Omni Expo 2015: Interview With Lauren Landa

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally got the last two interviews up and running!

Well, you saw me interview Mike McFarland about his work on Attack on Titan, Riddle when it came to cosplay, then Trina Nishimura about being Mikasa and Mari, and Josh when it comes to his work at ADV and Funimation along with being Armen, and now it’s time for a new name, well somewhat new in the anime world, Lauren Landa! She is no stranger to the recording booth since she is Litchi in Blaz Blue and the works that go with it. She also does the voice of Lea in Tales of Xilia 1 and 2. We also recently heard her in Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2. Who does she play in AOT you may ask? She is Annie Lockheart and had the pleasure of talking to her, especially when we went off on tangents until the camera cut us off that day. It was fun meeting her actually and she did love Jelly Babies since Gondras had them and made me happy that she did play the original Pokemon games when she saw my little Glaceon.

And a side note before watching, well….I mentioned Todd Habercorn and Gondras said we interviewed him. We didn’t do that yet since AFO is not until a few days after I turn 30 this year. I think he went forward in time in his Tardus during Omni. Don’t worry, we will try and interview him when AFO does post the press badge forms and hoping, hoping, HOPING soon because I have been looking.

Next up will be Bryce Papenbrook’s interview, which I decided to save for last because he did break our heads with something and don’t want to reveal it until you see that interview! I did put in the video description that it will do that! Stay tuned! Also, will be announcing the post that Jessica Calvello inspired me with, stay tuned for that as well.

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