Rants/Response: Fifteen Things Poor People Do Rich People Don’t Into What Not-So-Rich People Really Do That Is Not Seen!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I am doing a respon se post to something that is pretty interesting but at the same time face palm worthy!

It might be a bit of a rant but Saturday night, I was in a live chat that Rich Lux was doing and he brought up a video by A Lux.com which talks about how to become a rich person from what I am taking it and he talked about the video they recently made called “Fifteen Things Poor People Do that Rich People Don’t.” This was interesting in a way since yes it is a video that gives facts but at the same time I wonder “Where do they get all their research?” Especially one when I responded in the chat towards “Poor People always eat fast food.” Rich Lux did read out my statement and he did agree that you can eat healthy on budget which I will explain below. So, here is my list of responses because I saw the video myself and it was cringe worthy and face palmtastic!


Disclaimer: This is a response post to something I’ve seen and it is based on opinion and experiences from my own life as a Not-So-Rich person. Please respect my thoughts and feelings and when I do put the video link when I am done to Word Press, don’t give any hate to the person who did this video.
1. Some Not-So-Rich People Don’t Watch A Lot of T. V. and Others Learn While Watching: First thing on their list is that “Poor people watch a lot of T. V.” and goes on that we watch too much reality t. v. and how news is biased, etc. Here is the thing, yes there are people that are glued to the tube and don’t get that much exercise either but of course there are times when people don’t want to watch t. v. and tend to watch stuff on either NetFLix or Hulu or my fave platform, YouTube since the entertainment is there. Most of the time when I watch the tube is basically when my fave shows have new seasons on Primetime, or watch talk shows like the Talk, and I do catch some news and finally any new Doctor Who related stuff like the Christmas special for this year that I am waiting on. Most of watching is online like most people and listening to podcasts because I learn from there which brings my next point of this and that is when we are young we tend to learn from watching Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, Barney, etc. Heck, one of my nephews learned his Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer as an example when he was four or five. So, t. v. is the basis of our learning when we were kids and haven’t gone to school yet and when we do come home we love to watch cartoons and have a snack. And another thing about the not watching so much t. v., there are people that prefer to play video games when they get bored of watching, heck I did it too when I had my Sega Genesis and N64 after watching an episode of Sailor Moon. So yes, not all people that aren’t as rich as a lot of people watch a lot, there are the some that do it but not all. Also, another point I would like to bring up, there are the rich and successful people that do sometimes watch t. v. or YouTube, for instance Kim Kardatian (I know I always butcher her name) she watches YouTube not only to unwind but see the makeup influencers to help with her makeup line. For instance, she had a video with Nikki Tutorials last week where she tested the Power of MakeUp she started and they talked about watching YouTube and how Nikki got started, etc. In order to have a successful makeup line, you got to be relevant and knowing the trends from t. v. and YouTUbe and even magazines help with that and to become a success in the business.
2. Not-So-Rich People Can Eat Healthy on a Budget: This point of “Poor People Eat a Lot of Fast Food” got me commenting in that live chat and I am glad Rich Lux read it and did agree. Yes, we do turn to the lovely McDonald’s Quarter Pounder or the Wendy’s Four for $4 but I am wondering, “Has this lady been to a WalMart or a Publix lately?” Or even a Trader Joe’s? Yes, there is that comfort food but we do like to eat healthier time to time and yes we can have that option at a restaurant but you can also get it pretty cheap in your local grocery store. For instance, a bag of spinach and cale can set me back $3.50 and I have omelettes with that along with salads and even sandwiches at home when I feel like it. Plus, we can get our own burger patties on special at Publix when they have Fourth of July sales or even Labor Day sales since they do specials on grilling food during certain times of the year. Heck, Publix here puts the Boar’s Head items on sale like the bacon, the deli meats and the hot dogs. So yes, we can eat healthier and pay a lower price when it either goes on sale or look for the deals in the aisle and even compare each product. I even got a pack of six boxes of Mac & Cheese, Publix brand, for $4 and it has saved me a lot when my mom hasn’t come home from shopping until late in the evening. Another point is that this woman talked about is how we don’t want to know what is in our food or know about nutrition. I would say… “Excuuuusssee meee princess!” There are times when some not-so-rich people are afraid of getting more weight and try to find the healthier options over going for the fattier ones. We also know what a salad is thank you very much! Another thing to use as an example, when she mentioned sugars and fats, actually I have replaced the sugar in my coffee for brown sugar which is supposed to be better for you and it still sweetens my coffee and my health is still the same from that small change. Heck, I even enjoy almond milk due to the taste and have it with a piece of toast later on in the night or with PopTarts time to time. Still, hearing this point kind of ticked me off and I feel like yes there are the fatty food options but most of us like to treat ourselves with Five Guys but most of the time you can get chicken for $7 or more on your grocery bill and cook at home which would save you a little more money than doing it for three meals a day because it does add up and your wallet shrinks even when it comes to lobsert night at Red Lobster.
