Bests and Worsts of 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, it’s that time again and that is ringing in 2016 once our midnight rools around here in the states! To make tradition even better, it’s time for the Bests and Worsts of 2015 according to us at Nerdy Shique Universe! Let’s start with our Bests!


Best EP: Soul Switch’s Regenerate album! This year was a big year for our friends of Soul Switch! This past April they released their third album, Regenerate, and even had an album release party at the House of Blues. We also got to interview Jimmy Kwong and Matt Larson from the band! I loved this album and sing along when I saw them last, hell I even did the growls and screams the best I could along with “Demons.” Hoping they come out with another video since “Hang On” is a great song and video, I recommend these guys since you might be able to find them on ITunes! I also did recommend them to Rhett Fisher who played the Titanium Ranger on Light Speed Rescue along with our other buddies in Traverser! Speaking of which, we did have David from Traverser appear in that interview but will have a full on interview with them when their next album, Jupiter Doesn’t Care About You, drops next year! Congrats Soul Switch!

Best Come Back for a Local Band: Leaving Haven! Well, the reason why I am mentioning this is that a year or two ago we heard of Leaving Haven and back then we didn’t like their music style nor their performance style either. Once we heard one of their songs on Native Noise all thanks to a friend, we noticed how much they changed and then when we saw them perform on the night of Soul Switch’s album release, they improved tremendously! Their performance style and music have improved and we noticed it that night the most. I have two of their CDs and they are amazing! I would highly recommend this band.
Best Event We Finally Went To: Earth Day Birthday 22! We finally went to it after hearing so many things happening and who was going to be there this year and that is Earth Day Birthday! For many years, Gondras and I always wanted to go to this thing, especially the years Sevendust made their stage appearances many times over and over again, even before we saw them at Carnival of Madness back in 2010! As you know, I have been a fan of Sevendust ever since I heard the song “Denial” back in 2003. This year got us going because our buddies in Soul Switch announced at their album release that they are going to open the show and we got there to see that. It was kind of sad that Florida Anime Experience was that same weekend and they were bringing people from Evangelion and haven’t gotten to meet Tiffany Grant. So, we sent Papa Jeriyah on a special mission to get stuff signed by her, Spike, Brina Palencia since she’s Rei in the new movies, and Trina Nishimura even though we were catching up with her at Omni and getting to interview her. Was it worth it? Yes. I do love anime but music has been a major love and this year’s Earth Day Birthday did have artists Gondras and I do like which included Flyleaf, Trapt, Sevendust of course which was a last minute add on after Bush back outdue to a stalker situation, Buck Cherry, and the main band we really wanted to see the most and that is Rise Against! We seen them once in Orlando at the UCF Arena and got to see them again and perform some of their music from Black Market. What surprised Gondras when they performed “Chamber the Cartridge” from their Sufferer and the Witness album which he didn’t know that was a song they did and now he knows about it. Next year’s line up for this thing…he and I agree this year’s took the cake since next year they are having Hailstorm, Escape the Fate, and 311. Not sure if we will go to another, let’s see how time will tell!

Best Interview at a Con: The Cast from Attack on Titan! It was hard to choose for what was the best interview we have done this year but this has to go to the ones we did with Mike McFarland, who directed, Bryce Papenbrook, Eren Yeger, Josh Grelle, Armen, Trina Nishimura, Mikasa, and Lauren Landa, Annie Lockheart. As you guys know, I already interviewed Matthew Mercer during 2014 and apparently it was one of the most viewed posts here on Word Press which I thank you guys for that! Anyways, we had fun interviewing these guys, especially Lauren which it went into many tangents towards the end, not sure if the video camera caught it but we had fun with her, Bryce, and even Josh as well! I do have one entry for Bryce and that is…

Best Headbreaking Moment: Bryce Papenbrook Revealing His Daddy’s Voice! If you haven’t seen the video, but I asked Bryce how did he get into voice acting and that is through his dad, which by the way was a major surprise! I didn’t reveal it to many people because we wanted to have everyone see the video first and then hear many heads break and now will reveal it. Bryce Papenbrook’s dad was the voice of Rito Revulto on Power Rangers. Our reactions were priceless! I did watch clips after the convention and was surprised even more, he is very talented and see where Bryce got his talent from! You can hear Bryce’s voice as Maliotis in Seven Deadly Sins which you can catch on Net Flix! It is very good series by what we saw and people are starting to cosplay from it, we seen a few and taken pics, which you will see in our Holiday Matsuri gallery coming soon! So, enjoy that series!

Best Correction in an Interview: Josh Grelle Correcting Me With His Last Name! Another unsuspecting moment and that was when I was introducing you guys to Josh Grelle. The thing was I pronounced his last name with the pronunciation all thanks to my screen reader and when you see part one, you hear him correct me. It is actually pronounced “Greely” and so glad he helped out! Now I know how to say it whenever we meet him again since I have Attack On Titan Part 2 all nice and clean and waiting for Sharpie ink to touch! He is the voice of the devil in Devil As a Part Tim,er.

