Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box April 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with the last subscription box for April!

Allure Beauty Box April 2022

My Allure box was the last box to arrive and it is a good start to the summer months since one item is perfect for the start. I wished I got the nail item but I realized I was not a nail strips fan, but anyways, this box is $23 a month and you get items based on Editors picks from Allure Magazine. Let’s see what I got this month since there were variations!

So, these were the items that there were in my Allure box. I was hoping to get the Scratch Nail Wraps, however I realized I was not a big fan of nail strips, I even remembered having the KISS type dye ones years ago except they came off too easily. I never got the strips again so I went with a press on nails years later. I did start using the essence though from Neogen and it doesn’t feel too bad on the skin. I am glad that it’s a deluxe size since it’s better to try something new in this size. I’m glad to get facial oil just in time since I would run out of the rose hemp oil I have been using from Good Molecules as of late. I am most excited about the sunscreen though since I am using the Sunday Riley sunscreen from last year’s boxes and I was meaning to get another sunscreen, which I am glad to get this in the box in time for summer around here. I know we have to wear it as the last step of our skin care and here in Florida it’s proof of that. I can’t wait to use this though. I’m also excited about the air sponges I received since I do enjoy using makeup sponges for my foundation. These are pretty small in the container but do expand when wet and have to be air dried afterwards. I will use these with my beloved Wet N Wild and Urban Decay! I am not too sure about the peel gel since when I think of peels I think of spreading the mask all over and have to peel it off once dry. THis one, apparently, can be washed off actually so it’s just a scrub? I guess I have to give it a chance, if I get any weird reaction then toss!

This month’s box was pretty good. I am glad they are doing variations since for a long while they give everyone the same box and that can get a bit boring and noticing the variety of products that can show up make this box better. I can’t wait what May will bring since here in Florida summer comes early. Trust me, during MegaCon 2017, I felt the heat while waiting for my dad and was glad I wore lighter clothing, especially my Link cosplay since I wore shorts with that costume. Anyways, that completes this month’s boxes! What’s next? Not sure because the next few weeks are going to be final projects for me at school before the next semester and well, RJ and I are moving to another apartment in the complex, more on that when June hits. So, see you all next month!

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