The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories From the Dark!

Besides being a blogger, I’m also a self-published author and this is my first book, The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories from the Dark!

As you know, I have been a convention goer since 2004 and my first convention to go to was JACON which ended in 2009 and they used to be held on my university campus for a little while until they moved to hotels downtown and the first time they held it at was at the Sheraton International in 2005 which I remembered that hotel being gorgeous and have to go towards the back to meet Travis Willingham. (May have to put that in Volume 2.) I have met a lot of voice actors and friends over the years through these events and even have started doing rpess in 2013 and brought you all the great content. This book has the experiences that I have remembered the most about being an attendee turned Press during the past fourteen years and you get to read them in this book. For anyone who has remembered my lolita dress rant, you get to read the story behind that too because that was an experience turned warning for any comissions.

To find this book, you can go here to click on the links to buy my book, it’s in E-Book Format so bring out the Kindles and Nooks, good news is that if you have an IPad or phone or even a Galaxy Tablet, you can download the Kindle and Nook apps on the App Store and you already have Kindle on your Android device:

Blind Perspective Light Switch Press Page

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