Best Voice Actor for a Convention: Jessica Calvello! Oh man, had to mention this one and it was hard to think who would’ve been the best since conventions do get pretty good guests to appear. This category goes to someone who hasn’t appeared at a Florida con by what I remember and that is Jessica Calvello! Due to how Omni was doing all Attack on Titan for the most part, Jessica was one of the actors who appeared and she does the voice of Honshi the scientist who loves looking at titans! Not only she does the voice but she did appear in cosplay as her character for Omni Expo! As in, jacket, glasses, and everything else and even acted like her throughout the thing, there was a part where her character ran into a door and did that as the 18+ Saturday panel with Matt Mercer, she explained what she was doing and wished I recorded that but it wasn’t allowed. But I can say that she also fangirled over Matt’s voice, who wouldn’t, I have been too and he is Number 1 on my Sexiest Voices in Anime and Gaming! I wonder how she would react to his British accent? Anyways, she was funny and very friendly and also very talented, even as Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged.
Runners Up: Todd Habercorn and Joshua Seth! It was hard choosing runner ups because these two were also great at the same convention and that is Todd Habercorn and Joshua Seth! They are entertaining when it comes to panels, even you will get a lot of laughs from my interview with Mr. Seth as well. Couldn’t help but also finding Todd’s photo and signing war with Jess Harnell even funnier. On top of that, their panel with Sean Schemmel and Grey Deloisle as well.

Best Guessing My Age Moment: Walter Jones and Austin St. John at Ranger Stop! I had to put this on here because everyone knows that I don’t look my age! I turned 30 this past year and when people look at me they have to do a double take! Even when the ID gets taken out, it’s even harder to believe that I was born in 1985. This past year I went to Ranger Stop and told some of the people I was into Power Rangers when it first came to the states back in the early 90’s and was seven around then! When Austin St. John and Walter Jones asked me how old I was, I asked them “How old do you think I am?” They were guessing around the twenties, but Walter had more in the teens and then revealed I was 30! Austin was a bit speechless and then said, “You look good for it!” and Walter was like “Nooooo! Really!?” Hell, should’ve said, Veronica Taylor was speechless when I told her which she was actually speechless at AFO since I just turned it.

Best T-Shirt Props: The Rita Repulsa “Make My Monsters Grow” Shirt from Aardvark Tees! I had to mention this because so many people loved it when I wore it to Ranger Stop and it’s all thanks to Aardvark Tees! I got this shirt during AFO from their stand and it is of Rita Repulsa throwing rare candy to some Pokemon and it says “Make My Monster Grow!” It made sense and great thing about it, while asking my question during Ranger Recap’s Pre-Con panel for the regular pass holders they had the camera on my shirt! Even the Blue Rangers pointed it out during their panel that same night! And Christopher Kaman Lee saw it and asked where I got it from since he recognized it and told him I got it from Aardvark’s stand during AFO. I did get props for my Iron Man hoodie since it did get cool in the evening and morning during the convention!

Funniest Internet Review: Anime Abandoned Review on Jungle De Ikou! Yes, time to point out the best internet stuff for this year! Starting with the Funniest Review and that is by hannel Awesome’s own Bennet the Sage with his show Anime Abandoned! We got to meet him during MythiCon and did go to his 18+ Panel and of course Q&A which you can catch on YouTube, the Q&A one! He does very funny reviews on many anime OVAs and movies and an occasional series review. Some of these include Wicked City, Akira, even the InuYasha Movie which I should’ve included that as the funniest review for last year but forgot about it. This year I give it to his review for a really bad OVA known as Jungle De Ikou! It is a bit on the mature side and it does have jokes that are kind of….make you want be like how Bennet says it in his review, “WHAT!?” Basically the plot deals with a girl gets a magical totem figure from her dad who returns from New Guinea, Africa and gets visited by a spirit in her dreams and gets told if she gets in trouble while meeting the eviler spirit that was locked away to do a special dance. Yeah, the dance is ridiculous, ejven one of the other girls have a Macarena type dance but Bennet does end the review early due to it because…yeah…you have to watch it to see what I mean. What I like about watching Bennet is that he does make good points, even with this review talking about how there are bad movies out there and comedies that exist that are equally bad how this anime goes with the movie known as Movie 43. The jokes are pretty funny and he does quote Mad Max: Fury Road! If you are around my age, give it a watch and prepare to laugh your lungs out, Gondras and I sure did!
Runner Up: Nostalgia Critic Reviewing Fury Road! I know, what!? Well, around the time Fury Road came out Nostalgia Critic reviewed it and man he pulled a lot in making the review as a movie type review with his crew. We haven’t seen Fury Road ourselves but we seen the review and you should see it as well, the jokes a very good and does discuss it pretty well.

