Beauty: Ipsy July 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and guess what, my Ipsy is back!

Ipsy July 2018!

It’s back! It’s back! I am glad to be subscribed to Ipsy again and it’s been a long year and a half to two years because my story behind that I used to use my dad’s account to get Ipsy since I didn’t have my account with my funds I get every month and since that got transferred over I am glad to get it back. When I noticed that I had enough to start this subscription again after getting invites back to Ipsy I decided it was time after not getting it and being sad with YouTube videos about it. The funny thing was that I was originally supposed to get August’s bag first because when I got my very first bag it was August 2014’s bag and after getting finger printed for the job offer I was surprised by an email saying, “Congrats! Your Glam Bag is On Its Way!” In the subject area and I did ask them about it and guess what? They had extra slots for July and I was happy and surprised that I was getting my July bag first! Hey, it was better than waiting and they did say they didn’t want me to wait until next month so happy early birthday? Let’s see what they welcomed me back with shall we?

July Bag: It looks like they changed things up since the last time I got a bag and it looks like no theme and I think they stopped doing themes now and it is sometimes hard to catch up because there were times where I forgot it and just dive right in. I also noticed that with videos they have been paying attention to profiles a lot more because back in the past I remembered so many people complained on Facebook about their bag containing products that don’t match them at all, that they didn’t mark products but getting them anyways, etc. I remembered first signing up that it did mention in the fine print, “Not guaranteed to get what’s on your profile because this is a sampling service.” Which I did get items I didn’t like or want and just traded them or gave them away and now that my profile is marked better it seems like they matched me pretty well and wishing they didn’t get my age wrong since they thought I was 34 when I said I was born in 1985.

Another change that happened was they added something new and that’s Ipsy Shopper where with products that you get you get to click on a button the page for that product to buy it and you get cash back and it is kind of like Ebates where you get the check after getting $5 or more. I might consider this if I like the products and have some money left over let’s see how it goes!

The Bag: The bag is really cute! It’s like the bags I remembered getting where the zipper is an inch from the top instead of really on top and it feels like vinyl almost. It’s also very shiny and kind of reminds you of a mermaid. Also the zipper tag was protected by some kind of plastic which I took off! Very cute!

