April and March Faves 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s that time again and it’s time for my bi-monthly faves for March and April! I do have a dislike this month, so let’s get to it!

Not-So Fave: Mira Bella Face Primer! Yes, I have to include this as a not-so-fave. I got a full-size tube of this in my BoxyCharm box during January and was happy that all skin types can use this but I didn’t like it while using it. I kind of felt like it doesn’t cover as well as it says and when I put on my Almay Clear Complexion Foundation it doesn’t go on smoothly as it usually does with the Ulta Matte Prime. I did go back to the Ulta primer, which I am now switching to the NYX primer to try it out, once I ran out. This primer was not a fave and so glad I only tried it once and won’t be buying it!

No onto my faves!

NYX Dream Catcher Pallet in Stormy Eyes! Returning to the faves space is an oldie but a loved item and that is my NYX Dream Catcher pallet in Stormy Eyes! I haven’t used this pallet in so long and was glad to use it again when I went to the House of Blues last month and visited friends on Easter. I love how pigmented it is and how easy it is to apply! I even put a dent one shadow by the looks of it, which is surprising due to not using it in so long!

NYX Blue Mascara! Another NYX fave and it’s a mascara and it’s from their new color line! I never tried NYX’s mascaras and wanted to try it out after hearing that they started carrying colored ones and was glad that Ulta had them and got the blue one to see how it’s like. It’s amazing! I tend to use this with a blue shadow look to enhance my green parts of my eyes a bit and make the cobalt look bolder! I was trying to see if they had a purple, but haven’t seen it that day, have to check another time when I’m in Ulta!

NYX Illuminator in Gleam! As you know I have been getting into using highlighters ever since I got the Mana Kadar highlighter in my Ipsy bag back in January if I remembered correctly! I tried finding more of the powder ones and did try out a cream one by NYX and that is in the color Gleam. I like how it blends pretty easily and does get a bit messy when a lot comes out, which I need to be careful about that. As said, it blends easily into the blush I wear, which I use the tiny brushes from the Baked Blushes that Milani makes to do the blending a lot more easily nowadays. I even worn it on top of my Ulta cream blush in Pink Glow during Earth Day Birthday last Saturday because of the heat and did watch Flur De Force’s Cochella look video. I hope it stayed on despite how hot it was but it was on pretty well when I blended. I almost got Sunbeam but according to the Target worker it was way too light especially for my complexion and almost suggested it due to Gleam being a darker pink and it was hard for her to suggest but then said Gleam would work best. I do have the powder highlight in the Mosaic color but only worn it once, so will see how that one goes!

Maybelline Rocket Mascara! I have finally jumped on the mascara band wagon with this one since I heard so many good things about this one and that is Maybelline’s Rocket Mascara! I heard so many good reviews and then seen so many people use it in make up tutorials, I decided to get it while it was still on shelves since at Ultas I go to tend to sell out like no other! Even at the WalMarts I go to or CVSs do sell out a lot of items! I love how this mascara curls and gives me a natural curl rather than make it look like I have fake lashes when I don’t, as you know that I don’t wear fake lashes at all! All natural baby! And the brush, holy crap it’s huge and sometimes hard to get out! I have to be careful not to miss my lashes by mistake, it tends to happen, I have to guide the wand to my lashes since I can’t see myself in the mirror. It’s a good product, even like how it looks like a rocketship.

Rimmel Rockin’ Curves Mascara! Continuing with the mascara love, another one to add and that is Rimmel’s Rockin’ Curves Mascara! I was getting a little mascara crazy that day and picked this one up when I was also looking for it at CVS! Rimmel has really good mascaras since I have their Glam Rock one but this one has a different brush and it’s their new Broken Heart brush which the brush is pretty small and easier to control. I also used this for my make up look on EDBD day to give the rocker look.

Cover Girl Invisible Lift Concealer! I got into using concealer for my under eye area and the one I use is by Cover Girl and that is their Invisible Lift Concealer! I rarely use face make up by other brands since I did have that fail with Physician’s Formula, as in so many people loved it and tried it when Almay wasn’t working out for a bit and didn’t like how it felt and made my skin itch and took it back. I got into the under eye thing due to that former make up artist during Daytona stay and we went around WalMart to look for an under eye concealer and Almay’s Under Eye wasn’t tone matching at all. I know they usually match me but their’s wasn’t with what they had left, at the location in Daytona they tend to sell out and not stock as fast as the location I tend to go to here at home. So, we checked Maybelline, Revlon, and then came across Cover Girl and found my tone! I believe I’m 125 in the shade range since I had to get another last Friday since I feel it was running out. So glad I got turned onto this since this blends into my foundation and powder very well!