Death Battle of the Year: Death Stroke vs. Dead Pool! Most of us who have seen Death Battle on Screw Attack know that they have awesome pairings like Felicia from Darkstalkers vs. Taokaka from Blaze Blue, Iron Man vs. Lex Luther, and the one that really have us laughing and loving is Death Stroke from D. C. Comics vs. Dead Pool from Marvel! With the comparing stats, the episode got Dead Pool’s breaking the fourth wall like always and even hilarious in messing with Wiz and Boomstick. I would say watch Death Battle, even this battle if you’re a fan of Dead Pool or Death Stroke since they are entertaining and very informative! Anyways, don’t want to spoil who wins if anyone hasn’t watched it but the battle was pretty close!
Runner Up: Gaara vs. Toff! Yes, have to mention this one because it was one that Gondras thought I would be disappointed because I love Gaara from Naruto but at the same time Toff is my fave Avatar: The Last Airbender character. Both stats were very good but there is one thing, they pitted a guy against a skilled Earth Bender that can use the sand and the golden sand to her advantage. Yeah, sorry, ust spoiled that Toff won this battle. As always said, never underestimate the power of a blind girl, even when she Earth bends!

Internet Reviewer of the Year: Louis Lovehog aka Linkara! This was a pick from Gondras and I agree so I created this one and that is “Internet Reviewer of the Year” and this year it goes to Linkara from Channel Awesome! Why? Well, he has done awesome reviews when it has comes to comics, even caught up with all the Power Rangers for his History of the Power Rangers since he has done Super Mega Force recently, and has done really good story work with his movie! I haven’t seen the movie yet but heard it’s really good from Gondras but I seen enough of his comic book reviews that he makes really good sci-fi- story segments on his show! This is why he should be a guest at more Florida cons, especially Orlando after MythiCon ending! I did suggest him to AFO due to the Power Rangers stuff since I did watch In Space, Lost Galaxy, soon to watch Light Speed Rescue and Time Force after watching his reviews on those seasons! He even used clips from Attack On Titan Abridged during his Jungle Fury review and that is one other season I may see all thanks to him. Still he is a really good reviewer even when you go to his live panel at cons like we have the past two years. That is why Mr. Linkara, you get Internet Reviewer of the Year here on Nerdy Shique Universe!

Best Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Yeah, I know it seems abovious but think about it this way, it has been years since we got a new Star Wars movie evne though the prequels weren’t the best. I didn’t even seen the third one out of those because of how Episode 2 felt like I could make a drinking game out of the many “My lords!” and “My ladies!” they say throughout the film! When we heard that the story after The Return of the Jedi will be continuing and JJ Abrams will be directing it, we were worried and a bit skeptical since the new Star Trek films were not that great. We saw this on Christmas and man we enjoyed it! Hell, we even applauded when we saw Han, Chewy, and Lea returning in this film with the rest of the audience! Even the emotions in this movie was kept in tact since the original three really got us loving them with the suspense, emotions, and the action that is linked to it. Ohhh we can’t wait for the next episode with how this one ended on a very nice note! If you haven’t seen this film, you must!
Runner Up: Ant Man! II know, I know! Why wasn’t Age of Ultron the Runner Up? Well, I think that Ant Man kind of deserved it a bit more in my opinion! Yes, I was excited like everyone else about the second Avengers movie and how interesting it was with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, plus having Jarvis being humanish. Ant Man, on the other hand, had a more interesting premise! It told the story differently as a way of passing down the mantle of Ant Man to someone new due to Hank Pim being older and it’s good to see that instead of the original story behind it. We are going to get glimpses of Hank in the next season of Agent Carter from what we see and it’s good to get the idea of the story before the movie in the show. Michael Douglas as always had a great performance, not only that this movie gave us our next glimpse into Civil War and we got to see one of the Avengers on top of it!


Worst Press Turn Down: AFO! Yes, got to mention this because it was one of the worst things I went through this year. Not only with personal life but of course with being turned down hard by Anime Festival Orlando for press. We have given great chances by great conventions such as MetroCon in Tampa, MythiCon, now Holiday Matsuri, but the big one that gave us the biggest chance to do press was of course Omni Expo because they found us due to a typo! If you read all the press stuff we done, we didn’t start this blog to get free passes into conventions, we started this blog back on Blogger when Hot Topic discontinued their first cosmetics line and it blossomed from there into other things like gaming, cosplay, and many more! Plus, we brought you interviews with voice actors like Dameon Clarke, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Lauren Landa, and so much more! Now we have Joshua Seth and Todd Habercorn to add to that long list! I know I am harping it but all I have to say is we worked hard and if AFO doesn’t want to give us that chance even in 2016 and beyond, well we go to the next convention and try there! Even Ranger Stop is letting us try out again for next year, who knows if we get that one.