BKR Water Balm: First item which is in the envelope is by BKR and it’s a Water Balm. Never heard of this brand until I got this product. That’s what I like about Ipsy is that they get brands I hardly ever heard of and I get to try them out. This brand is known for a water bottle that the staff at Ipsy have and is considered as a beauty product due to the hydration that water gives and that is a huge key to have a healthy complexion which I do agree since I’ve been drinking a lot of water after being ill a few times. This is the Paris Water balm that includes sixteen healthy plant actives including Mediterranean Algae, French Rose, and bio lipids and the algae is supposed to keep your lips healthy and not only that can be used on your cuticles too which makes it better. Also great to use as a lip product base which can help with liquid lipsticks due to how drying a lot of them are. I did try it out and it does go on very smoothly.
Smash Box Cosmetics Always on Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out: Next is a liquid lipstick by Smash Box and it’s from their Always on Line. I always wanted to try these and glad to get it even though it’s a sample size. I did notice a lot of people got their waterproof concealer which I didn’t mark that I wanted concealers since I use my NYX one in light and I did hear that it does oxidize and I am not a part of that life. I am glad to get this though since I do love lip products. I do thank Ipsy to get me into Smash Box but I haven’t been giving them much love as much as Urban Decay has been from me. I have heard their new shadow trios are pretty good though. This shade is a deep mauve nude and it lasts for eight hours which that will be a great test to do and apparently this does have primer oils so you don’t need a lip primer, which I have to try and see if that’s true.
Sugar Cosmetics Stroke Of Genious Heavy-Duty Kohl in Purple Rain: Next is an eyeliner pencil from Sugar Cosmetics. I think I never got anything from these guys and I was looking for a purple eyeliner months ago but hey not bad to have another one just in case. Some people thought this was a lip liner but actually Kohl is meant for the eyes and if you remembered from Egyptian times it’s the eyeliner they made in order to line their lines to help block out the sun from their eyes from what I heard and if you remembered from the artwork too it’s what you see in any portraits of the Pharaohs and servants. I did kind of felt the tip and oh man this is super creamy! This is also supposed to be a waterproof formula with eight hours of wear time without smudging and fading, which this will be a great test since I am thinking of trying some of these products and take a picture for Instagram. If you aren’t following me there, Mari Blue Cat is my display name. Also, this won’t tug on your eyes from what JAWS is telling me which is good to know since people are still saying that’s a bad thing. I do notice how sometimes eyeliners do skip which that is why I go back and forth to make sure it’s going on right. Let’s see how this goes!
Ittse Matte Eye Shadow in Changing to Flats: Next is an eye shadow single from a brand called Ittse. I remembered Coffee Break with Dani talked about these guys and they are almost like Colour Pop in a way due to pricing but their shadows are two bucks more minus the cash back which you do get with this. It’s an eye shadow pan which is great to add to my Z-Pallet and it’s almost the size as my Makeup Geeks and the smaller Ofra ones I got from Boxy Charm from my very last box. It’s a matte plum shade and I think this will go good with one of my Balm shadows and the Treasure shadow from Pacifica that I got in Ipsy Bags Past, let’s see how it will look. I remembered in someone’s video they swatched this and hardly any pigment, let me see in my peripheral vision if it does. It didn’t show but to be fair with some shadows if you’re swatching on the hand they sometimes don’t show up there but will show on the eyes, let’s see how it goes when I do put it on top of my primer and my Pearl Fizz shadow from Tini Beauty which I am trying to pan at the moment so that’s my setting shadow for my primer at the moment and did get it in Ipsy many years ago.
IBY Beauty Eye Shadow Fluff Brush: Final item is a brush from IBY Beauty! One thing besides most products I love getting are brushes! As you know I used to paint and well after going blind makeup has been my other creative outlet. I was happy to get this brush in my Ipsy bag this month and I don’t think I’ve gotten any of IBY’s brushes before. I have heard of these guys since many people have gotten their items in the past. I have to test this brush since this is good to put down defining shadows on my lid area and will see how it goes with the Ittse shadow.

Way to go Ipsy! This was an amazing bag especially with me coming back for a subscription again! I am glad that they are going with people’s profiles and this was a great match with me. The brush is nice and soft, I think I put adventurous in shadows or lip colors I forget but they did match me very well with both since hazel eyes go well with purple shadows and Jeffree Starr, haven’t mentioned his name in a while here, did say purples are hard to formulate and I agree with that since some of the shadows in the Revealed 3 were hard for some people. Hoping the shadow does translate well to my eyes. I’m also glad that I am trying out the Always on Liquid Lipstick and who knows I might get some in the future in how well it goes. And the eye pencil will definitely use and same with that water balm which does feel nice on the lips, let’s see how well it works as a lip base! Thank you Ipsy and can’t wait for August! I am going to wait a little while before I get back to Boxy Charm since now they are doing a pallet every month but my drawer is stuffed with pallets who knows when I can keep on doing my Project Pan. Let’s see what the future holds but definitely staying with Ipsy!

What’s next? I am going back to Assistive Tech with talking about Be My Eyes since I mentioned that I met the creators at the NFB National Convention! You may want to stick around for this so until next time! Make sure you follow us at Twittter @ Nerdy Shique for all of the latest updates!

Ipsy Me Offer: Smashbox Try It Kit!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, got my paws on it finally! I got the Smashbox Cosmetics Try It Kit!

I know, what!? How!? Well, as you all know I am an Ipster and there is one thing I really like about Ipsy and that is three days ever week, as in Tuesday through Thursday, Ipsy does something called Ipsy Me! This is where Ipsters can get the higherend items they love or eye in stores like Ulta or Sephora, or even on the company websites for discounted prices. It also goes to drugstore items as well and beauty tools, for instance they had the new Kiss curling iron for sale last week. I was happy to find out that last Tuesday they offered the Smashbox Try It Kit for 14 plus free shipping, which is a bonus. A heads up though, they do offer Urban Decay but it’s not discounted from what I saw with the newer lip gloss they sold two months ago. Still, getting something like this a good bargain, the Smashbox Kit I mean. $

What Is In It?