MAC Cosmetics Honey Honey Lip Glass! I have been getting into MAC more and more every time I get a product. I stopped by one of the store locations in Orlando after an interview and heard about this one I think from Pebbles Flinstone and how she liked the Shimmery Lip Glasses, she did warn that they were sticky and they are since I wore this one on the way home and it’s Honey Honey, which is a natural pop of pink! I love the feel and how it stays well. It also glides on pretty well with the stickiness and stays put! I also love the smell, it has that vanilla smell like the lipsticks! I found it cheaper than the newer Urban Decay lip gloss, which that same day was an Ipsy Me offer for a newer Urban Decay lip gloss that was being released that week and it wasn’t discounted, it would’ve been $22 and it was a nice item but not full price. I was glad to find this one that same day since it was cheaper and it felt more like a dupe to me. I tend not to get Urban Decay full price and to me it wasn’t a real deal for it that day. Sorry UD, I will wait for another pallet to be discounted or getting another Naked Basics pallet.

Cool Way Glow Oil! Another hair product to add and it’s the Cool Way Glow Oil. I got this in my Ipsy bag in March and OMG! This is awesome! I am so glad that I get hair products in these subscriptions and Cool Way is a brand they give out. This is pretty much a hair softener and I tend to use this on my wet hair at some times and others dry hair after using dry shampoo so my hair doesn’t feel weird when I spray it with hairspray! Speaking of which!

Marc Anbtony Morraccan Infused Hair Spray!If you remember, I got a smaple of this hair spray last October in Ipsy and it is the Marc Anthonay Morrocan Hair Spray and it lasted me forever! I should’ve mentioned in my rant that a lot of the samples from Ipsy tend to last you a long time and this did that exact thing! Lasted me from October to late February and of course got a full size! Funny thing is when I took the sample to look for it the girl told me they didn’t have travel sizes and I told her that is what I need despite having a sample. This is an amazing thing to use! It kind of does make your hair a bit crunchy depending where you spray, I would be careful a little but it is awesome! It costs $9 at Ulta but worth it if you have that special $3.50 off coupon. I tend to use this after applying my pomade so I would get that professional hair look for interviews!

Previse Face Tonic! Had to mention this and it’s the Previse Face Tonic from March’s BoxyCharm! I love this but I don’t think I would buy this product because I already use skin care items for my skin type that is cheaper and as effective in my opinion. It does what it says but spending the $48 for this is not my cup of tea. Plus, the five drops thing is also excessive since I can get pretty good coverage around three drops sometimes since now it feels like I am at the end of this bottle. Good product but not running out to go get it.

Mullein and Sparrow Clay Mask! I don’t think I mentioned it on a favorites but had to mention the Mullein and Sparrow mask from the Febrary BoxyCharm. I know it sounds weird to mention that but I did start using this during February and it lasted me this long, hoping I can still trade my charms for it because I want another! I know Ipsy did a deal for three items which was this mask, the steam, and moisturizer but I only want the mask and don’t want to pay for the deal and then just wanted the mask, I rather get it on my own. This is so refreshing and when you wash it off, you feel clean! I am so glad this can be used on my skin type because I used the Lush masks before and my skin didn’t feel right at first since I was getting into skin care, but may go back since I am at the point of trading five containers in for a free mask. This little mask, really good and don’t have to refrigerate either. I would say try it out if you haven’t!

Soul Switch’s New Album, Regenerate! I know I keep talking about them but they are friends and gotta give them props, that is Soul Switch their newest EP! I did say this is a Best EP of 2015 so early in the year! I can’t say more!

7th Sigma and Wildside by Steven Gould! Have two fave books and well one is a rediscovered love and the other a new one and it’s by a sci-fi writer named Steven Gould. I got into him when I was in high school when I stumbled upon his book Wildside and checked it out. This is a rediscovered love because right now I am in the Spring into Braille Reading Contest at Hadley School for the Blind, which is the school I learned braille through and they always do this contest from April 1st through May 31st and I have been reading this one again since it was printed in braille, which makes me happy! His books are printed in it, which I may have to go for the others since I read his newest one, 7th Sigma. I love Wildside over 7th Sigma because it focused more on the main part of the story which a group of friends go to a universe that is parallel but set in prehistoric age versus the future and they start selling an extinct species and then explore the universe until the government comes and tries to take it. I am almost done, I am at the falling action of the story. While 7th Sigma…it’s hard to say, it is pretty much dealing with a kid and an old woman that meet in a Native American territory and live to start a dojo in another one but on the way to their destination they see these bugs that eat metal and later on more weird things pop up like a weird species of dogs and then these oily figures that kind of don’t react like regular animals, which at first the main character sees a bull, then a deer, then a reflection of his mule and then a human one, nothing gets explained until the final pages, which I wished it would have focused more on those because of how Wildside did more on the main plot, I felt it was mostly focusing on the main character and his adventures and then later you see the bugs again and the strange phenomenons and don’t get explained. I did see on Wikipedia that this book did have a prequel, not sure if I can get a braille copy but I did find out that Gould’s book, Jumper was based with a movie as in you know the movie, Jumper? Well, it was based on this book that is titled the same except I read that it only followed the book in the beginning and went in a different direction with another character, which Gould did write a book for that character. I may have to read the jumper series, yes there were sequels, but there are other books he wrote that did catch my attention! If you haven’t read Gould’s works, I would recommend, especially to a sci-fi fan!

Well, that is it for these favorites! I will try to get around to the Transmedia Retrospective on Pokemon since I’ve been really busy! So, stay tuned!

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