyleaf, Trapt, Sevendust of course which was a last minute add on after Bush back outdue to a stalker situation, Buck Cherry, and the main band we really wanted to see the most and that is Rise Against! We seen them once in Orlando at the UCF Arena and got to see them again and perform some of their music from Black Market. What surprised Gondras when they performed “Chamber the Cartridge” from their Sufferer and the Witness album which he didn’t know that was a song they did and now he knows about it. Next year’s line up for this thing…he and I agree this year’s took the cake since next year they are having Hailstorm, Escape the Fate, and 311. Not sure if we will go to another, let’s see how time will tell!

Best Interview at a Con: The Cast from Attack on Titan! It was hard to choose for what was the best interview we have done this year but this has to go to the ones we did with Mike McFarland, who directed, Bryce Papenbrook, Eren Yeger, Josh Grelle, Armen, Trina Nishimura, Mikasa, and Lauren Landa, Annie Lockheart. As you guys know, I already interviewed Matthew Mercer during 2014 and apparently it was one of the most viewed posts here on Word Press which I thank you guys for that! Anyways, we had fun interviewing these guys, especially Lauren which it went into many tangents towards the end, not sure if the video camera caught it but we had fun with her, Bryce, and even Josh as well! I do have one entry for Bryce and that is…

Best Headbreaking Moment: Bryce Papenbrook Revealing His Daddy’s Voice! If you haven’t seen the video, but I asked Bryce how did he get into voice acting and that is through his dad, which by the way was a major surprise! I didn’t reveal it to many people because we wanted to have everyone see the video first and then hear many heads break and now will reveal it. Bryce Papenbrook’s dad was the voice of Rito Revulto on Power Rangers. Our reactions were priceless! I did watch clips after the convention and was surprised even more, he is very talented and see where Bryce got his talent from! You can hear Bryce’s voice as Maliotis in Seven Deadly Sins which you can catch on Net Flix! It is very good series by what we saw and people are starting to cosplay from it, we seen a few and taken pics, which you will see in our Holiday Matsuri gallery coming soon! So, enjoy that series!

Best Correction in an Interview: Josh Grelle Correcting Me With His Last Name! Another unsuspecting moment and that was when I was introducing you guys to Josh Grelle. The thing was I pronounced his last name with the pronunciation all thanks to my screen reader and when you see part one, you hear him correct me. It is actually pronounced “Greely” and so glad he helped out! Now I know how to say it whenever we meet him again since I have Attack On Titan Part 2 all nice and clean and waiting for Sharpie ink to touch! He is the voice of the devil in Devil As a Part Tim,er.

Best Voice Actor for a Convention: Jessica Calvello! Oh man, had to mention this one and it was hard to think who would’ve been the best since conventions do get pretty good guests to appear. This category goes to someone who hasn’t appeared at a Florida con by what I remember and that is Jessica Calvello! Due to how Omni was doing all Attack on Titan for the most part, Jessica was one of the actors who appeared and she does the voice of Honshi the scientist who loves looking at titans! Not only she does the voice but she did appear in cosplay as her character for Omni Expo! As in, jacket, glasses, and everything else and even acted like her throughout the thing, there was a part where her character ran into a door and did that as the 18+ Saturday panel with Matt Mercer, she explained what she was doing and wished I recorded that but it wasn’t allowed. But I can say that she also fangirled over Matt’s voice, who wouldn’t, I have been too and he is Number 1 on my Sexiest Voices in Anime and Gaming! I wonder how she would react to his British accent? Anyways, she was funny and very friendly and also very talented, even as Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged.
Runners Up: Todd Habercorn and Joshua Seth! It was hard choosing runner ups because these two were also great at the same convention and that is Todd Habercorn and Joshua Seth! They are entertaining when it comes to panels, even you will get a lot of laughs from my interview with Mr. Seth as well. Couldn’t help but also finding Todd’s photo and signing war with Jess Harnell even funnier. On top of that, their panel with Sean Schemmel and Grey Deloisle as well.

Best Guessing My Age Moment: Walter Jones and Austin St. John at Ranger Stop! I had to put this on here because everyone knows that I don’t look my age! I turned 30 this past year and when people look at me they have to do a double take! Even when the ID gets taken out, it’s even harder to believe that I was born in 1985. This past year I went to Ranger Stop and told some of the people I was into Power Rangers when it first came to the states back in the early 90’s and was seven around then! When Austin St. John and Walter Jones asked me how old I was, I asked them “How old do you think I am?” They were guessing around the twenties, but Walter had more in the teens and then revealed I was 30! Austin was a bit speechless and then said, “You look good for it!” and Walter was like “Nooooo! Really!?” Hell, should’ve said, Veronica Taylor was speechless when I told her which she was actually speechless at AFO since I just turned it.

Best T-Shirt Props: The Rita Repulsa “Make My Monsters Grow” Shirt from Aardvark Tees! I had to mention this because so many people loved it when I wore it to Ranger Stop and it’s all thanks to Aardvark Tees! I got this shirt during AFO from their stand and it is of Rita Repulsa throwing rare candy to some Pokemon and it says “Make My Monster Grow!” It made sense and great thing about it, while asking my question during Ranger Recap’s Pre-Con panel for the regular pass holders they had the camera on my shirt! Even the Blue Rangers pointed it out during their panel that same night! And Christopher Kaman Lee saw it and asked where I got it from since he recognized it and told him I got it from Aardvark’s stand during AFO. I did get props for my Iron Man hoodie since it did get cool in the evening and morning during the convention!

