The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy December 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy December 2019!

Well guys, another year of Ipsy has ended with another December bag! I am so happy to have another year of Ipsy and it was a full one this time since I did re-subscribe last year. As you guys know this bag is now $12 a month and you get four to six deluxe to full size items from many brands. What I find interesting is that this year I was hoping for six items like the last but was surprised to only get five but hey it was worth it to me since getting five samples of items make it fun. I did get one add-on though!

Add-On: Green Light Keychain: I felt like doing something different and this was very different! I love keychains and I saw these being add-ons and felt like grabbing one. It was hard to choose but found this one of a green Christmas light and I do love the color green. I did stick it onto my apartment keychain since I use that the most. I could have stuck it onto my Glam Bag but I felt that my keys need some fun!

Kensie Free Spirit: First is a perfume from the brand Kensie! I have seen these guys up on the Offers page and almost bought their stuff but didn’t know how well they smell until I finally got this. It’s been months since I got that I Am Trash perfume and loved it and was wondering when I will get another one and happened to be this month. This perfume is equal parts apple, plum, and coconut with floral notes and a few earthy ones as well. When I pulled it out for a sniff it did smell good! I have to try this out to get a good feel for it since with perfumes lately I have been trying to get the ones I lost while moving and if I like this I will try to get a set from the Offers page.
Avon True Color Glitter Sticks Eyeliner in 24 Karat: Is it me or I do I hear Bruno Mars all of a sudden? Anyways, I was surprised to see Avon in this bag since it is not a brand I gravitate to. When a flea market was opened in Sanford I remembered going to an Avon lady’s stand and what I didn’t like was how she picked colors that she thought would go best for me even in bush when it looked so dark! Yes, I love wearing blues and purples in shadows but I felt like it was pushed with these colors. When I found out that I was getting this eyeliner from them I was surprised that they made this! This is a gel pencil that is best for an after work outing and I agree and best to keep it in the purse for that last minute invite. This is a yellow-gold that stays for ten hours without any smudging. I hope that’s true since I do love eyeliners and I do gold looks sometimes especially with the Naked Honey pallet from Urban Decay since that is one pallet I can’t stop reaching for. I will have to give this a go since I may not have the best experience with one Avon lady maybe having a better item by them would make things better.
Beauty For Real Lip Shine Lip Gloss in Starlust: Next is a lip gloss from Beauty for Real. I remembered trying these guys in my early Ipsy days and glad to get them again! This is a sheer, pink gloss and it doesn’t go on tacky either. I hope it does keep that claim even though some of my glosses do not have that sticky residue like most of them. Plus this is supposed to be moisturizing due to the use of plant extracts. I will have to give this a go then!
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Shimmer & Shake: Next is a blush from Tarte and it’s my pick for this month! One great thing about Ipsy is that you get to choose a product and I got to choose this one and I do enjoy Tarte’s blushes a lot! They are easy to blend and not overpowering unless if you accidentally got ham with your brush! This is a neutral shade blushe since it was hard to choose and felt that using more of a neutral one can be a nice idea for work. It is pretty small for a sample size, even smaller than the ones I got in a four blush set years ago from Ulta but can’t wait to use this on my cheeks!
Hey Honey Look Into My Eyes Retinol Eye Mask: Final item is from Hey Honey and this is my first item from them too. I have heard so many good things about this brand and they always end up in this bag and glad to try them out but as an eye mask. This eye mask helps with looking more awake which I need since I do wake up really early to get ready for work and this contains Propilus which is made by honey bees used as an antiseptic and to be more anti-inflammatory and has Retinal alongside Squaline and Coconut Oil. I have to try this out since I do love eating honey in foods and drinking it in tea for colds but glad to know that some things from bees do help with skin. Can’t wait to try this out since I did read that you have to put this on your under eyes and let it sit and then massage it in so I will use this at night then.

Well guys that is it for this bag. Not bad since it did give me a nice skin care product due to being awake from 4:00 in the morning and need to look awake for my supervisors. Also, I am glad to try out Kensie since seeing their stuff on Offers it would help me decide if I want to purchase their products or not. I am glad to get Beauty For Real again since it’s been so long that I had an item from them. Since this is the last month of the Ipsy bags, I hope next year’s bags will be as good as this year’s bags have been. I have tried so many new items from so many brands over the past year and have been happy with them so far. Let’s see what Glam Bag Plus for this month brings me since I am still waiting for it. It did say due to Holiday Shipping that it may be delayed and I remembered waiting for a gift for a long time one year due to this factor and hoping that it does get here soon! Until next time!

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