Photo Finish Eye Primer: First is the Eye Shadow Primer! This is a deluxe size along with the other products that you get in this kit. It normally costs $20 for the full size and it is believed to keep your shadow on for 24 hours! I used eye primers before and they know how to stay on, such as the City Color one, the Urban Decay ones that came with two of my pallets, the Mica one, and can’t wait to try out the one from E. L. F. and with trying out the Smashbox one, it will give me an idea of how well it works!

Photo Finish Face Primer: If you read my June Ipsy post, I got this in my bag this June and was loving it while wearing it. It didn’t hurt my face and didn’t go everywhere while getting it out of the tube, it was just easy to slather on. According to the Smashbox website, it costs $38 for the full-size. I am not sure if I will get the full-size unless BoxyCharm offers it because this stuff is amazing and it’s good for sensitive skin. Knowing me, I will be loving this forever and glad to get another sample size in the kit!

Full Exposure Mascara: I hear good things about this mascara and never tried it out before. It normally costs $20. When I almost got the Try It Kit, when I read that it came with the mascara, this was around the time I didn’t wear it and thought how I would put it on and everything. Now that I know what to do, I can’t wait to start wearing this to try out how it feels. It does claim on Ulta that this is a fiber on, volumizing mascara and it supposed to curl, volumize, and lengthen my lashes a lot more than a regular mascara. This will be interesting since the Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay does the lengthening and curling, well slight curl, but let’s see how it goes!

Eye Shadow Trio in Filter: Why does this eye shadow have to be $28? When I found out that the kit came with an eye shadow trio, it got me really wanting to try out Smashbox since I hear good things about their shadows, especially the Full Exposure Pallet! I did see other trios in this line that I want to get my paws on but will have to wait! This one is a good way of trying out the line though and it is their best-selling nude shadow trio called Filter. This is one of those trios you can have for professional make up because it is not shimmery, it is just matte with brown, a lighter brown, and a beige! It reminds me of the brown shades in the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet. What I like about this one besides the coloring, it has very nice packaging, at first you see a photo lense and then you pop it out like a pocket knife and then you have your shadows in a little circle like a lense. Looking at a good portion of these products, I get the gimmick, this company is based around photography names and themes, especially these shadow trios that deal with photography color names and different camera shots. There is one trio I would like while looking at their choices is both Dark Room and Sky Box because the colors seem prettier than some of the others and they would go well with a smoky look, while Sky Box makes my greenish hazel eyes pop due to how they have blues in that trio. Also, a quick note, it’s the Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio! I will see on hsaving for thse because when you read about these babies, you want them as much as I do. I will be patient, at least I get to try out Filter in the mean time!

Is It Worth It? I would say yes because you get try out samples of a product line this way. It gives you an idea if you like it or not or at least if you’re a beginner and want to sample some stuff, this kit is your thing. Normally it will run you $30 and on Ulta, the last time I checked, it was $18 and I got mine from Ipsy for four bucks less than the retail asking price on Ulta. If you like the products, you can buy them if you have the cash to spend but you can try and find dupes for it as well because there are times when you can’t go highend all the time. It is a nice little trial kit and I am so glad Ipsy sent samples of the Photo Finish Face Primer to Ipsters last month because as said, was skeptical and now I like the face primer. If you want to try out Smashbox, get this kit or give it to a friend that may want to try it out.

That is it for this short post! Til next time!

Ipsy and BoxyCharm Time: June 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! What time is it!? It’s Ipsy and Boxy Time! Today I finally got my paws on my Ipsy bag and BOxyCharm for June. What was weird though is that they were supposed to be in my mail box yesterday but the mail service person didn’t put it in my box, well the BoxyCharm since it did say “Out for Delivery” and the Ipsy stuff didn’t show up witht that either until today. Okay, when the ETA says something, it should be delivered on the date because I tend to get the stuff on the date that it’s expected to show up or earlier. Anyuway! Let’s see what I got!


