Favorites: January and February 2018!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for being missing since my last book review but I have been busy living life outside of the net and I do have a major announcement or two within my January & February Favorites!


New Panel At Omni Expo 2018: Yes! My panel has been approved for Omni Expo 2018 and this one is a little different from the one last year. Nerdy Shirts talked to me about it during MegaCon when we were doing press and he thought I should do a panel on writing and get the word about my book, well now books, out there more and well from what you have read from my Holiday Matsuri 2017 review, I had panel form issues and couldn’t do it then. I did point it out on their Facebook group and they got back and said that they will try and make it more accessible with mobile devices which looking at how Event Bright works well on the apps they should definitely do it that way. I did put in the panel form for Omni last summer since they were accepting panels around July and I did fill it out. I didn’t know it got approved until a week and a half ago and now it’s going to be hosted on March 10th which is that Saturday during the con at 5 PM in Panel Room 1. It is during the costume contest this year but I figured since scheduling it on Saturday is where a lot more people show up during Saturday than Friday and a lot more things take place in Panel Room 1. I am hoping to get a better turn out this year than the last when we tried in the afternoon in Panel Room 2 on Friday. So crossing my fingers. What makes me happy about this slot is that it’s right after Joshua Seth;s panel that day! Yay! You get two authors for the price of one since he is also an author himself. So, if you’re going to Omni, please come! Please do!

Going for my JAWS Certification: My second announcement is that I’m going for my JAWS Certification and that’s the main reason why I have been gone for a bit. As you guys know, I have changed my career goal to work as an Assistive Tech Specialist and as my first step of getting myself back in the game even getting a job is to get this certification since a lot of positions are seeing if you do have a certification as a plus. I figured getting this would help me out in my search and can help any public or private schools or even universities with JAWS if they were to put in their computer labs which it would be nice. So, I have been studying for the test itself despite being familiar with it for years but there are other things to look over for it. So, wish me luck everyone!


Brow Product: NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in Chocolate! You never thought I would go for something outside of my clear brow gel comfort zone until I have tried brow powders from Ulta all thanks to their makeup sets. I decided to see about getting one of the powders from NYX’s Baking Brow Powders but got the brow pomade instead and in the color Chocolate. I love this stuff! There are times when I want to keep my brows from going crazy and this does help since the Essence brow gel is so light and using the NYX pomade on top helps with keeping it down. Plus, these are perfect for the Florida humidity since knowing we’re in our early spring time and the humidity does go up around late March, this will be perfect once we hit that point of time.

New Pallet: Urban Decay Naked Heat! Well, I finally got it! I know it’s been out for a while but I got my paws on the Urban Decay Naked Heat pallet. I figured it was time to treat myself and since I have been starting to collect the Urban Decay Naked series pallets I felt that it was time to see what the newer Naked pallet was all about and lovin’ it! I used it on Valentine’s Day and took a pic for the What’s Up In MakeUp and everyone thought it went well with my eye color with the combination I came up with. I’m still sad that the Naked Smoky was discontinued but glad that this one replaced it and so far I have the Ultimate Basics, Basics 1 and 2, the original one, Naked Smoky, and now Naked Heat!

New Setting Powder for Under Eyes: L. A. Girl Setting Powder in Translucent! This was a recommendation all thanks to Casey Holmes on YouTube and that is the setting powder by L. A. Girl. Ulta has been carrying this brand and apparently they have them in store and now shrinking the NYX section to make room for more of this brand and other brands. I do love NYX but have been impressed by how huge their display is and can see why they’re doing it. Makes me sad though I couldn’t get a new pot of Super Natural from the Cosmic Gel Liner line. Anyways, I wanted to try this powder for a little while since I had heard good things and was happy that the Altamonte location had it and decided to use Translucent and loving it! The only thing you have to do is tap off any excess powder if you were to dip in without using the sifter. Yeah, I take out the sifter to use it and put it back like my E. L. F. one and this one is bigger than the E. L . F. one and knowing it will last me longer than that.

New Foundation & Powder: Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation and Powder in Buff Beige and Warm Beige! Well, I stepped out of my Almay comfort zone and started to use a new foundation and powder. I deicded due to a budget to try out Wet N Wild’s Photo Focus foundation and powder since I was running low on both and now I can see why everyone or mostly everyone enjoyed this line! I love the foundation which was unique in its own way with you use the little paddle to spread the foundation on your face and then use a sponge or brush to blend it in. It blends very well, my color in the foundation by the way is Buff Beige due to how warm my skin is and it was hard to see which one matched best among the light medium shades and this one was matched to me by my dad due to vision. And the powder is in Warm Beige and man this one didn’t feel so powdery like when I used the one from Almay. I may have to try out the setting spray since I did have a setting spray sprayed on me all thanks to Vivi since powder can end up on my phone but these two things have been a nice addition and it looks like I will be using for a long time. Also, the foundation is not too cakey and the smell reminds me of white chocolate almost. Way to go Wet N Wild!

Fave MakeUp Remover: Shea Moisture Coconut Oil! I have stepped away from the Garnier Mycellar Water to make room for coconut oil and I have been using the one from Shea Moisture. I have been using the Shea Moisture since last summer since my nose was so dry in the creases and started using it and it leaked in delivery from Ulta so I had to get a free one and that leaked and got a refund. I love this stuff because you can use it as a moisturizer on your face which I have done, on my hair sometimes even if I didn’t pack any hair products when I stay with Gondras, and now cleaning my makeup with it. Mycellar Water was causing my skin to feel dryer over time and decided to look into using coconut oil and it does work! It’s easy to remove where you swirl your cotton ball into the oil and wipe first and then use a tissue to wipe it off like with Cold Cream. I’ve been using it and find it better and it doesn’t break the cap when it falls from the counter. Sorry Garnier but Shea has my heart for now until I run out and going to Trader Joe’s afterwards.

Books: Goddess of Forgetfulness by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress by Kaz LeFave! One part of being a little away is reading some books on my Kindle app on my Galaxy Tab! Well, one on my PC at home and these two happen to be Goddess of Forgetfulness by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff which is book four in the Immortal MatchMakers Series and Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress by. Kaz LeFave. Forgetty was a very cute and funny story and it has me reading the first book in the series now which is on my IBooks app at this moment while Nemecene 1 is a new format I wouldn’t expect since the story was told from three different perspectives. I can’t wait to get into the next one since I need to start on it soon. Kaz did start writing a screen play and can’t wait to see how this series will be turned into a film. Really great reads if you’re looking for something new!

Well, that’s it guys! I know I don’t have any music faves it’s due to reading more than listening to music. I hope to have some fave songs for the next faves though! Let’s see what happens next and also stay tuned for all of our coverage from Omni Expo 2018 because this year will be action packed from what I put on my itinerary for this year’s convention! Until next time! And if you haven’t yet, I’ve been doing a lot more videos lately too over on the Nerdy Shique Universe channel including my cosplay looks for Rarity and my Digimon character and even did the following someone’s tutorial with And That’s Jacob!

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