3. Buying From Sales Racks Are Not A Bad Thing! Her next point is that “Poor people buy from sales racks!” She believes that the only thing you should get on sale is stocks. Yes, stocks are great and all if we are working for a big company and can buy them small but clothes are important and it keeps us from running around naked like Blink 182 did in their “What’s My Age Again” video. People can’t always afford the Gucci sweater every month or can go into Bloomingdales or even Lolipop Cotour here in the Millenia Mall or try to see in Hollister. (Yeah, that store is extremely dim from what I heard!) That is why sales do exist at certain times of the year or if it is going on clearance so people can save money. One thing is that there is also a sale on your favorite store sites too almost every month and if you are a member you do get those lovely coupons like I have gotten from Ulta and used on this month. I will use some examples! Every year Hot Topic does the Hot Mess sale and when the first Thor movie came out, I was able to get my Thor shirt during the Hot Mess sales for $2.50 when it would cost me $19.00 originally back in that time and you can get awesome stuff in those boxes like shoelaces if you need them, some accessories if you’re lucky, etc. Even this past month they did a 30% off of a lot of items and that is how I got my Panic! At the Disco shirt and Sailor Moon knee socks to go with my Sailor Moon top for conventions or girls day outs. Another thing is, a lot of people that I like to watch on YouTube love to wait until Sephora does their VIB sale where they get a certain discount based on their Beauty Insider status to get what they want that they have been eyeing on. Heck, I even enjoy Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty when I got my fave Smashbox eye primer and the Urban Decay Perversion mascara on half off. Even Vivi did a Labor Day sale when she got her boots and dresses. You get the picture! Sales aren’t that bad and it feels like these are being looked down upon by this video and it is kind of sad. What also irked me about this was when she said, “When things are on sale, the clothes that the person can afford are the ones that the rich don’t want and the people who get it on sale can look like they couldn’t afford it at full price.” Okay! That is a little snobby in my book! Yes, I didn’t get that Thor shirt at full price nor the Perversion Mascara at full price but one thing that this person doesn’t realize that sotres need to make room for new stock that is coming to their store or website. Yes they can sell more on the website but sometimes the companies also discontinue items like Lush did to A LOT of stuff recently. (Including my fave Blackberry bath bomb!) And in order to make room, the sales happen and this does attract a lot of people to buy those items. Heck, another point which I want to bring up is that there are times where store locations close down if they don’t make enough business. Back during the recession as an example, a lot of businesses closed down due to not enough people were coming in to buy the stuff and that caused a huge hit even if you were rich or poor, you were stretching your money back then! Trust me, I was saving a lot for me and Gondras for conventions and did garage sales. Heck, I did that way for my laptop too. So, when a location closes down they have to clear out stock and that is why they put everything on “It Must Go!” and people run for the hills. Even though it does still happen today, heck Blockbusters went out of business and Radio Shack as well and had to close some locations that it was happening to the most. So yes, sales aren’t that bad when you look at it. Heck, even around the holidays people, rich, middle class, or poor, want to stretch that money as well even if they get it from stocks so don’t look down on them as this video did!