This month’s Ipsy had a pretty interesting bag due to the theme “Swim Into Ipsy.” Some people in videos didn’t like it due to how plain it looked and how the material was like a swimsuit. I like the feeling of it and it reminds me of the same material of Gondras’ swim trunks with the black material and the letters are bubbly! I like it and it is very nice. Plus, it is the color of most swimsuits, which is black, heck even a good portion of my swimsuit now is black and not complaining. Not only liking the bag, the items this month were better and after seeing some videos I feel like I got the better bag yet again! How so?

Aurora Gel Polish in Four Alarm Fire! Finally a nail polish in my bag after months of not getting one! This month Ipsters get one out of a few different companies like Formula X, this company, Aurora, and a few others. I got the Aurora one and I got the color Five Alarm Fire! This is a gel polish and glad that they give these out since gel polishes and manicures are popular in the summer time and this would look nice on my nails. I bet it’s red or orange or redish orange. Glad to get this! I heard Formula X is a good company since Sephora does sell it and it’ expensive! Wouldn’t mind getting that one but this one seems to be good. Also there was an eyeliner by this brand but didn’t get it. I do have tons of eyeliners anyways!

SmashBox Cosmetics Foundation Primer! When I first saw my Glam Room I was skeptical when I found out that I was getting the SmashBox foundation primer and I was trying out the Rimmel Stay Matte one since so many people like that one a lot. I took a look to see if this was good for my skin type and made me happy to find out that it is! This primer is a hot item and I heard good things about this brand too and know that Ulta carries it as well. I almost got the starter kit when it was the 21 Days of Beauty but backed out because was afraid that some of the items would break me out. I am going to try this product out to see how it handles because I have been going for cheaper primers than my fave Ulta one and this one isn’t cheap full-size I know but it gives me something to try out from SmashBox! As you all know, loving to try new brands I don’t try out before.
Glamier Concelaer Brush! Yay! Got another brush in Ipsy! I have been a bit brush crazy lately, heck even got three sets this month, two from Amazon and one from Ipsy and that was the Crown Pro 504 set. I was so happy to find out that I was getting a concealer brush by a company called Glamier. I never heard of this brand like Luxi and Crown before I joined Ipsy and glad I did know about them since I did get a Crown brush a few months ago, a Luxi one so far, and now this brand. It feels soft and lightweight! I know this is pretty highend for a brand and hoping that Ipsy Me does have a deal with these guys cuz I am curious as a kitten when it comes to brushes now!
LaVanilla Labs Pure Vanilla Body Butter! Making me happier and happier with each product and glad to get another body butter in my bag! I got one by a company this time around called LaVanilla Laboratories and they are known for using vanilla in their products. I remembered how one of my fave subscriptions use their deodorant time-to-time it’s pretty up there, knowing that this may be too. To me this doesn’t smell like vanilla, it kind of reminds me of flowers with vanilla mixed. I will be using this on my knees and elbows since those dry out like crazy on me. Ipsy, you need to send me more samples of Body Butters, I love them!
Trestique Mini Shadow Pencil in Pink Pearl! My final item of June is the mini shadow pencil by Trestique! I think everyone has gotten this in their bags since I have watched videos where they all got it! There were many different colors that were sent because of how a lot of people got this thing, I did see a lot of people got the gold one the most since it is so neutral. The one I got is the pink one called Pink Pearl! Ipsy described it as a pink with a pearl finish and someone who got this in a video described it as a champagne pink. I will see how it goes because I never tried a shadow stick from anybody before, I know Rimmel has some good ones but I am glad I get to try something in a subscription bag to see how I feel.


Okay, this month’s box was pretty much good and better than last month’s box. I called last month for both the Month of Meh! This one seemed to be better despite one item which I gave to my mom. Let’s see what I got!

