Yeah, Meh, Nah Spring 2023

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

Yeah, Meh, Nah Spring 2023

It’s that time again and that is what I would like, I might buy if it’s catching my interest enough,and definitely not buying for this spring!  It’s been a long time since I’ve done this post with all the makeup that has been coming out and with the drama surrounding it, it is time for me to put my thoughts on it. I watched What’s Up in Makeup this morning and I heard some releases that made me want to write this post and here is what I have to say!

Nars Laguna Shadow Pallet

I mentioned Nars is one of those brands that seems to lose their creativity due to how much they have banked on their blush shade Orgasm for many years with so many items. I still have my big Orgasm blush compact somewhere in my stack of drawers, I am not lying about that, I did buy it but didn’t get the Orgasm Rising Shadow Pallet. See what I mean? Now, this year for spring they are doing the same thing but with their Laguna Bronzer, which is another best selling shade. It’s a shadow quad, even though it says there are five shades but four is only mentioned under the Details tab on Ulta and it costs $49. What the hell? Really? That much for just four shadows even if you can contour with them? That is definitely a nah in my book since I did get the Nomad Surf Shack pallets for way lower since they are being discontinued. Since that was happening I bought two of the shadow duos instead of one. To be fair, I was going through a rough patch last month and I went makeup shopping. Anyways, why would I want a shadow quad with four iterations of a bronzing shade? It would work if this was a nine pan pallet or a twelve pan where you can not only have bronzer type shades but also mix in some blues since it is supposed to be Laguna Beach? Still, nah to me! I enjoy Nars with some items, well more of the blushes but this is not something I would buy.

ColourPop Magnetic Blush Palette

Not sure I will be picking this up but I feel like brands are starting to throw back towards older trends that people have enjoyed and that is the magnetic pallets. If you remember back in the mid-2010s, the brand Z Pallet came out with magnetic pallets where you can take magnetic pans and place them into these pallets to create your own pallet which in turn people started to pan shaes for these pallets to be more unique. I like the idea since I did get those Hot Pot Shadows from Coastal Scents to create my own pallets for work makeup looks and even done it with some Colour Pop shadows as well. Other brands have followed suit and it had died off for a little while due to the pandemic. Color Pop is trying to bring it back with their blushes where you can create a cheek palette where you can put either bronzer, blush, or highlighter or just blushes, highlighters, or just bronzers to have your own face pallet by purchasing this type of pallet to build your own. It starts at 

$10 and you go from there. I may pick this up because I have tried some blushes from Colour Pop and enjoy them and may add some highlighters because they have an amazing formula. So, this is a meh for me!

Too Faced Italian  Spritz Pallet

I haven’t purchased anything from Too Faced since they discontinued their Chocolate Bar collection and am still sad about that. Why discontinue the popular items that made you famous? I heard the Better Than Chocolate pallet was terrible though! So, yeah they broke it. Anyways, when Jen talked about this pallet she got in PR, it got me curious with how she talked about it this morning. I like the idea that it still has the neutrals with the pops of color like with the Chocolate Bars had and it does have the scent of summer which I may be buying thi]k8s since it has been a long time. So, it would be under the Yeah and Meh categories because of how Too Faced brought back the scented pallets and might be going back to their original idea.

Update: I am purchasing the pallet so it is a yeah in my book!

Rare Beauty GIve Yourself Grace Pallet

It’s been a long time since I got anything Rare Beauty related since I left Ipsy. As you know, I only got mascara from Rare through Glam Bag Plus and it was pretty good on my lashes. I may get that again if I can find a Sephora in town. This is an eyeshadow palette that has rosy shades based on the blush shade called Grace. I haven’t tried her blushes which I heard are good things about them, I may have to check those out at some point and with this pallet, is a meh for now since I haven’t tried her shadow formula yet. Jen did try it out and she said she didn’t like it. I may have to try it so the shadow pallet is just a meh right now.

Too Faced Healthy Glow SPF 30 Skin Tint

I haven’t tried many foundations from most prestige brands except for Smashbox and Urban Decay and I do enjoy the skin tint from Urban Decay since it is very moisturizing due to how dry my skin is and I haven’t re-purchased it, I hope it is on the 21 Days of Beauty block for this spring since I already went for the Mac Paint Pots, especially with two newer shades as well. This skin tint has 18 shades with moisture and helps with glow. It also has SPF 30. I agree with Jen that the SPF is not enough to go without your sunscreen since I still wore sunscreen while wearing any makeup product that had it when I used to get any of the subscription boxes. I am not sure if they have my shade since I am a light to medium with neutral undertones and so far Urban Decay, Wet N Wild, and NYX have pulled through with their shades for me. Right now, this skin tint is a nah since I already have foundations I enjoy.

That is it for this post. I think I covered some of the items that were mentioned. I did update that I did pick up the Italian Spritz pallet and not sure if I will do a video since I need to get a new tripod but may just do it on Instagram. Who knows! They seem that they’re coming back from the makeup graveyard and see if they will be purchased again by me./ I am trying one of their Cloud Blushes on top of it. I may add the new Color Pop pallet to my budget next month, who knows. I may continue this series at some point this year since it’s fun talking about makeup like this. What’s next? I am on the last book of the Winter of the Witch Trilogy so stay tuned for that review!

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