Funniest Internet Review: Anime Abandoned Review on Jungle De Ikou! Yes, time to point out the best internet stuff for this year! Starting with the Funniest Review and that is by hannel Awesome’s own Bennet the Sage with his show Anime Abandoned! We got to meet him during MythiCon and did go to his 18+ Panel and of course Q&A which you can catch on YouTube, the Q&A one! He does very funny reviews on many anime OVAs and movies and an occasional series review. Some of these include Wicked City, Akira, even the InuYasha Movie which I should’ve included that as the funniest review for last year but forgot about it. This year I give it to his review for a really bad OVA known as Jungle De Ikou! It is a bit on the mature side and it does have jokes that are kind of….make you want be like how Bennet says it in his review, “WHAT!?” Basically the plot deals with a girl gets a magical totem figure from her dad who returns from New Guinea, Africa and gets visited by a spirit in her dreams and gets told if she gets in trouble while meeting the eviler spirit that was locked away to do a special dance. Yeah, the dance is ridiculous, ejven one of the other girls have a Macarena type dance but Bennet does end the review early due to it because…yeah…you have to watch it to see what I mean. What I like about watching Bennet is that he does make good points, even with this review talking about how there are bad movies out there and comedies that exist that are equally bad how this anime goes with the movie known as Movie 43. The jokes are pretty funny and he does quote Mad Max: Fury Road! If you are around my age, give it a watch and prepare to laugh your lungs out, Gondras and I sure did!
Runner Up: Nostalgia Critic Reviewing Fury Road! I know, what!? Well, around the time Fury Road came out Nostalgia Critic reviewed it and man he pulled a lot in making the review as a movie type review with his crew. We haven’t seen Fury Road ourselves but we seen the review and you should see it as well, the jokes a very good and does discuss it pretty well.

Death Battle of the Year: Death Stroke vs. Dead Pool! Most of us who have seen Death Battle on Screw Attack know that they have awesome pairings like Felicia from Darkstalkers vs. Taokaka from Blaze Blue, Iron Man vs. Lex Luther, and the one that really have us laughing and loving is Death Stroke from D. C. Comics vs. Dead Pool from Marvel! With the comparing stats, the episode got Dead Pool’s breaking the fourth wall like always and even hilarious in messing with Wiz and Boomstick. I would say watch Death Battle, even this battle if you’re a fan of Dead Pool or Death Stroke since they are entertaining and very informative! Anyways, don’t want to spoil who wins if anyone hasn’t watched it but the battle was pretty close!
Runner Up: Gaara vs. Toff! Yes, have to mention this one because it was one that Gondras thought I would be disappointed because I love Gaara from Naruto but at the same time Toff is my fave Avatar: The Last Airbender character. Both stats were very good but there is one thing, they pitted a guy against a skilled Earth Bender that can use the sand and the golden sand to her advantage. Yeah, sorry, ust spoiled that Toff won this battle. As always said, never underestimate the power of a blind girl, even when she Earth bends!

Internet Reviewer of the Year: Louis Lovehog aka Linkara! This was a pick from Gondras and I agree so I created this one and that is “Internet Reviewer of the Year” and this year it goes to Linkara from Channel Awesome! Why? Well, he has done awesome reviews when it has comes to comics, even caught up with all the Power Rangers for his History of the Power Rangers since he has done Super Mega Force recently, and has done really good story work with his movie! I haven’t seen the movie yet but heard it’s really good from Gondras but I seen enough of his comic book reviews that he makes really good sci-fi- story segments on his show! This is why he should be a guest at more Florida cons, especially Orlando after MythiCon ending! I did suggest him to AFO due to the Power Rangers stuff since I did watch In Space, Lost Galaxy, soon to watch Light Speed Rescue and Time Force after watching his reviews on those seasons! He even used clips from Attack On Titan Abridged during his Jungle Fury review and that is one other season I may see all thanks to him. Still he is a really good reviewer even when you go to his live panel at cons like we have the past two years. That is why Mr. Linkara, you get Internet Reviewer of the Year here on Nerdy Shique Universe!

Best Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Yeah, I know it seems abovious but think about it this way, it has been years since we got a new Star Wars movie evne though the prequels weren’t the best. I didn’t even seen the third one out of those because of how Episode 2 felt like I could make a drinking game out of the many “My lords!” and “My ladies!” they say throughout the film! When we heard that the story after The Return of the Jedi will be continuing and JJ Abrams will be directing it, we were worried and a bit skeptical since the new Star Trek films were not that great. We saw this on Christmas and man we enjoyed it! Hell, we even applauded when we saw Han, Chewy, and Lea returning in this film with the rest of the audience! Even the emotions in this movie was kept in tact since the original three really got us loving them with the suspense, emotions, and the action that is linked to it. Ohhh we can’t wait for the next episode with how this one ended on a very nice note! If you haven’t seen this film, you must!
Runner Up: Ant Man! II know, I know! Why wasn’t Age of Ultron the Runner Up? Well, I think that Ant Man kind of deserved it a bit more in my opinion! Yes, I was excited like everyone else about the second Avengers movie and how interesting it was with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, plus having Jarvis being humanish. Ant Man, on the other hand, had a more interesting premise! It told the story differently as a way of passing down the mantle of Ant Man to someone new due to Hank Pim being older and it’s good to see that instead of the original story behind it. We are going to get glimpses of Hank in the next season of Agent Carter from what we see and it’s good to get the idea of the story before the movie in the show. Michael Douglas as always had a great performance, not only that this movie gave us our next glimpse into Civil War and we got to see one of the Avengers on top of it!


