Book Quadrant: The Space Between Words by. Michelle Phoenix

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Just read another book in my major catch up!

The Space Between Words by. Michelle Phoenix


This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this particular media that is being reviewed. Also, this is a Christian work where she may have some beliefs that she follows, so also respect that as well! You have been warned!


This book is a combination of historical fiction and current events at the time of this book. We meet Jessica who was traveling to France with friends while one of them, her roommate Patrick, has been living there for the entire semester while in college. When her friend and other roommate, Vanda, suggest going to a concert on their last night in Paris, their time of partying gets shattered by a terrorist attack and Jessica gets injured and Patrick is killed outside. Once she survives and is abandoned by her friend, Vanda, she continues the trip in France to a small town in the south and stays at a family Airbnb where she visits a flea market that leads to her a mysterious sewing box from the 17th century that holds a mystery inside its confines. Jessica believes that this is something Patrick wanted her to solve with the help of Grant, Mona’s brother, in order to find what had happened to Adeline and her family when they escaped from the king’s clutches and able to show that one event not only wrecked her life but find the courage to move on and solve what’s in front of her with a treasure that was brought to her by spirit.


I have to say that this book was very wholesome in how it was written. At first, I was a little confused since Paris did go through those terrible terrorist attacks and it did make sense to write a current event into your pages and how it would affect a character as we read through with Jessica. Of course, we did get to see the past in this one with Adeline and her family going through the purge of the Huguenots in France in the 17th century.. It showed how the past meets the present and how mysteries can bring two people who have been damaged together.

I was reading through when Mona, the head of the B&B, talked about how people thought she and Grant were married but her husband left and Grant came to help her out due to something taking place. When Jessica told them the truth about what had happened in Paris, he didn’t know what to think since he went through trouble with his home flipping business which caused someone to be injured to fire. It showed that he and Jessica were able to work together despite their hardships and solve their mystery. I liked how it went from France to England since I did my own research and that the Huganots were a group of Protestants in France and believed in the teachings of John Calvin and when the Catholics came after them at the time a lot did flee throughout Europe, which included England. I did like how both the sewing box and a pencil roll that was made for Julie, Adeline’s sister, were used to hide scripture pages the both of them carried. It did say earlier in the book that their scriptures did get confiscated and burned and Adeline’s father did have the only Bible they read from and separated the pages so they could hold onto their teachings even if some of them fled. It did take some guts for Adeline to stay behind since she did teach children in the village but I wonder what did they do exactly to where she was hiding? Did they burn the blacksmith’s forge or did she reveal herself? I have a feeling she turned herself in since the last frew diary pages that Jessica and Grant read that they were hurting her family’s friend, it would make sense since the sewing box was found somehow in the loft.. 

I did notice towards the back of this book that there were discussion questions, I have a feeling that this book would be read in either middle or high school since it would be something that would be discussed in a history or literature class and I like that idea. I remembered when I first joined NetGalley one of the books I read, Lilac Girls, had a bit of a book club revolving around it but I would assign this one and that one, Lilac Girls as books to read during school since they did show parts of history we rarely get to see.I did find annoying with this file though is that I couldn’t navigate chapter if I miss something while falling asleep at night. When I read at night I do fall asleep since I have to wake up early at 5 for work and trying to find my way back was really annoying with this book so I had to continue from where I was earlier to finish up the book. I think the final release at the time would have been better where someone could use the Go To feature with chapters.

Rating: 5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5

I enjoyed this entire book and I was glad to have it in my NetGalley list since I do enjoy reading historical fiction books. This was one where I got to learn more about other religious groups that existed in history and how they were ousted out of their homes. I know I have tons more on my shelf I have to get to and it gives a nice work out for my Kindle since I am not letting it gather dust. Glad I got to read this!

That completes this review! I am glad to read another back and got to delete it offf afterwards so I can save some room on my paper White. I do have the next book on my shelf ready to go! Next post will be a technology one since I gave my Braille Sense 6 and Braille Note Touch Plus a work out this past semester with Black Board! I figured it would be appropriate since my semester is winding down! Until next time, stay beautiful!

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