The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy September 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy September 2019!

It is here and it arrived in time and just after BoxyCharm since it did appear in my complex’s leasing office. Seriously? I thought it was small enough for the mail box. Oh well! This month was pretty good since it was one tool and rest was makeup. For your info, this subscription was $10 but it’s going up to $12 since they are adding more things to the subscription like picking out your fifth item and better customization with a new quiz. They are adding Glam Bag Ultimate but that is a bit pricey when I can just enjoy this bag and the Glam Bag Plus which was delivered but have to wait until Monday for the office to open up. Now onto the items!

F. A. R. A. H. Brushes Contour 210M in Midnight Blue: First up is a brush from F. A. R. A. H. and it’s a single and it’s a Contour brush! I was hoping to get a contour brush at some point since I do love to contour my outer cheeks with bronzer and this would do the trick. I do love the feel of it and the size of it since it is pretty nice and not too wide. Plus the brushes are really soft and it came in blue! Yay!
L. A. Beaute Fatale Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tough Love: A new brand to me that appeared in my Glam Bag and they are known as L. A. Beaute Fatale. This liquid lipstick coats your lips in a nice and airy formula and is it’s one of those click pens where you turn a dial which I have not gotten a lip product in that format in so long. I remembered getting a Milani lipstick in that format and I think CVS stopped selling it. I know they still sell certain lip products like this. This is a deep mauve shade and interestingly enough I have seen so many brands have products with the name “Tough Love” that maybe it fits with a mauve shade more than any other. I have to try this out and see how I feel.
Breogeo Don’t Despair Repair Leave In Hair Mask: Next is a product from Breogeo and it’s a spray leave in form of their famous Don’t Despair Repair Hair Mask. I did love the one spray I got in BoxyCharm but lost it I think but hey at least I get to use a new product from them. This item is supposed to help fix up dry and damaged hair, even over processed hair like if you colored it way too much and so on. Regular use of this product also helps with strengthening hair between washing and heat styling. I do straighten my hair on certain occasions and I remembered the right side of my hair sizzling when my new flat iron touched it even with the heat protectant in. I was surprised by that and it did feel dryer still than the rest of my hair. I can’t wait to use this since I do have dry hair due to my curls.
Phase Zero MakeUp Satin Eye Shadow in Velvet: Another brand I haven’t heard of and that’s Phase Zero. This shadow is a soft and easy to blend shadow and the pigment increases with fingers or you can go subtle with a brush and build it up easily. This is a plum shade to help with smoky looks too. I have to try this out and it has a pretty good amount in the pan you get in this one. Apparently there are either one or two other shades for this bag and glad to get one of these!
Ofra X Madison Blush in Sweet Stuff: Final item is a pick one item where I got to choose from the newer collection from Ofra which they collaborated with Madison Miller. I picked her blush in Sweet Stuff since I have not tried an Ofra blush before and figured it would be nice. This blush is supposed to be very blendable, easy to build up, and doesn’t streak. It claims to be a dusty pink but it doesn’t look dusty, it looked dark in the pan. I guess it has a sheer wash when you apply and then you build it up? Maybe I have to see it. Also another thing is that you can use this blush as an eye shadow if you want to. This will be a fun item for me to try.

Well guys that is it for this month’s bag. It was a pretty good selection and glad to get to pick my fifth item. It looks like the item picks will go every month and I feel like it’s a nice little customization since I remembered so long ago and it still goes on that people complain about what they’re getting. I am grateful for what I get picked and do change up my profile to make it more interesting, heck I changed my eye color to blue since I do have some slate blue in my eyes. I can’t wait to see what Ipsy has in store for everyone in October since they are raising their price and things are changing for the subscription. I still remembered just getting the Glam Bag alone and now they have three bags to get and can’t wait to see what it’s in store for October!

Now stay tuned for my Glam Bag Plus post and of course my Allure Beauty Box is on its way at the moment! Until next time!

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