4. Not All Sleep In Late In Their Early Years! It depends on the person because this point was “All Poor People Sleep Late In Their Early Years!” Okay, can you blame me that I woke up super early to catch the bus in high school and take naps during the day and sleep in on the weekends? Can I get an “Amen?” Here is the thing, yes some of us do sleep late while others do wake up early so they can either do errands or have doctor’s appointments which will be talked about later. One thing that this video doesn’t realize but people do have night shifts or work over time. Gondras sometimes has to do closing shifts and his feet hurt like hell at the end of the shift and he does sleep late because he comes home later due to clean up and closing. Another example is Vivi’s husband Tobi works a dsecurity job at night when a lot of crime happens most. Other people that work night shifts includes urses, firefighters, police, doctors at hospitals, heck even writers stay up late to meet their deadlines. I even admit to sleeping late because I write late at night time to time if I can’t sleep. Also, another thing, there are people that do have sleep issues and I do admit that too! When I first dated Gondras, he was an insomniac and he slept a lot later than me and he does still do it today but not as badly. Heck, blind people go through Non-24 Sleeping issues as a good example which I listened to a recent podcast episode about that in detail. My mom even suffers from sleep issues so not everyone can have a goodnight’s sleep and that kind of causes us to sleep later than normal. What also bothered me is not only she didn’t provide any statistics but she talked about waking up late and not educating yourself and spend a lot of time on meaningless things. Truth is a lot of people sometimes are curious people and learn about other things and be educated in other ways whether it is through a web search or what I do is listen to podcasts while putting on my makeup or in the bathroom. I even learn more about tech stuff since I am planning on being an A. T. Specialist. All thanks to the Cool Blind Tech podcast, I was able to learn about the TW Blue Twitter client for my computer and got my mentor interested in it. I am also in a Hadley course currently and she says we don’t educate ourselves due to sleeping late. That is why coffee exists. Another good point to mention about sleep is that people are in different time zones from each other and depending on what they do they have live chats while we do sleep and there is not enough time in the day in the States for us to do our own thing too. In the end, yes sleeping late may be a bad thing but there are night shifts to consider, sleep problems too, and time differences. Heck, even some famous people may have sleeping problems due to their own career like movie stars while shooting a shoe or movie and that does take time. So, yes the rich and not-so-poor aren’t different in that aspect.
5. Not All Of Us Are Into Sports! Jeez louise lady! Have you met everyone that is into sports? Heck, even the big celebrities love to sit in the sky box watching the Super Bowl! Here is the thing, not everyone, poor or rich, is not always into sports because of the interests being so different or if you can’t see it like I do. For instance, I was over at Nerdy Shirts’ place for a Wrestle Mania party and I only can hear grunts and screams from the wrestler’s and remembering Undertaker’s entrance and the thing is I can’t get into wrestling. I was even asked, “Who is your wrestling husband?” I said, “None!” All my gal pals looked at me like I was insane but I was honest about it because I can’t see what is going on. I’d rather read a book on Kindle than watch the Super Bowl. Even when I was doing my university classes, I never went to one Knights football or basketball game because I wanted my dgree to get out. Another point she brought up is that watching sports is pointless as watching t. v. Maybe to some but not all because I have seen rich people get into golf due to how much of it is a gentle sport and I admit I did play golf myself since it is an easy sport for blind people. Heck, even some of the billionaires we know play golf, even most of the football players and basketball players are billionaires by now and some have retired. For instance, Shaq O’Neal, I can imagine him in his mansion still watching a Lakers or Magic game since he was on those teams and want to see how is the line up after he left. I am just using that as an idea. Heck, probably some of the players started in high school to play sports and then went pro after they graduated from high school and college which made them into what they are today. I think this person should’ve researched before mentioning this point.
6. We Shower Like Rich People! We may not have the roomiest showers or the biggest bath tubs or hot tubs but we do shower! I may think shelters might have a place to sshowers for their residents. Still, this point is pointless because when you are on a job, hygiene is very, very, VERY important because you are the image of the company that you work for and smelling like a stray cat that rolled around in sludge won’t help. I always do my morning shower like she mentions and I always make sure my body smells like the shower gel I use, I wash my hair when I need to, even use soap in a certain nook and cranny, showering is an important thing and wishing all convention goers do it so they won’t have that nasty convention funk.
7. Poor People Blame Others for Their Msery? Ummm… Really lady? I think it depends on the person because the only way of blaming anyone is blaming yourself if you haven’t been successful yet. We are only human and there are times when someone being successful can happen over night or it takes time for their success to be gained. For instance, Stephen King did not become a best-selling author overnight. In his memoire, he mentioned how he had a hard time being published with any short stories he sent in and he did get turned down with some but lucky with others. His wife was working at a Dunkin Doughnuts even and he waited for that check to come in until one lucky day he found it and that helped with paying for medicine for his daughter’s ear infection. Even John Grisham had to pass out his books for free before he became famous. A good example, I only sold two copies of my first book and I have a second one. Do I blame it on anyone? No! I keep promoting it and keep on going with my life because I am trying to start a career because I prefer writing as a side thing. There are going to be times where yes they won’t choose you for a certain job or won’t pick your artist’s booth for Artist’s Alley, learning from the mistakes help you move on and yeah you may look down on yourself for not being a success but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep going or trying again. Remember that old saying? “First time you don’t succeed, try try try again!” Which I do agree! Your successes aren’t always hand outs nor expected, that is why a lot of people have to work hard in order to get where they are at even in today’s age where there are going to be times where you may have to go back to school and start over again and then see where you will be next. So, don’t blame others just know what went wrong and try again!
