Subscription Satellite: Ipsy Glam Bag November 2021 to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another box!

Ipsy Glam Bag November 2021

            It’s time for my Glam Bag for this month and it is an interesting one despite one item. This bag is $`3 a month with five samples of products either deluxe size or full size. It ranges from drugstore to luxury, and you get brands you may have heard of or may be new to you. It includes skin care, makeup, brushes, and tools alongside a cute makeup bag. Let’s see what I got shall we?

Cake Beauty Intensive Body Balm

            First up is a product from Cake Beauty! I have enjoyed the hand creams from this brand and glad to get a body balm but will also be using it as a hand cream. This balm melts into the skin with coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter missed into it. I can see how since I started using this it did melt easily into my hands. It felt like batter at first but melted as I rubbed it in. I will keep on using it as a hand cream since the deluxe size is better for that anyways.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe

            Next up is a product from IT Cosmetics and it’s one of their brow pencils and can’t get enough brow products. I heard these guys are big in the brow department alongside Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills and it’s good to try out a pencil from these guys since I have tried a few from other brands. This pencil has a spool and a pencil tip on the other and the pencil doesn’t cause any streaks due to how real hairs can be drawn. It’s also sweat proof, which if you live in Australia or taking a vacation there to feel their summer weather then this would be a perfect travel companion. I think once I get into this thing it will be summer me since I still have one part of a brow kit left. I will try this out and see how it goes!

Kenzie Darling Daydream

            Next up is a fragrance from Kenzie! I love myself a good perfume and getting to try some deluxe sizes of different ones makes me happy. This one contains pink grapefruit, mixed berries, and vanilla bean and it smells divine! I mostly smell the fruit parts of this perfume over the vanilla because I feel that the berries and grapefruit have more of the better mix, and it gives a nicer smell in my opinion. I wish more perfumes had this combination, but I do still enjoy my earthy tones and some sweet here and there.

Pure AM PH Calming Toner

With this month’s choice I decided to go with skin care, and I think it was the right choice after having the weird dry patch areas. I went with this calming toner with a milky smoothness that contains Hyaluronic acid, sicca oil, and other ingredients to help with hydration. By the looks of it it is a morning routine which does work for me. I will use this after trying out the one from Allure and see how it goes!

Tanais Liquid Kajal in Starless Night

            Last item and it’s an eyeliner pen. Another black liner pen. Really Ipsy? Can’t I get a different color again? I don’t mind getting black liners, but I’ve got so many now and I prefer using a colored one time to time. Of course, this would have the usual smudge proof and gentle for eyes claims. This does have a nice brush tip though so it could help with an easy line. I hope with December being the more festive month I would get a festive color. 

            Well, that’s it for this box! I am already enjoying the Cake Beauty Body Balm and the Kenzie perfume so far and will be using the brow pencil and the toner when I get to them. I did have to put the liner pen with all my other liners unfortunately since I have so many now. I hope there is a new color if I get a liner. Next up is Glam Bag X!

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