Books: The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant Book 2 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another book review for you all!

The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant #2 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the writer of this blog! Please respect the thoughts and opinions on this book unless Mr. Nice has my head. Mew!

What Is It About? In this stand alone, yes a standalone mystery, Michael Vanderhorst was always a lone wolf or maybe just a lone vampire? Who knows! Even though he is such a gentleman he is obsessed with the cutest, quirkiest, and a bad dressing librarian, Miriam. Even though no one has captured his heart in the four hundred years he has been alive and drinking blood it is the reason why he signed on to be her assistant.

There is one problem and that is she doesn’t know that vampires exist nor that she has broken one of their laws so Michael is ordered by the Vampire Council to tell her about their world or turn her into one of them except over his dead body.

Even though he wants the Council on his side, he has to go and find and kill five hundred vampires that are hard to locate and he has given up his sword. So with Miriam’s life on the line and his sword put away will he pick it up in order to save her or make her into one of them?

My Thoughts: Hmmm….I had to read this book twice in order to get what was going on. At least it did start off where Michael came to work after what had happened the week before and knowing what he has to do in order to either give Miriam the truth and hold back his feelings for her. Oh yeah, besides being a detective story you can tell he has it for her hard and you see it the most in the end.

The mystery did have its good quality by having the idea of him looking for the vampires that were missing and what he may suspect if Aspen and Jeremy were alive since the dust Michael saw at the end of the first book may not have been them or maybe the dust particles were them and someone is just covering their tracks and try to use Miriam as a scapegoat. What’s making it more interesting is how the library is getting looped more and more into it which does make us wonder is there something behind Miriam’s family and what her dad collecting all the books may have in common? I think it may be revealed either in the next book or later but I have a feeling that Miriam might be something other than human. I am not hoping werewolf despite the Twilight jokes in this one. By the way, Mimi, you meant Edward and Bella, right? Unless Mikey was just making a joke to make it wrong. Sorry for breaking the joke apart.

And of course, can’t forget is Mr. Nice! I loved how he has a bigger role in this one because he became more fun this time around. Last one was how he found the book Fanged Love and read it which made him more entertaining. Never thought a book would make a vampire become so chill. I couldn’t laugh out so loud during my second read since I was enjoying a pulled pork plate with a side of mac & cheese, a baked sweet potato and corn bread at Sonny’s despite how funny it was. You can tell by my smile that I was enjoying the interactions between Nice and Michael. I don’t know why but I was hearing Steve Blum with his Leeron voice from Gurren Lagan with a slight accent whenever Nice appeared. Besides books being a vampire’s weakness, I do like with these vampires that they do act a little human when it comes to certain foods which I should’ve pointed out with the first one. As in, their love for spicy food especially Michael when it comes to Indian cuisine. I love mild curry but really spicy tofu, yowza! I think my nose would beg to differ during my last allergy attack two years back. Also after drinking blood even over drink Michael was a bit bloated and acted like he ate too many burgers at Five Guys and needed to sleep it all off. I would too with the grease hating me. And of course! With coffee! He sure loves it and find it even more interesting with chocolate being kind of a vampire’s drug depending on its strength it can either kill or can be eaten, example with last book, Lula eating chocolate chip cookies. Hmmm, I wonder what a bag of Midnight Reverie squares from Ghirardelli would do to them unless the sundae version from the ice cream shoppe is more potent with the brownie at the bottom. I know it’s mean but it’s something that is in my head now!

Finally, my last thought, I think Mimi probably read either a Dead Pool comic or a Harley Quin comic because this book had major Fourth Wall showing! I think I have to add Michael Vanderhorst to the list of Awesome Fourth Wall Breakers after this book since we may be seeing more of it. I guess reading this book a second time did help me catch the jokes a lot more easily despite how the dark tones of the mystery being in this book. I think the comedy balances it out because yes we’re dealing with vampires breaking their own laws and have to figure out how and why and who is behind it and yet having the comedy of a vampire working with a librarian who is quirky and cute and having the funny reactions to what she’s doing or what she’s saying makes a very balanced story. I am hoping with the next one it keeps going with it since Mimi did a good job with this series so far and gives it a new twist on vampire stories. Yes, most vamps are supposed to be brooding, blood sucking a-holes that would swing a sword or gun except in this one you see vampire able to walk in the sun and not sparkling holding a coffee cup like a college student going to work to scare kids at story time. If I would, I would so cosplay as him! Not joking! I already have the fanged canines to go with it.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I have to give this one a five because it continues the story very well and it gives a better spin on how Mimi does vampires in this one. Yes, I still love her vampires in Accidentally Yours except this one is more of a modern spin of vampire goes to work at a library. I still like his interactions with all the female characters, especially Lula since they have that brother sister relationship and it’s funnier how Lula can give off that annoying sister attitude towards Michael and it works since she understands that he wants to protect everyone after being put as a leader for two territories. The mystery still continues and seeing what we would see with the next one. It did leave off hanging so I can’t wait how the first scene will start out and knowing it’s with Miriam. Also, can’t wait for the new series Mimi has in store too after revealing it.

Well, that’s it for this book review! I will leave a link to this book so you can read it yourself if you’re still into vampire books as much as I am. Stay tuned for my September & October Favorites since I was in the middle of writing that post!
Librarian’s Vampire Assistant Book 2

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