Worst Press Turn Down: AFO! Yes, got to mention this because it was one of the worst things I went through this year. Not only with personal life but of course with being turned down hard by Anime Festival Orlando for press. We have given great chances by great conventions such as MetroCon in Tampa, MythiCon, now Holiday Matsuri, but the big one that gave us the biggest chance to do press was of course Omni Expo because they found us due to a typo! If you read all the press stuff we done, we didn’t start this blog to get free passes into conventions, we started this blog back on Blogger when Hot Topic discontinued their first cosmetics line and it blossomed from there into other things like gaming, cosplay, and many more! Plus, we brought you interviews with voice actors like Dameon Clarke, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Lauren Landa, and so much more! Now we have Joshua Seth and Todd Habercorn to add to that long list! I know I am harping it but all I have to say is we worked hard and if AFO doesn’t want to give us that chance even in 2016 and beyond, well we go to the next convention and try there! Even Ranger Stop is letting us try out again for next year, who knows if we get that one.

Worst Band: Blaine the Mono! I have to mention these guys here because ughhhhh! I respect a lot of local acts but Blaine the Mono is not one of them. Their music is not that great, it would improve greatly if the lead singer doesn’t scream or get a different person. Let me describe the screams, they sound like harpie screeching in my ears, really! We first heard about these guys when they performed at the House of Blues on the night that Soul Switch did their album release and they didn’t get better by the time we saw them operform with Mr. Bella and Soul Switch in September. Some people said they were better than Mr. Bella but here’s the thing…Gondras notices how the bandmates in Mr. Bella play music that fits the range of their lead singer and I agree with that! Blaine the Mono…not so much! Plus, there werne’t many people cheering for them as much as people were cheering for Mr. Bella and Soul Switch combined! Sorry to say, Blaine the Mono needs to improve or don’t come back because the competition is getting bigger!

The Most Meh Month for Beauty Subscriptions: May! I had to mention this because it kind of fits the Worsts categories and that is how the month of May was a bit of a meh month for Ipsy and BOxyCharm. I have been a member of both for over a year now and the products that I got in both were okay, not the best, just meh! I did like the lipstick I got in BoxyCharm which was the Lip Bar, which really made me excited about that. Ipsy, it felt like they focused a bit more on the anti-aging stuff more than any other items, heck I got the Blue Iceland eye patches but gave them to my mom since I wouldn’t be using them. December was also a bit meh but mostluy for Ipsy since two of the products were ones I swapped for better items while the rest were five star worthy items, heck even the Elizabeth Mott eye primer had me at happy because I got to try something else from the brand. I am hoping with 2016 that there won’t be much of meh months for both because the selections of products would be better. Heck, crossing my fingers on the Revealed Smoky pallet from Coastal Sense next year! Let’s see what it holds!

Well, that is it! Longest Wait for a Convention: Ranger Stop! Uhhhhhhhh! Seriously, never thought with a convention I would have to wait for the longest time for everything on the first day! What do I mean by that? Well, I had to wait until 2 PM to pick up my three day pass, wait until 4 PM to be let in, well mostly 4:30 since I wasn’t VIP, so yeah, longest wait ever! Most conventions just open around 10 in the morning and then dealer room around noon for VIP and an hour later for regular passes, Matsuri was 11 AM to open up dealer room for VIP! But nope, Ranger Stop opened their dealer room at 5! I know it seems like I am ranting but this convention needs to look at how some of the other ones run because it would help immensely, especially where this is the convention that felt like it catered to the VIP holders more than regular pass holders, which there were more events for VIP than doing more panels and special events. I will try again for press and hoping next year they have a better convention not only that did see there wasn’t much of a great turn out for Saturday since I only went for two days after knowing Sunday didn’t have much to do. Again, they need to improve with events and panels the most.

Well, that is it for this year’s Bests and Worsts. There weren’t that many worst things but still the worst of them all was the AFO Press thing and it still stings! I feel as though this year had a lot of bests and it is hard to fit them into one post so I stuck to what was the most best ones of all! There were great other moments from conventions like how Steve Cardinas thought my cane was a wizard staff and of course finally finding the Tiger and Bunny messenger bag I was looking for! And of course, showing up as Lucy to Todd Habercorn’s signings, first time doing it was at AFO after not seeing him since 2012 and shown my appreciation for trying Fairy Tail again.

What will 2016 bring? Well, crossing our fingers on year three of Omni Expo press! They gave us a major chance in press and hoping they give us a third time doing it. Plus, they are earlier this year due to MegaCon now being in May! I am not sure if we are going, I am almost thinking about press for it but at the same time it might not work or anything. I will have to look into that. Any new cosplays? Well, my Pokemon designs will be extending since I am thinking, hoping to get done by Omni, doing Link from Legend of Zelda as a Pokemon Ranger! I already got the Silveon plush, gotta get the rest of the parts! And of course, Lucy as a Pokemon Trainer! Not sure what got me thinking to do it but it came out of nowhere in my thoughts and already got a Vaporeon for Aquarius!