Worst Band: Blaine the Mono! I have to mention these guys here because ughhhhh! I respect a lot of local acts but Blaine the Mono is not one of them. Their music is not that great, it would improve greatly if the lead singer doesn’t scream or get a different person. Let me describe the screams, they sound like harpie screeching in my ears, really! We first heard about these guys when they performed at the House of Blues on the night that Soul Switch did their album release and they didn’t get better by the time we saw them operform with Mr. Bella and Soul Switch in September. Some people said they were better than Mr. Bella but here’s the thing…Gondras notices how the bandmates in Mr. Bella play music that fits the range of their lead singer and I agree with that! Blaine the Mono…not so much! Plus, there werne’t many people cheering for them as much as people were cheering for Mr. Bella and Soul Switch combined! Sorry to say, Blaine the Mono needs to improve or don’t come back because the competition is getting bigger!

The Most Meh Month for Beauty Subscriptions: May! I had to mention this because it kind of fits the Worsts categories and that is how the month of May was a bit of a meh month for Ipsy and BOxyCharm. I have been a member of both for over a year now and the products that I got in both were okay, not the best, just meh! I did like the lipstick I got in BoxyCharm which was the Lip Bar, which really made me excited about that. Ipsy, it felt like they focused a bit more on the anti-aging stuff more than any other items, heck I got the Blue Iceland eye patches but gave them to my mom since I wouldn’t be using them. December was also a bit meh but mostluy for Ipsy since two of the products were ones I swapped for better items while the rest were five star worthy items, heck even the Elizabeth Mott eye primer had me at happy because I got to try something else from the brand. I am hoping with 2016 that there won’t be much of meh months for both because the selections of products would be better. Heck, crossing my fingers on the Revealed Smoky pallet from Coastal Sense next year! Let’s see what it holds!

Well, that is it! Longest Wait for a Convention: Ranger Stop! Uhhhhhhhh! Seriously, never thought with a convention I would have to wait for the longest time for everything on the first day! What do I mean by that? Well, I had to wait until 2 PM to pick up my three day pass, wait until 4 PM to be let in, well mostly 4:30 since I wasn’t VIP, so yeah, longest wait ever! Most conventions just open around 10 in the morning and then dealer room around noon for VIP and an hour later for regular passes, Matsuri was 11 AM to open up dealer room for VIP! But nope, Ranger Stop opened their dealer room at 5! I know it seems like I am ranting but this convention needs to look at how some of the other ones run because it would help immensely, especially where this is the convention that felt like it catered to the VIP holders more than regular pass holders, which there were more events for VIP than doing more panels and special events. I will try again for press and hoping next year they have a better convention not only that did see there wasn’t much of a great turn out for Saturday since I only went for two days after knowing Sunday didn’t have much to do. Again, they need to improve with events and panels the most.

Well, that is it for this year’s Bests and Worsts. There weren’t that many worst things but still the worst of them all was the AFO Press thing and it still stings! I feel as though this year had a lot of bests and it is hard to fit them into one post so I stuck to what was the most best ones of all! There were great other moments from conventions like how Steve Cardinas thought my cane was a wizard staff and of course finally finding the Tiger and Bunny messenger bag I was looking for! And of course, showing up as Lucy to Todd Habercorn’s signings, first time doing it was at AFO after not seeing him since 2012 and shown my appreciation for trying Fairy Tail again.

What will 2016 bring? Well, crossing our fingers on year three of Omni Expo press! They gave us a major chance in press and hoping they give us a third time doing it. Plus, they are earlier this year due to MegaCon now being in May! I am not sure if we are going, I am almost thinking about press for it but at the same time it might not work or anything. I will have to look into that. Any new cosplays? Well, my Pokemon designs will be extending since I am thinking, hoping to get done by Omni, doing Link from Legend of Zelda as a Pokemon Ranger! I already got the Silveon plush, gotta get the rest of the parts! And of course, Lucy as a Pokemon Trainer! Not sure what got me thinking to do it but it came out of nowhere in my thoughts and already got a Vaporeon for Aquarius!

Of course, we will be looking forward to Captain America: Civil War! Even Dead Pool despite not being done by Marvel but it is already proving to be hilarious!

More to come in 2016! Stay tuned for the rest of our Holiday Matsuri coverage in January, hoping we get it up before December next year sneaks up on us again! Hey, 2015 did that to us and the next will do it too.

So, have a safe Happy New Year and be careful driving! So, til next time and follow us on Twitter if you haven’t!

House of Blues: September 5th with Soul Switch, Mr. Bella, Blaine the Mono, and I Wake Up for My Funeral

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am taking a break from beauty to bring you a music review! Last night I went to see some bands at the House of Blues and they were Soul Switch, Mr. Bella, Blaine the Mono, and I Woke Up for My Funeral. I got free tickets like my riends Vivi and Tobi to this show but all thanks to Soul Switch! You remembered that I interviewed the guys of Soul Switch back in April and got to see them at Earth Day Birthday that same month and now they are back at the House of Blues where local music hits the stage here in Orlando! What do I think of each set? Keep reading! And one more thing before I start!