8. We Do Save Up! “Poor people don’t save money?” Okay, um…have you paid any bills lately? Yes, like a lot of people, we do pay bills and that is the main priority of every month and hearing about this does feel like it can happen but there are people who do save money in a jar, a pouch like I do when it comes to conventions or other things I may have to pay out of pocket, or even in a savings account when they open their checking account. I remembered when I had my first account with a bank, they let me put in a dollar for each transaction I do into a savings account and I did protect myself from over withdrawals by tapping into it when need be. Yes, it can be hard to save oney but at the same time when saving your pocket change in a can it does build up. I tend to spend the change from any money from my dad to go towards my next convention and sometimes do need to use it for small things like a medication I needed to pay my co-pay for and glad that I had it. There are the people that don’t save and hold it for a rainy day and there are the ones that do and maybe this point should’ve been looked at better.
9. Poor People Have Credit Cards But Is It Really for Useless Things? I have to put this statement in a question because I feel like it sounds like we can’t build any credit. Usually the credit card is a way of helping in paying for items if you can’t pay for out of pocket and then you pay it back once the billing statement is in. People do use these cards or loans for useless stuff but others do use it for more useful things such as an IPad for instance that may need an upgrade or they may need a certain cosmetic product that works for them and it may cost a lot and need to use the card for that. I admit in the past I did max out but I bought my usual cosplay parts that way and even had to help Gondras with his Fourth Doctor outfit and I did become better about it. I mostly stick to my store cards that I applied for and do pay little at a time, as in the minimum payments that get posted each month and that goes back to your card to refresh itself. For instance, my Hot Topic card was paid quickly in a few months after using it on my Dead Pool hoodie that I needed since it was getting colder and Florida only has that slight chill. Another point she pointed out is using the credit for investments which might be good but the question is who is investing everyday? Yes, I may get my next phone upgrade next year but developing an app well there are already a lot of apps out there that do get used by a lot of people including blind people like me. If I come up with an app then I could talk to IT guys that I may know and then there will be the footsteps to something big. Yes, we do have these nice cards and loans, but there are times when we do save up for the item that we want or pay off the card that we used it for to wait as time goes on. Even though credit is like a baby where we have to take care of it, building it also helps for bigger things and must not runaway with it and spend it everyday.
10. Not Everyone Has Kids Early On! I need to ask for this point did they get their research from an actual place? Because there are times that not everyone has a kid even early on in life. I knew some girls in high school who did have their kid then but at that time they weren’t thinking and didn’t use protection. I am 32 now and I get Social Security and use it towards my phone bill along with cards and now one of my doctors, I am kid-less actually because I don’t want to put that extra expense and stress on myself especially while Gondras is still in college and living with his mom. Plus, I am trying to get myself back to school to get my grad certificate to help me with my career goal and that is important than me settling down with kids. I have seen friends that have had kids while they were in college and that can also be hard due to the added stress of raising a kid while taking classes. One good example is one of my second cousins who just had a kid and yes she is working but can’t get back into school and she is not living in a great place either and her mother gave her everything! EVERYTHING! When that kid comes and if you don’t have the right environment to raise them or right situation, then it will get even more expensive and more time consuming because you have to find the place, get the stuff for the baby such as formula and diapers which are the most costly of the items. Trust me, I have seen my older brother get more packs of diapers while visiting here when he was with his ex-wife when his kids were teeny tiny and of course you have bills on top of that to take care of. Also your own health, any pets you might have, etc. So, yes, I would say think before you want your kid even when you are in your early twenties which is where most people want kids because the financial situation will not always match your family situation. In case if you are curious, me and Gondras will come to that road eventually but not now!