Of course, we will be looking forward to Captain America: Civil War! Even Dead Pool despite not being done by Marvel but it is already proving to be hilarious!

More to come in 2016! Stay tuned for the rest of our Holiday Matsuri coverage in January, hoping we get it up before December next year sneaks up on us again! Hey, 2015 did that to us and the next will do it too.

So, have a safe Happy New Year and be careful driving! So, til next time and follow us on Twitter if you haven’t!

May and June Favorites 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do the permanent make up controversy until I didn’t realize that it was close to the end of June and that means May and June favorites! This May and June, I had a few faves from Omni Expo and a few beauty thingslet’s see what I got for you guys this time and good news, no not-so-faves!

Favorite Voice Actor Moment: Meeting Matthew Mercer again and meeting Jessica Calvello and see her geek out! Oh man, Omni was amazing this year! So many guests and so many events, man it brought a lot of great moments as well!One of them is meeting up with Matt Mercer during his second year back and he did recognize me through my cosplay despite having my crappy cold last year. Don’t worry, diddn’t get sick again before the convention. I did have Gondras with me and he was cosplaying of course the 4th Doctor and that was the one that got Matt into Doctor Who since it was what he watched before going to school. Don’t worry, he got a Jelly Baby along with Lauren Landa and some of the other guests! Another moment is seeing Jessica Calvello go nerdy the entire weekend, even cosplaying as her character from Attack on Titan! It is great to see a voice actor have fun and Jessica Calvello is one of them! Still great to see her panels with Matt and David Walde!

Favorites Interview: Bryce Papenbrook! It was hard to choose from the interviews I done but Bryce Papenbrook’s stood out the most since I waited the months before to meet him and glad to have that one on one with him. Plus, it was the most head breaking one, which I will reveal it and that is his dad played the role of Rito Revulto in Power Rangers. I watched a video of it and was like “OMG, it is him!” Bryce is a very nice guy and a very talented one at that!

Brushes: Kabuki Brush by ELF and Concealer Brush by Glamier! I am adding brushes to this list because there are two fave brushes that I have been using. First is the ELF Kabuki brush and man I can see why people went crazy for this one! It is easy to hold and very soft and easier to apply my foundation now on top of the newer foundation primers I’ve been trying out for a change. It also doesn’t cost that much either like the Bella Pierre one I got in my BoxyCharm this month which is $20 and bigger than it because the Bella Pierre one is a bit smaller and sheds a little when I first got it like other people. Next is the Glamier Concealer Brush from this month’s Ipsy bag. I might be cheating since I started using this once I got it in my bag but couldn’t wait to use it! I love how soft it is and easy to blend my spot concealer which is what I use it for. I use a smaller one for my under eye concealer from one of the brush sets I got this month, this one is best for the spot concealing since it can provide the easier canvas for foundation and with blending the foundation with the kabuki, with whatever I don’t blend with the concealer brush it will blend the rest which makes it better.

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner! Speaking of brushes, I had to bring up something interesting I found and that is the ELF Daily Brush Cleaning Spray! As an ELF user, I didn’t know this exist until I bought an eye primer to try out after using up the Mica eye primer I received in Ipsy and then my dad found a brush cleaner. I decided to get it and try it out since I like to clean my brushes a lot more easily than just soap and water and that seems to gunk up the brushes a bit, which my foundation brush from ELF has gone through that. Anyways, this is an easy to use spray which you just spray the bristles and use a cloth, which I use a standard towel, and clean off the make up and residue. I did read through my Open Book when checking directions on the box (For any curious readers, it’s a scanning program for the blind that reads documents, it helps read the BoxyCharm cards and packaging for buying make up when needed) and saw that it mentioned a brush shampoo. I have to hunt that down whenever I go back to Target or might have to see about the website having it. I am so glad ELF has their own brush cleaner because it sure beats just soap and water and it is easy to do it in one, two, three since the brush dries right away. I don’t know how much it costs, maybe it’s a bit more than the make up items that get sold, I would say try it out especially for any make up artists that need that rapid clean while on the run without breaking the bank!

Mica Eye Primer! I finally started using it since I ran out of the City Color Cosmetics one I’ve been using since last December. I got this in my Ipsy bag along with many other people and not sure if I did mention it in a faves but mentioning it now! I know Mica is a highend brand and saw the price on an eye shadow duo that Ipsy had for an Ipsy Me and I think it was close to $40 retail on Mica and I could imagine how much this would be normally. Also, Mica does show up in BoxyCharm time-to-time as full size and would be interesting to get the full-size of this in that box because…the only problem I have with this version from Ipsy is that it’s hard to reach in and get the product! When you open it, it pretty much dips into it and it’s hard to do it with the finger so I grab one of my smaller shadow brushes, I think it’s the Bare Minerals one that Mommy Gondras gave me or the Urban Decay one from the Ammo pallet I got when it was discounted, still decided to use that brush to get the product and it works well but you need to swipe it a few times to get it on the brush. I do like how it holds my shadows for hours! I did find it interesting how some people found a black spot or two in their sample of this but me nope! I understand how bad and scary that could be but mine was lucky! I hope I get more eye primers like this as sample sizes because it shows me what brands do make them and let you experiment!