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on opinion and observation of the writer, please don’t get mad if you don’t like what I have to say!
I Woke Up For My Funeral! I know, interesting name for a band right? I heard many other names like Johnny Plastic and the Rubber Band, Rise of Defiance, Not Tonight Josephine, and even Maybe If You Hit It. These guys opened the show last night and we kind of missed the first song since traffic was pretty bad getting in due to how Downtown Disney has a parking garage in the West Side parking lot now. We did catch the rest of their set and they sound pretty good for a weird name like this. They have a very unique sound and they know how to rock. I should’ve bought their album but there is always next time whenever they are performing with our fave bands.

Blaine the Mono! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We saw these guys and ggal back in April when they opened up Soul Switch’s album release party, which also had Traverser and Leaving Haven performing that same night. We aren’t too fond of them after seeing that set and we were hoping that they would improve but we thought wrong. Sorry, I am going to sound as professional as I can be with what I think, but we don’t like this band. Orlando and Tampa, since Mr. Bella is from there, does have a lot of talented bands but not all of them are faves of mine and this one is one of them. The lead singer has a bit of a pitch problem and her screaming is screechy! Don’t get me wrong, there are good women rockers and some of them include Bif Naked, A Brilliant Lie, hell, even Mechanism is one of them after seeing them once but to me Blaine the Mono needs to turn down the screams and just focus on being an alternative band and just have the singer hit the beat more since the rest of the band has. I didn’t even like how they covered “The Best of You” by Foo Fighters and even “The Beautiful People” back in April despite not being a Marylin Manson fan myself. I would say just skip this band if you want, but they do have a music video they recently shot according to the lead singer and it’s on YouTube.

Mr. Bella! One of the bands we really wanted to see is back and they rocked yet again! We got to catch them back in July with Leaving Haven and The Dead Deads and it felt great seeing them after over a year and half. This time around, still felt that goodness hearing them live yet again. Great thing is that they did make a few new songs and they are known as “Words,” “Crsh and Burn,” and “So Long to Sanity” if I remembered correctly! Still a great band and amazing performance and hoping they come back to Orlando over and over. I want to doget my paws on that “Words” song since that is my fave new one.

Soul Switch! And finally, the main act of the night, Soul Switch! Like with Traverser, these guys are always a pleasure to catch over and over and their set gets better and better! I did mention how they released Regnerate back in April and they did perform “Hang On,” “My Tragedy,” and “Demons” to close the show. Of course they done their hits “Change,” “Saving Me,” and “Transmissions Lost.” They even had the performance only “Walk Alone” and “Never Again,” which I wish they were released because they sound equally amazing live and could imagine how they sound recorded. But what can you do? And we can’t forget the signature broken mic for Tom in the first song though. I did pick up a new shirt since they released three newer shirts during the time since we saw them last and I got the one with the Regenerate cover on it. I did say it was the “Best EP” thus far this year so why not get a shirt with the cover? I did wear my zombie ravaged shirt for added support! As always, they rocked the stage and the good news for anyone who lives in the rest of the SouthEast, they are going to be touring, catch them if they head to your state Shiquers! Knowing that they will be posting on Facebook about it, is the page to be and for their official site!

Well, that is it for this post! I will be getting back to beauty with with the “Too Young for Make Up” post and then return to music for the first post of “Doesn’t Sound the Same.” Stay tuned!

Album Review: Soul Switch “Regenerate” EP

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I reviewed their music video and interviewed them about it, now it’s time to review Soul Switch’s new album! Of course I didn’t leave the House of Blues last Saturday night without getting my paws on it! I did leave with two of Leaving Haven’s CDs and the newest Traverser shirt  on top of it. Gotta love local shows! Anyuway, let’s get onto the album!


Regenerate: This is the third EP by these guys and man they worked hard on it. They did a Kick Starter to help get the funds to put it together and got the amount they needed and got some more help along the way, which included Jason Suecoff as one of the people who helped (All That Remains, Trivium.)


This EP features six tracks this time and they are Victim, Hang On, My Tragedy, Memories, Misery, and Demons Inside. If you read my review on the music video on “Hang On,” I mentioned that I noticed how the guys grew as a band and I did ask about it in my interview with Matt and Jimmy, which you can see in my last post and on YouTube. I notice how their music is matching Chavelle’s a bit more with this EP than “As It Seems” and it sounds more badass as you listen to it.