11. Not-So-Rich People Have Insurance And Do Have Check Ups With Doctors! Her point to this is “Poor people don’t have regular check ups with their doctor.” That is not essentially true. There are people out there that can’t afford all the doctors even on insurance, heck it is hard getting a dentist here in my part of town because they don’t take insurance which that is another thing. Not all doctors take the same insurance plans that everyone loves to rely on. Like I said, the dentist offices here have some that do take insurance but after a certain age or depending on what kind they don’t take that insurance especially for what job is needed to be done in the mouth. For instance, when I first chipped my tooth all thanks to a stock cart, I was looking for a dentist that can help and asked if they take MediCare which is what I use and they don’t so I had to pay $300 from my mom’s card to get this fixed. I know it is not much but when you get into the big stuff like extractions and root canals then that is a heavy price! Another example, I used to see one Endocrinologist in one part of ttown and he didn’t take MedicAid and had to pay an $80 co-pay and then found out that they don’t do HMO MediCare. So, guess what? I found someone else and pay a lesser co-payment and my medicines are the same price due to my insurance and do see my Endocrinologist regularly as in now in November due to a slight change to my thyroid. So back to the point, there are people that don’t have insurance that can’t really see a doctor or the doctor’s office doesn’t take insurance and also there are times when people have really bad infections or need surgery and have to go to the hospital that requires a lot more stuff to do and that is referred by the doctor. So, in other words, there are times when you have to do that visit with your doctor if you need help and there are times when it has to be an emergency. Another thing to consider, walk-in clinics are an option even at a pharmacy if it is a lesser problem or for vaccinations themselves. I get my flu shot at Publix all the time now instead of visiting my doctor every year since my insurance is also taken there. So, in other words with this part, for something minor or vaccine related, there is the walk-in clinic or pharmacy. What about major diseases? Should touch on that! Yes, it is important to catch it early but doing it earlier can even help in a greater idea because with tech as advanced as it has been, detection can be easier and find easier treatment within that window such as radiation for a specific cancer in incrinments helps out, I mean my dad went through it and did help. If it is too late, yes it will be costly but it doesn’t mean there are medical trials where people can raise the money. For instance, there are Go Fund Me pages for medical surgeries everyday now and crowds of people are willing to help with that. Heck, one gadget known as E-Sight which costs a buttload of money has help with donations for the people who want it in their life and if I go through an eye treatment myself later on then I would do the Go Fund Me for that because crowd funding is a big thing now when it comes to medical related costs.
12. Poor People Spend Money Before They Get It? Another question statement. Yes, it can be a danger borrowing money and acquiring a lot of expenses before paying it off but like what I said above with bills and other things like food and pets, there are times when there is not enough left over for something special like a luxury item or a luxury dinner. I did mention how I save up my change from spending money from my dad. If I can’t get something that same day like for instance a t-shirt at a concert since I can only afford food and one CD that night. I say, “Okay! I will make sure I have enough next time!” I have that mindset especially knowing the price ahead of time if I do save the amount and have it for next time. I also remember a saying my mom gave me especially with conventions: “If you have the money then spend it, if not don’t!” Trust me, I remembered how Gondras almost had me spend all my savings at one stand during AFO 2012 and had to push him away after the pile of DVDs we picked up at it. I am not kidding about that pile either! It can also go the same way with credit cards too…trust me now I have to clamp myself from using them…which my tip is just budget or know what you are getting and just buy that thing! If you go off track then just tell yourself to keep going! Heck, I even push Gondras out of the candy line or in GameStop to get out of there! Then if you have the money leftover then you can save it for the next purchase or a sale or even for something small you may want. There many ways to save!
13. We Surround Us With All Kinds of People! Rich Or Poor! The next thing on this list that made me cringe was “Poor people surround themselves with other poor people.” Is it me or is she making it sound like we have to hang out with our own group of people? In the nerd community, we come from many different backgrounds even in our college days. Whether that we started off with Star Trek, Star Wars, anime, comics, etc. We are all nerds and we usually associate with them but nowadays everyone is including the sci-fi genre into their normal t. v. watching queue. Heck, I started watching Big Bang Theory a lot more when there is a new season on CBS and I still love anime and read books. But I remembered in the past that I did meet someone or two that didn’t want to be included among us nerds when they were nerds themselves essentially. Mostly one person I kind of excluded due to how bad she ignored us. Anyways, back to the point, no matter what your background is if you make a hundred a week or a thousand a week, people like to hang out with others on a daily basis either at a party or online talking on Skype or AIM (it still exists as an app actually!) If we have something in common and like to be around each other, we are friends and some people do make relationships with another too guy or girl even. Yeah, we can’t always go to a huge penthouse party but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy boba tea and taro cakes even while wearing a Lolita dress and hightops time to time. What she also pointed out too is the whole if you are hanging with four other poor people then you would be seen as