Foundation Primers by NYX, Smashbox, and Rimmel! It seems that lately I’ve been experimenting with new foundation primers because it costs too much to buy the Ulta Matte Prime and decided to branch out a little. Plus, there are times where some locations sell out of the Ulta Matte Prime even during sales when they do their special buy one get one half off or buy two get two free, even the $5 sale they had in November, still it costs a bit much! I started to try out with NYX’s eye primer which is a smaller version but it did a pretty good job in holding my foundation. I didn’t like how greasy it kind of felt and even though it was good for my skin-type, I kind of felt it a little itchy at certain points of the day and of course ran out a little too quickly. Then of course, I did try out the Stay Matte one from Rimmel! This one was something I saw how people liked it! It felt smooth on my face despite it being a little heavier and it felt cool while applying it! As in, it didn’t burn or anything, I can see why people liked this since it doesn’t break anyone out and good for sensitive skin as well. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as the NYX one which that one was $13 according to Ulta and the RImmel one is $7 at CVS, not sure if Ulta locations near me carry the RImmel one but glad to see that I can get a cheaper option than the Ulta Matte Prime. Now onto the Smashbox one! I got this in my June Ipsy like a lot of Ipsters! If you saw my post of what I got, I was skeptical and did my research and was glad to see that it was for my skin-type since I did back out from getting the starter kit that had this and didn’t want to risk my skin! I did try it out and enjoyed the feeling! For a $36 primer, I liked how it did help blend everything in and it was very convenient since some people do have oily skin around this time of year and glad Ipsy had it. I may get the starter kit if it still exists if I wanted to use the primer again but I will be sticking to Rimmel since I do like how it stays put and doesn’t feel itchy or doesn’t burn like most facial products do.

Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty Pallet! Now onto the real beauty products and this one has been a favorite ever since I tried a sample through Ipsy and that is the Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty shadow pallet! For anyone who doesn’t know who Rob Scheppy, which I did a little research, he is the make up artist for the Cardatians and he did start making his pallet for ‘Tini beauty this year. I didn’t know what ‘Tini Beauty was until YouTuber talked about getting some items with points and noticed that some of the make up oproducts are named after bar names and Ipsters got samples of Pearl Fizz. I was happy that the full pallet was up for an Ipsy Me offer and it contains eight shadows which I used this pallet to create the eye look for my ice trainer cosplay for Omni. I used the four middle shades to have a nice frosted look and man it looked good! I will use this time to time for smoky looks whenever I feel like it but this is a cosplay pallet that I will be using for my ice trainer!

Provaclips in Kiss Fatale by Rimmel! Another cosplay make up item that I used with my ice trainer cosplay and that is the Provaclips in Kiss Fatale! I love this since I got Kiss Me You Fool from the same line and thought it would be perfect for the deep deep, plum color. I thought it would fit with the whole looking as if I was freezing my butt off in an ice gym and of course needed something that would be long-lasting during the entire convention weekend. I hardly had to re—apply, especially Saturday when we had to run all over the place the most due to the many panels, meeting guests, and the AOT panel! Still felt light and stayed put! Plus, doesn’t cost so much! I would say get one of these by Rimmel since Rimmel is a well-known make up company, heck I still use Captivate Me from the Stay Glossy line.

Ruby Woo by Mac! I got another MAC product and that is the lipstick in Ruby Woo! I heard Grav3yard Girl talk about this one for the longest time and my cat ears were curious as always and picked it up while MAC had their free second day shipping offer and thought I would take a try at it. When I got it, I was surprised that it was packaged pretty well, like a chocolate on a pillow in a hotel! I do use this on top of lip balm because I feel the lipsticks on their own, for that matter any lipstick, feels dry and have to have that lip balm for moisture and feels a lot smoother while applying. I wanted to keep using it as days go on because of how lightweight it felt and it has pretty good staying power while drinking liquids. I will try out other lipsticks but still gotta finish up what I have, which is hard since new items do come out like crazy!

Blush Quad by ELF! I was happy to find out that ELF made a blush pallet and man it’s cheaper than the Lorac one since it is nice and compact, plus it still has the same quality as a higher end product. I do say that don’t have to spend too much to look good! I think I got the one for light skin because it comes in two skin tones, one for light and the other for darker skin and it is easy to apply and blend on the cheek bones. I would say get this pallet if you’re on a budget and it’s available at Target and the ELF website!

Mosaic Highlighter by NYX! Lately I have been into highlighting and I have been looking for more of powder highlighters because there are times when cream ones squeeze out too much and gets all over. I had to toss out the Beauty Crop one since it kept on squeezing so much out. I did like it but I rather use powder ones over creams due to how much more control I can get, especially when it’s in a pallet. This one I found with the help of the lady that worked at Ulta and she shown me the powder illuminators by NYX and this one stuck out the most and got it! It is a mixture of the different highlight colors of gold, silver, and bronze into one and you can mix them together to apply to your cheeks, nose, and around the chin. I do mostly the cheeks and sometimes my nose if I’m feeling it. It is always fun to use because I am not sticking to just one and trying to figure out which one I want to use that day, I can just mix all the glitters together. Plus it’s easy to blend into blush! I want to get some of the other ones since they do have a few others but this one is a staple!

