The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus August 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another box post!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2019!

It’s that time of the month where I get my Glam Bag Plus! This is the upgraded version of the regular Glam Bag but you get full size items and it is only $25 a month. A new bit of news that starting in October there will be a makeup bag included. Wasn’t there one in every other box when they started? At least it will be showing up again. I will talk about the changes to the regular Glam Bag when I get it in a few days. Let’s see what I got!

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Cleanser: First product is from Murad and it’s an exfoliator. I wanted to try this brand for a long time now ever since Bunny has mentioned them but the price got me. This cleanser helps refine the skin to help with it to absorb other skin care and it contains glycolic and lactic acids that help with breaking down any dead skin cells to improve turnover. It also has salicylic acid to help clean the pores of any excess sebum and the hahoba beads are able to help with cleaning the skin. When I found out I was getting this in my box this month I was happy about it since I am going through a too much skin care phase at the moment and my Three Times Sublime is helping me with that. When I run out I am going to use this and man it’s a huge tube of cleanser! I think it will last me a good while!
The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Pallet: Man that’s a long title but I did get a full on The Balm pallet this month! I love this brand and what I have tried in the fun size form whehther its lip items or face items, I loved it! This pallet contains shadows, blushes, a bronzer, and highlighter for an all-in-one travel friendly pallet. This also includes crowd pleasing shades that mix and match very well. I can’t wait to use this pallet since I have loved the shadows I have tried from the pallets they have released, heck I finally got the Nude Beach Pallet in a bundle last month. If you haven’t tried these guys I suggest doing so!
Suva Beauty Liquid Illuminating Drops in Trust Fund: Yay! Another Suva product! I loved the Hydro Liner from these guys after getting it in my first Glam Bag Plus and glad to try out another item. These drops are a face highlighter which are supposed to be waterproof, which is a good thing since it does rain a lot here in Florida, it also contains pomegranate extract, Vitamin E, and natural emollients to give that everlasting glow. I can’t wait to give these ago since they are supposed to be waterproof and of course having friends visit this weekend and the weather says rain then I will put these to the test!
F. A. R. A. H. Show Me Now Brush Set: Next is a five brush set from F. A. R. A. H. Brushes! I love this brand among the others when it comes to brushes! Some people have complained these brushes feel cheap but I think they feel lightweight and great since it’s better to have that than a heavy handled brush even if it’s $50 for the set. Not kidding guys, that is how much it retails for. I remembered getting a similar set in a similar size as an add-on before I joined this side of Ipsy and have gotten other brushes in the Glam Bag as well, I think the last one from these guys was a double ended brush and that was great! I would say give these guys a chance!
Sundays Nail Polish in #44: Last product is a nail polish by Sundays! I never got to try these guys in the regular Glam Bag since for months I didn’t get any nail polishes until a few months ago. These polishes are supposed to be very pigmented, very shiny, and claim to be long lasting which that will be put to the test on my nails since I do wash my hands and type at the speed of light. Also, this brand has polishes that are 10-Free which means they are free from the harmful chemicals that are found in other nail polishes. The shade with this one is a cool, minty green which excited me since I do love wearing green polishes. I will so wear this one next!

Well guys that is it for this post! Wait! I do have to mention one thing I did finish from my Glam Bag Plus!

Sunday Riley C. E. O. Moisturizer: Yes, I finally finished this this past week and glad I did. I normally don’t do Vitamin C moisturizers but wanted to see how this went. It didn’t irritate my skin at first but when I added the Pixie Glow Tonic and the facial pads I picked up from Ipsy’s Offers page that was when it started irritating a bit. I think it’s due to the ingredients not meshing well and trying to finish up the Pixie stuff since I am now using a Target Up & Up Moisturizer for sensitive skin of course! It did smell good and it did last me two to three months with how big the jar was. I won’t purchase this product even though they do carry sensitive skin friendly items but they are so overpriced! This item is $65 alone! I can buy three to four containers of Celestial from Lush for that price and one container lasts me even longer despite it being a smaller size than this product. Sorry Sunday Riley I prefer my drugstore moisturizers and if I wanted to go back, Celestial is also my favorite.

Now that completes this post! I am glad that Ipsy is getting a major upgrade and glad to hear that new makeup bags will come with this box. I am so happy with what I got this month and can’t wait to try everything out! Next will be a book review so stay tuned!

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