one. Okay, let me say this! Your money status is not really anyone’s business unless you published something really big or made a huge change to life. One good example is the book series from Christie Barth, The Naked Men Lunch where the guys in there are rich guys but they end up falling love with girls that have different backgrounds like Griff the coast guard guy ends up with Chloe who runs her own letter writing business, Knox the huge millionaire guy all thanks to software is with Madison who works at the library and came from Alaska to find her brother, Logan who is a guy who helps people and takes on his family’s business takes on a girl who is a cheerleading coach, well former cheerleading coach, and now Riley who works for the TSB is with Chloe’s buddy Summer who owns her own boutique. It shows in these books how the characters came from prep school and go through their own accidents and come out fine and find their matches all because of love not wealth. If you have rich friends that don’t like it, fine by them! If I was a best seller already, I would rather be with my friends that I have known from my convention experiences because we formed a tight circle already and bring Gondras to the parties and he can look good while he is at it despite how he looks, at least he showers! And finally about this point, she talks about how you should be inspired by the rich friends you make, or was it be inspired by the group you hang out with. I am already inspired by the people I know! I already have a book later on that Vivi asked me to write and I got my inspiration for the idea from other things too not just because of other authors. I would confess this though, I did ask for description tips from Mimi Jean but I know her busy schedule and glad that she did take the time to respond to give me her advice and I am taking it to heart. It would be nice to hang with her but she does have other obligations to do including her writing. I am the same way with this blog, getting press jobs, and finding new things to do in tech to develop my skills more. Yeah, it would be sweet to hang with Stan Lee but I still like my friends to this day!
14. Poor People Don’t Follow Through With Their Ideas? Excuse me? The Blind Perspective was an idea I followed through! Yes, we can’t change our past but we can control our future. Yes, success does come quickly to others but not as quickly to many. The only way of being successful is by working hard finding the mistakes that you have created to try again. Remember that old “IF you don’t first succeed?” When I was trying to get my first job, I always fell on my face but got back up and didn’t we always hear, “Never give up!?” I always never gave up even if I had to change my career path. I am not still giving up you know why? I keep on working at it and improve my skill so I can get my experience. The problem is that today a lot of people are expecting experience over skill and that doesn’t mean giving up should happen if nothing goes your way which there are times it doesn’t always go your way. Things just happen and when it does it might be an accidental success and would lead you into a new avenue. I mean, we still do press for Omni despite a typo years ago and that is still a success story I will never let go. Another part is the whole 9 out of 10 businesses fail, shock a statistic, she goes on that none starts because all of them fail. Yes, a lot didn’t start is because a lot of people kept on working on it and kept going with it. If you guys watched Shark Tank, a lot of those people started their own thing and even if the team didn’t accept their offers they kept going with their business wherever they are. Like the Lip Bar, that was in someone’s kitchen and it still grows from what I have seen on their website last time. Even me with Nerdy Shique Universe! I got the spark all thanks to Hot Topic and yes I did improve on getting the style and moving it to Word Press and then five years later we are here still along with a YouTube channel. So, if you have an idea, just go with it and see how it goes if it doesn’t work then try fixing it and keep going!
15. There Are Times When We Need Help to Reach the Top! Her last point is “Poor people believe in they need help in order to reach the top!” Yes, we don’t always have the hand outs and we usually start alone and believe that we will be successful when we are young. Isn’t that everyone in the world especially a rich person? I bet the Kardatian family didn’t start off with being rich together or as famous as they are now. I even read the authors’ bios of the books I read and see that they started off as university students or just a normal person at home, when they start doing things there are times where things do get tough and they need that help to succeed. I even see the praises the authors give to their agents and editors because they have a team that helps them in getting their product out there on time. Heck, I am visually impaired and I need the help with visuals during our press work and I have to rely on Gondras and Nerdy Shirts to get our work out even after the convention. And don’t rich people have their teams in their companies to help them reach the top? Hmmm? Even though the answers to problems aren’t always handed but the team can solve those problems together and able to face them head on, for instance when Nerdy Shirts accidentally lost our Dameon Clarke video, I came with the idea on the spot to see if we can redo the interview and we worked together to get it done again. Yes, having that help may lead to failure according to this video but there are times when that help and teamwork makes a brand and company successful wehether it is a blog like this or a book coming out, or even a major makeup company that started off small and grew over the next three months we all have teams!
Well, that is it for this post and man it was super long! I did take a break to snack on something because of how long this took. Plus it felt nerve racking and cringey watching this video again too to get all the things mentioned. I will put the video link in here so you can see what was talked about and warning you may have face palm marks like I did.

What is next? More book reviews in the air and still crossing my fingers on Holiday Matsuri 2017!

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