Esslr Chlorpyll Mask! I gave this to my mom because I read how it was described which this is a mask made with plant extracts, seaweed extracts, and other minerals to help firm the skin and reduce fine lines. If you seen my interview videos and the pictures from last year’s interviews with the voice actors, you know or seen that I don’t look my age, which I am turning 30 in August! I hear from so many YouTubers that they started the anti-aging thing around their mid-twenties but I didn’t because I slowly evolved in make up until I only stopped at highlighting, which I don’t wear brozers nor lashes! As said, I don’t have lines, just dark circles that I cover with my CoverGirl invisible lift concealer and the usual acne spots and scars, rest of everything is just my usual clear complexion items, other than that I don’t rely on anti-aging make up at this stage in life so I gave it to my mom since she does have some lines due to her age. I did ask if she wanted it and she took it up. I know it will help her skin in the end.
Bella Pierre Kabuki Brush! Another item that all Charmers got was the kabuki brush by Bella Pierre. This is the third Item I believe that I got from these guys since I subscribed and it is a brush. I do like the feeling but it seems not as fluffy as the E. L. F. one I use to help get my foundation on but it does feel soft in the end. This is not helping the brush cravings because when I heard this I was uber happy to get another brush from Boxy. I am using the Mistura retretractable one from December for my powder and I am using the dual fiber crease brush time to time from February. I hope I get more brushes like this because I don’t have to pay for the highend prices like this by only receiving them this way!
Doucce Click Click Lipstick in Peach! This is the most interesting lipstick I ever received. It looks like a tube but you click the lipstick in and out like a pen, once clicked out you remove it naturally. There was no color name on this but it is a peach color. This was one of the three items that Charmers received among Sneak Peek 3, if you were lucky to get all three then good for you, but the other two items that would also be a possible receiving was a Cargo shadow single and an Oscar Blandi hair serum. I was glad not to get the Oscar Blandi serum because the hairspray I received in March or was it April, it smelled AWFUL! I wouldn’t want to imagine how the serum smells because I wouldn’t want it in my hair if it does smell bad. The Cargo shadow I would’ve love to try out since I did like the lip gloss I got in Ipsy from that company, escept it ran out too fast for a sample. At least I got the lipstick because I do tend to like trying out new lip products, especially higher end ones. Plus, perfect color for the summer since I kind of branched into peachy nudes due to the NYX Butter Glosses.
The Beauty’Crop Highlighter! Yay! Another highlighter in a beauty box! I was sad not to get the last highlighter that came in Ipsy but was happy to get the Blush stripes from Ofra in this box and now another highlighting cream! There are times when I don’t like using the creams but it is sometimes good to have an easy control when applying and easy blending. I have to be careful how I squeeze this like my NYX Gleam and the one I got in Ipsy from a company I forgot on the top of my head. I can’t wait to try this out since I never heard of the company before. Plus, the card says it’s oil-free which makes it better and has vitamins and antioxidants to help nourish the skin while adding a nice, healthy glow to it. Hae to see how it goes!
NCLA Nail Lacquer in Nectar! Anotherr NCLA item in my box! I guess I don’t feel bad for not getting the Cargo shadow since I do love getting nail polishes and this is a highend brand that comes in BoxyCharm and I do still have my Heart Attack polish from February and this time it is a summery color. It is called Nectar and it’s a peachy color! I don’t normally wear peach colors on my nails but it’s good to branch out a little. I still have the polish from last month waiting to be worn and can’t wait to see how this will look! Hey, maybe I could put Heart Attack on top of it, maybe it would look nice!

Well, that is it for this month’s items! I think this was better than last month’s items because they were Meh! This month on the other hand was better because I got two brushes, get to try out another new lipstick, a highlighter, and two nail polishes! Plus the bag for Ipsy was really cute! Oh forgot to mention, I did get to trade in my points again from Ipsy for a Star Looks lip gloss and that made me happy as well to get it in my bag! I hope next month would be better like this month! Let’s see what happens next!

What is next up? Well, if I get around to it, will be doing a post about that permanent make up tattoos have been showing up more and how it can be dangerous! Stay tuned!