The Beauty Quadrant: Items I Switched To!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Sorry for the wait for a new post! School and work kept me busy with things and glad to take some time to do this post I promised!

Beauty Items I Switched!

It sounds like a weird title but there are things we love to use in beauty and hygiene that we tend to switch from time to time. I understand that some brands and items people love and say they are their holy grails except they can change from time to time due to either the item gets discontinued, the brand goes out of business, which I’ve seen lately, and sometimes the skin or hair does not like it which causes it to freak out. I do have items I have swapped recently and wanted to talk about it!

From Regular Deodorant to Natural

This was a big switch for me because I always loved using regular deodorants for years. I bounced from Secret to Degree to Dove and got back to Secret since I do wear sleeveless tops sometimes for work or for cosplay back in the times before we rebranded. I’ve heard how regular deodorants are not that great for some people’s health, there have been claims about the aluminum causing breast cancer? I think Jen Luv talked about that in her Natural Deodorant review which I switched to all thanks to Ipsy at first. I had Refreshments for a little while because I switched my razors, which is next and I got their deodorant, which is more natural. I was a bit on the fence about natural deodorants at first but noticed how sometimes my pits do get a little crusty with the build-up of product and sometimes with some deodorants I buy and have it delivered it can be hard to find so I gave natural a chance and enjoyed what Ipsy had. Recently, all thanks to the Mile Higher podcast (if you’re into true crime stuff with a little supernatural, check them out) I got into Native. Native has not been new to me since I heard some of my favorite people on YouTube talk about them but Mile Higher got me to use their discount code during the Christmas scents that came and what I like about Native is that the scents are not too overwhelming. Not sure if you notice with some deodorants, the scent seems to punch you in the face, Native is not too bad, it’s just right! I did find the candy cane one to be too light but not to the point of the Twisted Peppermint Body Spray, that was a strong scent and turned fruity. Anyways, I also like the idea that it is made with shea butter which is good for my sensitive skin. I do have one drawback, it can be hard to use the stick since you do have to rub it a couple of times to make it warm up. I do enjoy Native and I have a lot of sticks all thanks to my love for this brand!

Jumping Ship from Dollar Shave Club!

WHat do I mean by this? For a little while since our first apartment, I was a member of Dollar Shave Club and loved their skin care items for the legs, however I noticed that with the seven blade razor it made my skin drier than ever and itchier than ever so I had to cancel. At first, I did enjoy the razor from Ipsy but the Refreshments items were taking too long for me to receive every month so I joined Athena Club all thanks to Blaire from Illuminati. I think this was a great choice because their razors are basically the VVenus Razors but with more moisture to them. I still use my shave gel with these but it adds more moisture as I shave since my skin can be irritated after a fresh shave even after washing off the shave gel. I still feel a tiny itch but not as bad with the Dollar Shave within a day or two of shaving. Again, this is a good razor and I recommend it. I do not like that the website is not accessible when it comes to entering items into carts, I do notice the profile is accessible. I did have to contact customer service to choose my razor kit. I like the idea of choosing a color, I did go with sky blue since I’m a sucker for blue. Also, you can choose to send it every three months, which I tend to not change my razors since I don’t shave as much unless I have tons of hair on my legs and pits. The razors do keep me for my next shipment and they do send you ten cartridges. I find it better than the Ipsy subscription since they only give you two. I’d rather spend the $20 plus on ten cartridges and that is basically what you get at CVS. I may go for their shave gel at some point.

Using Cleansing Tools for Face Cleansing in the Morning?!

I know we have heard so much about cleansing tools over the years, especially the big popular one, Clairsonic. With more companies releasing their own, I did get one in my Ipsy bag, well more like purchased a few through add-ons, even got one in Glam Bag X, and did get one through Ipsy Offers and that is the PMD Beauty Cleansing Brush in navy. I did get the Warm one twice, the first time as an add-on and in my November 2021 GB X where Huda Katan chose it for me. I do like the navy one more due to how it is better for sensitive skin except it does have the same vibration settings as the Warm one but less harsh. I do use this with my Tony Moley AM Gel Cleanser in the morning before work and on the weekends since it does help with spreading it and just lathers when I wash it off. I don’t use it for moisturizer since it doesn’t do much when I try that. At least I do use it for the cleansing part. At least it has lasted me this long!

From Tarte Stage One to CoverGirl Lash Primer

Just when I thought the Tarte Stage One Lash Primer was my holy grail, I noticed getting it after every single time it was drying out was getting a bit pricey so it was time to see about a drugstore alternative. I admitted I did try out the lash primer from L’Oreal Lash Paradise line but was not a fan and it dried out too quickly! I found the one from CoverGirl and OMG! Where was this? This is made with caffeine and it has helped with my mascara game every single time. Yes, it goes on white but it does keep my eyes from being allergic to mascara, even though allergies really hit me in January. Don’t worry, I have changed out tubes along the way. Also, it makes my lashes feel like lashes! You know how mascaras kind of make your lashes too stiff? Not with this primer! I’m wearing the Rare Beauty mascara and so far my legs are still fluttery. I will definitely continue buying. Sorry Tarte!

From Sinful to Color Club!

I’ve been enjoying a newer polish brand and that is Color Club. If you have been with Nerd Chique Universe since it started on BlogSpot without the Universe in its name, I have been a huge lover of Sinful Colors. I always went crazy for their midnight blue polish all the way to their holiday and limited polishes, however they chipped so quickly even if I used a top coat. I still have all of my bottles that I kept that are still fresh but Ipsy did bring me a new brand. Two years ago, I bought a huge bundle from Ipsy Offers that featured a lot of items and one item was a set of Color Club polishes and when I tried one polish, I noticed my nails didn’t chip so badly. It took a few days to start chirping even with all of the typing I do at work and now for school with assignments and reading Braille.. Even the polish Glow Baby Glow stayed on for two weeks. WHen I went to get a manicure in January, the salon tried to have me get a gel manicure when I wanted a regular one and told me that most polishes start chipping in a day and don’t stay on. ALso, said regular polish does dry out the nails. I did look at it but the real culprit is the acetone in a lot of polish removers and I was wearing a Five Free polish before my manicure because Color Club and the other polishes I’ve gotten in my Ipsy bags and did get one in Glossy are all non-toxic. I should do a post more on nail polish since it’s my favorite thing. Gel can be harmful due to the UV exposure you get from the lamps to help cure the polish. I may go to a different salon since they kept pushing gel and all I wanted is just a regular manicure. Anyways, wishing the salon did their research first. Again, I will return to this polish brand since they are amazing and a bottle is around $8 or $9 depending on what you get. I did get a set of twenty-eight during Christmas time since I love this brand so much.

Switching from Drugstore Tops and Bases to Orally Top to Bottom

One thing I didn’t like about drugstore top and base coats is that they dry too quickly in the bottle, such as the Sally Hnasen Top & Base coat I had when RJ’s mom suggested when she got me into nail stips. While browsing Ulta for a top and base coat, I found this one from Orally where it is a two in one and I love it! This stayed liquidy in the bottle over time, even more than a month, while using it! Plus, when it becomes a top coat it makes my nails really Glossy. I prefer my nails glossy due to the top coat when most of the ones I used, especially the Top Shine from Sinful, made them still felt through the top coat. If you’re making a top coat, it should give a nice glossy effect even with glitter polishes! I will keep on buying this and Orally please don’t discontinue!

I think this is about it! I’ve been enjoying the products I’ve been using. I may return to this kind ofa post in the future. Let’s see what happens! Next up is Allure Beauty Box!

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