My Thoughts: I did say they have grown and this album really reflects it. I like this as equally as “As It Seems” and if I were to pick a favorite off this album, I would say “My Tragedy” would be my fave because I love the lyrics and the rhythm. Plus, it has a nice softness between the stanzas and the chorus which gives the song its unique sound and perks my kitty ears a nice perk up when I hear it start. My second fave, is pretty obvious, “Hang On” because it is not only their come back song but it shows how much the band has matured over the time since I seen them the last time at either the Haven or House of Blues, hell even during December in the club district of town. I am hoping that they keep releasing more albums in the future, especially with the crew they had on this album, it shows that they really worked hard on it and it shows. Way to go guys!


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: It was hard to keep it hidden since Saturday but Soul Switch has been added to the main Earth Day Birthday stage! Congrats guys!


Well, that is it for this review…wait…wait wait! Forgot the rating!




BEST EP OF 2015!


Yes! They deserve it, despite it getting this title  on Nerdy Shique Universe early on, but I feel that with all the work they put into this they deserve getting it. Don’t worry, it will be mentioned my “Bests and Worsts of 2015” List  at the end of December, best to put this title now within my little Paw Print Markings. I should get a stamp made with the symbol for this blog , haha! Anyuway, congrats guys, you deserve my “Best EP of 2015!”


And also, many thanks to the guys of Soul Switch to help me out in getting the track list since my ITunes being itself it gave me different track namefrom some other album. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU thank you!


Now that is it for this review! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Hoping getting to do media for Earth Day Birthday! Not only that, my transmedia retrospective on pokemon. If it gets here, my Ipsy and BoxyCharm for April 2015. You know what, I should include a cosplay post on Pokemon, let’s do that as well! Lots of things! Oh yes, Omni Expo is in a month. So, stay tuned for everything and also, forgot one site that Soul Switch does have, along with for any dates you may be interested! Check them out! Stay tuned for everything else!

Music Interview: Soul Switch and David from Traverser!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, this universe has been expanding with not only talking about concert events and music videos but now bringing you music interviews! I have brought you interviews to both Word Press and YouTube with such great talent as Dameon Clarke, Matthew Mercer, Chris Patton, and now another talent that has been in the Orlando talent scene and they are known as Soul Switch!


I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Larson and Jimmy Kwong from the band before their show at the House of Blues this past Saturday, April 4th, which was also the night of their album, Regenerate, being released! Not only I got to catch them before doors, but we also had David, lead singer of Traverser, show up in this video. So, you guys get the best of two bands to appear. Will there be a future full interview with Traverser? Maybe! Gotta wait for their new material to be released. In the meantime, enjoy! A little side note, you may have to turn up the volume a little at the beginning, not sure what my phone did, it did switch the camera mode out of nowhere. Sorry about that!


Also, an Earth Day Birthday announcement! Bush cancelled! Oh yeah, due to an issue with a stalker, the guys of Bush cancelled their American dates including their performance at Earth Day Birthday this year. I know it is sad but there is a band that did replace them and that happens to be one of my fave metal     bands, Sevendust.


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, bringing  you a review on the Regenerate album since I got my paws on it and still waiting on media pass info for Earth Day Birthday if Nerdy Shique Universe will join in to cover the event. And of course, will be bringing my TransMedia Retrospective on Pokemon! Stay tuned and enjoy my interview and also in case you want to check out both bands, here’s their Facebook pages:




Music Review: Soul Switch “Hang On.”

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for a break from beauty and conventions because today is a music review for you guys and it is by my buddies in Soul Switch!


Behind the Band: Soul Switch is a local band from Orlando, FL and have been around for a while. I didn’t get into them until I saw them at the House of Blues during May 2010 when they were doing a show with Traverser, Five Billion Dead, and the former Rise of Defiance. These guys have a sound similar to Chavelle and I can kind of see why. All thanks to their music, I started getting into Chavelle a bit more. They will be performing with Traverser and Leaving Haven on April 4th at the House of Blues and will be having a new album out. Which brings the next part!


The Song and Video: Today was the launch of the newest video of their newest song, “Hang On” from their newest album. Yeah, a lot of new in this sentence. And forgot to mention, my opinions are opinions on here.


First of all, before I get into the review, need to say I am basing this off the song because of my eye sight being bad as it is, I can’t see the video but will be putting it in here for you all to see it! I even tried doing the video description option on my IPad but nothing happened. Don’t know why but Apple needs to fix it but hey you’re still getting a song review.


Anyuway, the song shows how much the guys have worked on it and how much they matured since their “As It Seems” album from 2012. I also noticed that in the song how much Tom Huestus, the lead singer’s voice has changed over time and it made him sound like the lead singer of Chavelle more. I even kind of noticed the change when Gondras and I saw them at Firestone back in December. It shows how the boys are growing up and I’m so proud! Don’t worry I will be getting their new album when it’s released because I want to hear more of their change and how much they worked on this CD, which I think it was last year they announced they were doing it. Man time flies!