Highlighter Pallet by ELF! This one I got off the ELF website since I can’t find it in stores along with their baked highlighters, which I am interested in trying out. Unlike the NYX powder highlighter I mentioned, this is more of a gel consistency but it comes in a nice, convenient pallet rather than a tube. It is easy to blend as well and tend to stay on pretty well! You get choices from four highlights, I am not sure if you can mix one or more but I do like choosing from more than one. I wish they carry these in Targets so I don’t have to order it when I run out.

Necklace: Harley Quin Bat Symbol! My favorite necklace is the Harley Quin bat symbol pendant since I couldn’t fit the choker, I was glad this one existed since it is more of a chain versus a velvet choker. I wish the chokers weren’t so small at Hot Topic, I mis the belt ones they use for the spike ones but those only come out for the fall and it sucks that happens now. At least this necklace fits and I like how you can adjust it to make it higher or lower on your neck and it has Harley’s logo in the shape of the Batman symbol.

Earrings: Harley Quin Set! Yes, I have to include these! I was also happy to find that earrings were made for Harley Quin, well themed after her and they come with six pairs. The only pair I or pairs I like are the black diamonds and the Jester hats. You know I love Jester characters and it was so cute that they made jester hat earrings for this set and of course can’t be complete without doing the diamond patterns she has on her suit. I wear the black diamonds time to time, or are they the red ones, don’t know, still great ot have this set. The only set that seems to be out of blace is the gun pair earrings. I hardly see Harley carry a gun, it’s always the Joker doing it! Heck, he even has a Saints Row moment in the Suicide Club animated movie carrying a gun in hand! I don’t think I will wear the gun pair, I think I will use the backings as extra ones in case I lost one like one night with my jester hat pair and did have to get another pack as a back up. I hope to find more Harley stuff in the future.

I think that is about it for these favorites! Will definitely and try and do that one post about permanent make up this coming week. Stay tuned!

Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Bryce Papenbrook!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for the last interview from this year’s Omni Expo!

I didn’t mean to save this for last but it feels like it’s also the best and usually the best gets saved for last! This interview was with Bryce Papenbrook who plays our hero, Eren Yaeger, and of course the sassy, pretty boy vampire Hanabusa on Vampire Knight. Which is funny, Hanabusa was the first character I heard him as and didn’t give my friends my first season of Vampire Knight when he was here back in 2013 at AFO. I did get that chance and made it better by having the one on one interview with him. I like his personality and also like how he is a nerd like us, which after the interview we were talking about the Final Fantasy Disidea arcade game that is in Japan right now. He did enjoy my story of how I found out that he was coming to Omni, yet again squeed in class at Dyatona and the computer teacher and my classmates looked at me.

Also, if you guys went on YouTube before coming to this post, I did mention that this interview will blow your mind, why is that? Well, if you were into Power Rangers like me and Gondras were as kids, you will see why and comment with your reactions down below. I want to see how you guys reacted like us because we did not know that until that Saturday.

Well, that is about it for everything from Omni Expo 2015! Will it return for another year? I sure hope so since this is a pretty cool convention and get great guests that rearely come here nor come here at all to Florida. We did hear how MegaCon is going to be during Memorial Day weekend as a four day convention next year, that is a fear I have with that because to me it should move to a different date, well Omni for that matter. Not sure if we will go to MegaCon but we are still waiting on press forms for AFO this year! Please put them up AFO, I would like to interview Todd and Veronica since we did interview Eric about Pokemon. Anyuway, what is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? If you remembered how Jessica Calvello inspired me with a post during Omni? Well, the post is my top list of sexiest voices in anime and video games! Well, it may be really aniome since a lot of these names were in both medias, but let’s see who I picked and why! Stay tuned and enjoy watching all the videos including the ones from MythiCon last year and of course all my written transcriptions of the interviews from Metro and Omni last year!

Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Josh Grell!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for a bit of a wait and another out of order interview, trying to get the external to work after putting two videos on that, thought I should put my interview with Josh Grell up!

This video is in two parts due to the camera cutting off, what can I say technology loves us. I got to have the honor of interview Mr. Josh Grell along with Bryce and Trina due to their roles on Attack on Titan. What also made it great was Josh used to work at ADV Films like David Walde, who was also a guest this year at Omni, and has been in other anime such as Comic Party Revolution, Kiba, and one I did bring to him to sign, Air Gear, which was a nice surprise since he and Dave haven’t seen it in so long. Well, I did see it in Japanese first and got the dub version for Christmas one year and Chris Patton signed it last year. What did I ask Josh? You will find out in this video!

Now to cross my fingers and seeing if Harry Dresden didn’t destroy my power cord, if it did, then gotta go to Amazon! In the meantime, stay tuned!

Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Trina Nishimura!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Going out of order yet again with another interview!

So far you saw me talk to Mike McFarland about Attack On Titan and Riddle about cosplay, now now it’s Trina Nishimura! She has been at Florida Anime Experience a month before Omni, but as you guys know we were at Earth Day Birthday supporting our friends of Soul Switch. I was glad to interview her since the last time we met her was in 2011 at MegaCon when we found out about her role in the newer Eva movies as my namesake, Mari. Did I ask her about that? Yep! I also asked her other things and well did give a shout out to Traverser as well by telling her to check them out when she starts eeing the older Eva stuff.

