Cosmetic Controversy: Iris Implants

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe. It’s time for a Cosmetic Controversy!

Iris Color Implants

Disclaimer: This post is about eye anatomy and major grossness that involves surgery. And of course, may include videos about this procedure that may make someone squeamish, you have been warned!

I bet you’re wondering, Mari, what the heck? Well, I watched the Illuminati’s recent Company Casket episode on Bright Ocular, who is a company that specializes in giving colored implants to people by laying it on in the iris of the eye. I did watch this video while eating breakfast and hearing different parts of the eye being worked on and how it affects the eye going for a bit with this implant as well. You know that I’ve went blind due to a rare form of Retinitis Pigmentosa and have met and made friends with blind people but what they went through is natural depending on what they have except this is more extreme in my book.

I remembered years ago that this video brought back and that was Tyra Banks’ video on black market surgeries where a woman went to Panama to get this same surgery done and had major pain from it because of how the surgery was done. I will include the video on this so you can see what she went through because it felt that this was similar to what she went through. After watching Blair’s, Illuminati by the way, video on this I was just surprised and a little annoyed since I felt people are going blind unnecessarily from this procedure. Not only that, but a celebrity also even endorses this surgery because of her results.

How Does It Work and What Is It Meant For? According to Blair’s video, these implants are meant for someone who was born without an iris and is very light sensitive. But when some people found out about this procedure, that is when it was changed for cosmetic purposes, except it was not approved for that, it was only approved for medical situations. It’s one thing to get this done if you had a Coloboma or born without your iris, but having it done for cosmetic reasons is not the way to go, especially when you not only have to pay for the procedure but also to travel to have this done, which some people did so they can have something cool to look with.

What Is the Harm? Even though these are used medically but with cosmetic, people do go through bad effects of having these implants placed into the eyes. For one thing, they can cause the iris to chafe and have particles end up in the Trabecular Meshwork and cause Glaucoma since that part of the eye is known for help the eye with lubrication. Once those holes are filled the pressure builds up. Some people even lost a good portion of their vision due to these implants, especially at the 80% range. Plus, it can cause major light sensitivity due to how the iris is important with light refraction taking place. Plus, it can possibly damage the cornea which would cause a transplant to be needed. Remembered that person I talked about in the beginning? She had a hole in her cornea and not only that ended up with Cataracts and who knows by now she may be blind, since that episode of Tyra was from 2010 before articles about this dangerous procedure was made and what I find ironic is that people travel to Panama to get this done along with Mexico and Africa on top of it. Tiny Harris and her daughter did have to go to Africa for their implants except Zonnique had to get her implants removed when her mom turned out fine. Most people are different but who knows if Tiny’s implants might give her trouble down the road?

What Are My Thoughts? I understand the idea of it’s your own body and respect whatever you do is your thing but from being a visually impaired person myself, don’t do this procedure. I see it work better for someone who needs it more if they were born without an iris but for cosmetic purposes just go with colored contacts. Reason being is that you don’t have to get them surgically placed and just wear them for a certain amount of time without the harm that an implant can give. Contacts aren’t for anyone but this procedure is not either. I don’t want you guys to take the risk and go blind because once you lose your sight you have to relearn skills but with adaptive techniques. It’s pretty much starting your life over and it can be hard. Heck, when I found out I was going to go blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa and lost my vision at 23, I did find it hard at first because I couldn’t get my Driver’s permit at 15 and had to learn new techniques to live on my own. I don’t wish this on anyone not even my worst enemy, which I did run into a former friend who did say he wished he was blind like me. I would have told him that’s a bad thing to say since blindness is not easy. All tangents aside, just stick with contacts, cosplayers do it so just do the same.

Well guys that is it for this post. I will be putting the clip from Tyra’s show with that person with the implants and Blair’s video since you may want to see where I’m coming from and what I’ve seen. And sorry if some of the stuff Blair shows may be a bit squeamish but this is for educational purposes of course! Next up is Glam Bag Plus!(39) The Tyra Banks Show – Black Market Plastic Surgery (Part 1 of 4) – YouTube

(39) Bright Ocular: Corporate Casket (Would You go Blind for Blue Eyes?) – YouTube

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