Rating: I’m not giving this thing a rating because the song is way too badass to be rated just by me, especially seeing how people loved it through their music video release event on Facebook, so guess what I’m giving it…




Why? It’s because not only they are returning to the music scene, especially in Orlando, with a new song and video but with a new sound and showing more of what Soul Switch has to offer with this new album coming out and it’s known as “Regenerate.” Perfect name for it! Way to go guys!


That is my review! Check out the video in the post and enjoy! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe!? Will be doing a spotlight on a local concert event, Earth Day Birthday and will be starting on my TransMedia Retrospective with Slayers since that would be easy for this month! Til next month and also subscribe to Soul Switch’s YouTube when you get a chance and check their Facebook out at and tell them I sent you with a “Hi!”

Favorites: November and December 2014

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is that time again! It’s Favorites time and this time it’s November and December! Damn this year is flying and 2015 is right around the corner! What do I have this time? Well, I have been using a lot of stuff while I was off in Daytona since I had to buy things I needed and tried new stuff, even have a few fave stuff from Ipsy! Let’s see what I got!




Beauty Treasures Set! First fave of the month is the Beauty Treasures Blockbuster set that was purchased a month ago! I really love this set because it came in a nice caboodle travel case and it had three layers to it! The first layer contains an eye shadow pallet of 54 shadows I believe from cream shades to sparkles, which have a nice transition shade or wear on their own, and then smoky for that dawning for a night out! Then the second layer contains a highlighter, bronzer, powder, two shadow primers, which I use whenever I use this set, two double ended eye pencils, two lipsticks, and two lip glosses! And the final layer contains crystal eye shadows, gel liners, six of them to be exact, eyebrow powders, and an eye shadow quad! Yeah, that sounds a lot but worth it! I love Ulta’s blockbuster sets because they are affordable and contain a lot of stuff and very easy to travel with when on the go or staying someplace, or to be that make up artist you want to be! What sucks is that this set is no longer available, I think they sold out or not making it anymore but I would point you to EBay which a lot of people tend to sell the sets. I would also keep a look out if you want to scower the website! Plus, they do make more blockbusters in every few months! Which I did find this one better than the Glam and Go one that I almost bought and it was the newest, but this one had the better value and stuff and it did give me a nice golden and sparkly look for holiday gatherings! Which is another nice thing, you can use the crystal shadows and highlighter for holiday looks!


Cream blushes in Berry Glow and Pink Glow! One thing I like about Ulta’s make up line is that they tend to have good sales on their products even if people go nuts at the Altamonte location sometimes, like the buy one get one free that happened yesterday and might still go on, still they have good deals! Around the time I came home for Thanksgiving, Ulta had their items for $5 and I went a little crazy and two of the things I got and been liking are their cream blushes in Pink Glow and Berry Glow! These things are pigmented and they are lightweight! As in, you don’t have to use too much to apply and I tend to use a tapered brush from a set I got at WalMart and it goes on smoothly that way! It does add a nice glow and doesn’t feel cakey and this is one item I want to get more of. So hoping it doesn’t get discontinued like the cheek stains!


Star Looks


Crystal Eyeliner in Ultra Olive! An item from Ipsy that I loved and still using is the Crystal Eyeliner pencil by Star Looks in Ultra Olive! I was actually happy that I got this in my bag last month and couldn’t wait to try it while waiting my chance to head back home for Thanksgiving to play with my Ipsy goodies! This pencil glides on very smoothly and it looks great with earthy greens and the Esmeralda eye shadow I swapped for during October. I may have to find the Obsidian pencil that Star Looks made that did come in bags before since I did try swapping for that but was out of luck and one Ipster changed their mind on me at very last minute, but Star Looks makes good stuff and I love this liner! Not sure if I will purchase it when I run out, that is a big maybe, at least I got to try it out!


Be A Bombshell


Volumizing Mascara! Another Ipsy goody and it’s from the October bag and that is the volumizing mascara from October! I don’t get why some Ipsters complain about some of the items that show up in their bags and October had the biggest complaints by what I saw and this month’s, even though it was an okay bag I admit, this was one product I did love! I never tried Be a Bombshell before and glad that Ipsy and BoxyCharm (I am a subscriber of them as well) have products for members to try out. I was glad that I got the mascara and it makes my lashes feel soft and make them longer! Also this was a full size product and glad to get it. I am hoping I get more mascaras from this brand since they are good, I was even glad to try out a liquid lipstick by them through BoxyCharm.