Also, she mentions her social media pages, check those out when you get a chance! Hoping I will get the Lauren Landa and Bryce Papenbrook interviews this week. Sorry for all the trouble guys, I know it is a bit crazy here in the universe! Enjoy and stay tuned!

Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Riddle!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. Another interview for you all and it deals with cosplay!

As you guys know, I tend to talk about cosplay on here as one of the many things that is part of nerd culture. I was able to interview a cosplay guest at this year’s Omni Expo and she has been on the show Heroes of Cosplay. I know the show has been kind of controversial with certain aspects and I did review season one and do have my opinions about it but at least I was glad to talk one on one with her about cosplay and that is Ricki, aka Riddle. For anyone who has seen season one, she was the one who created the Female Rocketeer cosplay. I can say that that takes guts to create and as a cosplayer, I can look up to that and makes me happy that she was a guest. I didn’t get to go to her panel since was getting items signed but glad to talk to her, so enjoy!

Hoping to get the Laura Landa and Bryce interviews up soon, but I do have the Trina and Josh interviews ready to be posted here, stay tuned!

And a heads up, reason why the audio is kind of crappy, it was done in the dealer room and someone had music playing.

Convention Impossible: Omni Expo 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, Omni Expo has passed and it’s time for the newest review in Convention Impossible! Man, what a weekend! New location, new guests, new panels, and new cosplay since Gondras was still doing his Doctor cosplay! Omni 2015 was a great convention and overall fun experience and glad that it had a new place and so on. So, is it a “Convention Accomplished” like last year just a Complete? Let’s see!

Location: Unlike last year, this year’s convention was held at the beautiful Rosen Center! Don’t get it confused with the Plaza counterpart, this one is across the street from the Convention Center where MegaCon is usually held! This location was better because it wasn’t a mobility nightmare for me, as in it wasn’t so bright that I couldn’t see where I was going despite my frontal vision was bad but couldn’t spot anything on the walls. Which included the bathroom doors. Plus, there weren’t so many mirrors reflecting like the World Center which made the brightness even worse. There was only one area that had windows and that was the front of the hotel and better lighting as you go deeper into the halls, which made it better and easier on my eyes and Gondras’ as well. On top of that, you only paid for the parking garage and handicapped parking was pretty easy to access. Better than paying $15 to park for the convention like at the World Center, which I did go to the Human Resources office not too long ago at the World Center and it usually costs $18 for a normal visit. At least it was only $10 for the convention here and there was easy access to the hotel from the garage and parking lots. Not bad of a location, which I may look into wedding rates for this place since this is pretty awesome and the halls are big. Bigger than the old version of the Wyndham and they had a lot more rooms to use than the World Center and not many events were going on at the same time like last year. Still remembering how a beauty pageant guy thought I was a contestant while I was wearing cat ears and my bell collar Vivi gave me as a grad gift. Sad indeed! Better that this year there was private interview rooms this time around unlike last year with having them in the dealer’s room, which was a pain due to having attendees coming up to meet whoever they want to see and get turned away due to interviewing. So glad it worked out better this way by doing it in a room secluded from everywhere else without any interruptions besides technology.

Dealer Room: Speaking of dealer’s room, this year was better than the last year! I understand that it was its first year last year and also there was a convention that was going on at the same time, which more people came to this one instead, this year’s dealer room had more to offer! There were stands like Shark Robot, I believe I visited Anime Pagoda, even my fave Japanese snacks guy, who also sold keychains along with some snacks this time around, and a lot more to it. Plus there were the tattoo guys and a good set up for Artist’s Alley at the same time which was placed near the guest area. One stand I really liked was a person called Taiyaki Gaijin, who makes these little cakes called taiyaki and put on an American twist on them by making them into flavors that we know and love like M&Ms, Reese’s, and one that got me was the Chocolate Mint! You guys know that is my major kryptonite and it was delicious, which we did go back Sunday for the Sunday Special of three for $5! I hope they show up again and at AFO because I want to give them even more business! And I did find the DS Case maker but couldn’t get any other cases since of course trying to find a job and don’t have much cash to spend, I did get some other things, such as a fluffy goody bag since they didn’t do themed ones this time around. I was hoping to get the Fairy Tail hinted one but they didn’t do it this time. They did say this will be the last con for a while for them and they gave me free gifts with my goodie bag and also did get a cute zipper pouch with the cats from Sailor Moon and they gave me a matching charm for it. And did get a Keroppi ring too! They will be mostly selling online, I think we have their card and they will be selling handmade soaps and candles I believe. You know me, loving my handmade cosmetic items, so will be seeing about that when I can find the card. I also did pick up a new Happy plushie! I know I really love Happy and this one has him holding a fish! It was too cute that I had to get it. I am hoping they make actual plushies of the other Exseeds from Fairy Tail and yes I would buy them! I did get a jewelry box from a friend’s stand, we haven’t seen her in a long time since I graduated and Gondras went off to a different school, and she works with other people to make things and the jewelry box feature the two Exseeds from Sabertooth, Frosh and Lecter and it was way too cute! I even got their Frosh button because they made one of him too. They had other items, but there is always next time! Hoping for the next con I would have more money since I am on the hunt to get Attack on Titan Part 2 and Fairy Tail 15.

Guests: OMG! This year was Attack on Titan crazy! As in, a good portion of the guests were in this series while the rest were music, cosplay, and internet. I was happy that they brought Matthew Mercer back and he did recognize me from last year through the costume! I still love his voice by the way and did keep my interview with it. You can still read it here on Word Press, just search for “Omni Expo 2014: Interview with Matthew Mercer.” What really made me happy was Bryce Papenbrook! I did tell him after the interview and telling you guys here is that I was really happy that theyt announced him and this is how it happened. When I was in Daytona and finishing computer class one morning the teacher let me browse the computer before the bell rang and decided to see if the press forms were up. When I got to the site, I see “Special Guest Announcement” and clicked and saw his name and that he was a guest and I pretty much started squeezing and then thought, “Mari! Think where you are right now!” And I stopped and everyone looked at me and the teacher asked, “Are you okay?” I said, “Yes! Don’t mind me!” And of course he went, “Okay!” I was super excited yet shy at first but at least the interview was a success and you get to see it! I don’t want to spoil any of it, along with the ones with Trina Nishimura, Josh Grell, Mike McFarland, Riddle, and Lauren Landa, which she was pretty cool! She even noticed my Pokemon plushie since did play the original games like a good portion of us gamers and was offered Jelly Babies like everyone else. David Walde was also pretty cool since we talked about his roles, he was also surprised like Josh that I brought Air Gear, which has been a work they did before ADV changed to Sentai Filmworks. It was fun to see him, Josh, and Matt try and find places on the FullMetal Autograph to sign. Try having that thing since 2006 and watching it evolve. Another guest was a joy to see her go nuts was Jessica Calvello! She was pretty much having so much fun, especially cosplaying as her character in AOT, which she even got her jacket signed by everyone. I did like her panels with David and Matthew, the one with Matt was Saturday and it was funny. I did ask her if she would do her character of Excel if she were to redo it and she said, “I would but as a lower register! Doing it for so long was hurting my throat and probably hurt ears.” That is the extent of it, I did say I did like the Japanese version in my opinion when it came to Excel Saga. I did remember in Newtype that ADV did have to call Japan a few times to get the recording and voice right while it was being dubbed. In the end, I hope they get Jessica back because I know she had tons and tons of fun, even Gondras took pics of her playing around and dancing with the balloon titans this year. And all thanks to her, she gave me a post idea and won’t reveal it until the last interview or the AOT panel goes up on here!

Panels and Events: This year felt like “So Much to Do In Three Days!” because there were A LOT of panels to go to all weekend long! There were performances going on, teaching panels on how to do chiptunes, even cosplay, so much to do! Even the viewing room was amazing since they shown both subs and dubs of anime and of course theme songs of our fave cartoons. There were so many panels, even went to one of the Directors Showcase of “A Fairy’s Tail” and it was pretty entertaining with that. The one panel that we did tape and that was the Attack on Titan Voice Actor panel that took place again this year, which to me, wasn’t as funny as last year’s with just Matt and Kyle since they had really good back and forths but with the entire cast it was more restricted since there was someone hosting it. So yeah, less gross stuff, we did get a full version of a story that happened to Bryce during his interview, which you will get to see that whenever it gets posted. We did, well more like me, caught the panel with Matt and Jessica on Saturday night and man it was funny. We did respect the reason why of no video taping but it did make it awesome that they were asked to read 50 Shades of Gray. Of course Jessica has to ask like the most of us, “Who would write this!?” Yeah, if you saw the movie or didn’t, it was disappointing by what I heard. The costume contest was also pretty good and organized! There were a lot of costumes taking place such as a Demona from Gargoyles, which was pretty impressive and she had the personality! What won a reward, I believe it was “Best Anime” and that was the Kill La Kill cosplay which was pretty amazing! As said, so many events and panels went on and great to choose from. I hope to bring Blind EXP to this one if they have it again because it would be nice to show what it’s like to watch something from a blind person’s point of view, even if it is TV or anime.

Verdict: CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! Yes it gets another accomplished in my book because we got to see so many things improve and this was its second year to take place. We saw how the dealer’s room was bigger and better, getting to meet the guests was great and having one on one interview with some of them as well, even getting to see other events take place. I also feel that the reason why it had a bigger turn out, especially Saturday, was due to how there were no other conventions taking place at the same time, since Florida Anime Experience did take place the same weekend as EDBD here, there were more people to come and more vendors to set up shop. Plus it was more organized and easy to maneauver the place!

Needs for Improvement: It’s hard to say! Can’t see that there were any needs, I would probably only say is how and what kind of technology we should use. Not only that, I did kind of get annoyed that the guests didn’t know that we do video interviews because, if you remembered last year, transcribing was getting harder and harder for me. As in, it takes a long time to pause and listen to what the guest says and typing it at the same time and there was of course long paragraphs that some guests do, which of course was Troy Baker’s interview which man my fingers hurt afterwards and that got me to do those recorded for YouTube and it went well after MythiCon. I did specify that we were doing video during the convention on the forms, which included interviews. That was the only pet peeve I had. We did have good luck with the Canon camera and the IPad, hoping with AFO it will be better! Everything else, on the other hand, was perfect! Everything was well organized and better dealer room, etc.

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Since we started the Omni coverage, it will continue with the start of the interviews and our video from the Attack on Titan panel! Stay tuned for my interview with Mike McFarland, ADR Director of the series!