Ofra Cosmetics


Eye Shadow Ipsy Me Offer! Another item I got through Ipsy but through their Ipsy Me offers. If you don’t know what that is, it is where Ipsy sells certain things from companies for cheaper prices like this past month they had a Noya lipstick holiday set and even a curling iron as an offer, and so many others. One offer that got my kittiness curious is the Ofra eye pallet that has 20 shadows and it normally would cost everyone $79.99 but that day it was $28 and decided to pick it up! I heard good things about Ofra and I can see why because these shadows are so pigmented and they glide on very smoothly! I did read using a primer will make them pop more and I’m so glad that I did pick up the City Color Primer pot and can’t wait to use that with this pallet! I did use the earth toned shadows with my Star Looks liner for Thanksgiving and did a smoky look with it as well. What was also neat is that these shadows are magnetic, so if you have one of those Z pallets, you can pop them in there or just move them around in this pallet.


Urban Decay


Smoked Pallet! Another great deal I picked up was of course the Urban Decay Smoked pallet! I talked about this in my “Best Ulta Buys” post because the price dropped on this pallet to $29 from its usual $49 price! Why do I like this pallet? Like my Naked Basics pallet, this pallet has easy to glide on shadows and it does come with a nice liner pencil from their 24/7 Glide On Pencil line and a small tube of their primer, which I use with this pallet and the Naked Basics and then my Naked 2 Basics pallet, the colors are amazing! I have fun coming up with nice smoked looks with this thing! Good news people, it is also restocked, so check Ulta and Urban Decay’s website to see if they still have any because this went and sold out quickly and knowing that they restocked since the day or two after Christmas, they will be gone like hotcakes! I would say hurry and get yours!




Blush in Pink! An ELF product has entered my favorites for this month and that is the pink blush that they make! It is the one that almost looks like an eye shadow compact and I like it! I always ghea good things about ELF’s blushes and knew I had to try them out and since I’m an ELF fan, these guys are amazing with what they make! Even their lip glosses are amazing which I picked up one of their holiday sets for this year. So, way to go ELF!


Band and Song


Born From Ashes! So, lately I’ve been into a new band that I caught at a show recently with my buddies of Traverser and Soul Switch and they are known as Born From Ashes! I never heard of them and didn’t get to see their set because Gondras had work the next morning but did get one of their CDs and listened to them and loved them! Orlando has great music to offer and these are one of those bands that do it! I did want to see Leaving Haven to try them out again but due to how bad traffic was and parking was bad we missed them. At least we got to catch Soul Switch and Traverser! Always next time guys! Born From Ashes, you do get the Paw Print of Approval because you are amazing!


“Strike Back” by Back On! Newest song in Fairy Tail I got addicted to is by a band called Back On and the song is called “Strike Back.” I was happy that these guys did a song for one of my all time fave series since I was a fan of the group from when Air Gear first came out around 2007 with the song “Chain” and they did songs for other anime like Eyeshield 21 and Murder Princess. This one was a surprise and it you guys won’t hear it until Part 14 or was it 15 comes out to America but if you want to hear, you can probably download it. Still support the official release of the anime like I do guys!




Cut and Run by Lara Adrian and Tina Folsom! I recently finished a double book bundle that Lara Adrian and Lisa Folsom wrote and they are the first two books in a new series known as the Phoenix Code and the first two books are known as Cut and Run! Lara wrote Cut while Tina wrote Run and I think that’s how they decided to do it with these books, as in bundling one with the other and Lara writes the odd numbered ones while Tina does the evens since the next two, Hide and Seek will be the same way! This series follows how the Phoenix Project, a group of guys with ESP powers and work for the CIA, are betrayed and get the message through a vision of “Phoenix Down!” and all members hide and try to not be in the open because assassins would go after them. While hiding they do have women that come into their lives and start romances or like Ethan, already started one. The first book, Cut, was the one I liked more than Run because it wasn’t as predictable in my opinion because it shows how old lovers reunite and since now they are both in danger they have to be on the run now! They do meet the two characters in the second book but I felt the story kind of went a bit low towards the middle despite Scott being a great character and how he and Phoebe came to be, I feel Cut had a better story in my opinion. I hope the next two books are as good and four is a bit better than Run because I read the premise of that one it makes me wait for it even more and hoping that has a suspenseful twist like Lara’s book and books. I did find out Lara is going to be releasing her next Midnight Breed novel and novella next year, which I can’t wait to keep reading! I did read Tempted by Midnight and it was okay, not as good as Marked but it did close an open story on one of the other vampires who lost their breedmate, but can’t wait for the next books!




Pixie Dust by Pixie! I had to mention this because not only I had to get a replacement, but it saddened me that there was no glitter in this thing! Apparently this was supposed to be a glittery top coat to cheeks, eyes, and also brows, but Ipsy sent me one without glitter! I had to have Gondras take a look at my swatch and there was nothing and then my dad took a look and nothing, even the vial was empty! I don’t know what happened but I think there are some Pixie vials that didn’t have any glitter. If you guys got this thing in your bags and had the same problem, I would like to know. I hope my replacement has glitter this time! So glad I didn’t fall for the Ipsy Me offer!


Well, that is it for my faves! What is next? Well, the Bests and Worsts of 2014! See ya guys!