Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag June 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with the last subscription for this month!

Glam Bag June 2022

Sorry for the long wait for this post but my Glam Bag didn’t arrive until last week and school got me for the rest of the week. Plus, I needed a day off from everything due to fatigue. I’m glad to be back and to post this! This bag is normally $13 but due to inflation it will be raised to around $14 next month. I know some people would be a rip off but after the craziness with GBX, I did link my post about that onto Ipsy’s comment board and someone complained about the items and I did explain you’re not guaranteed what you want is what you get, which is true. It even says at the start of the survey so if anyone wants to join please understand that. Your survey will match you with products from brands you may love over time or may not heard of and you tend to get either deluxe size or full size. Let’s see what I got this month!

  • Beauty Creations Thickening Mascara
  • Laruce 105L Short Shadow Brush
  • Plim Candy Candy Melts Vegan Lip Balm in Melon Bubble Yum
  • Sugar Cosmetics Goddess of Flawless Sunscreen
  • Eyeko Black Magic Eyeliner Travel Size
  • Beauty Vault Shadow Quad in Plum (Add-On)

This month was a pretty good one since I did have a surprise with the Beauty Creations mascara. At first I thought it was going to be another deluxe size but when it arrived it was a full-size mascara! I rarely get that in this bag! I normally get it in GB Plus and GBX but not here! I did remember in the past that they sent full-size NYX Lip Lingerie lipsticks in the past but here, this was a mascara! I am glad that they did this because I can try out something full-size and see how it goes even though the deluxe version gives you a preview of how it goes. The product says thickening which I did read that it’s supposed to thicken my lashes and I will be putting this to the test with that claim. It is also a drugstore one, which I saw the price being $8 which you do get for any other drugstore mascara for the same price and I do enjoy a drugstore mascara myself. The brush from Laurce is always handy since I can use this as more of a brow bone brush to sweep some shadow under the brow to accent muy shadow choices or go have a sharper case, you’ll never know. What got me to use the products right away were the sunscreen from Sugar Cosmetics and the lip balm from Plum Candy. First, the lip balm is because my lips were super dry from burning my lip all thanks to being way too excited with curry and it hurt like crap! Now it;s mostly healed but I did use this to help with dryness after putting the burn ointment and the Vaseline Lip Therapy which I need some added moisture. This Bubble Yum when I was a kid. Like any kid, I did love chewing gum but not as an adult, it was ruined for me over the years. It does feel good on the lips. I did try buying the actual product but the brand is overseas and I am afraid of my financial info being compromised, which did happen once when I did buy a perfume from Lush once, UK side by the way, and my card info got taken. So, I rather let Ipsy give me the items instead. While wearing sunscreen, I was surprised that Sugar Cosmetics released sunscreen and had to try it and so far so good I had no breakouts from this. It just goes on smooth and my skin was okay after washing it off since my skin can get itchy from certain products, this one nope! I thought it was just in time because the heat has been brutal as of late here in Florida, I can imagine the rest of the country! And of course, again, why black eyeliner! I put in my profile I want this sometimes not always because I have so much all thanks to this and BoxyCharm! I feel like I can help all of the punk and emo bands that come through Orlando by supplying them with all of my black eyeliners I have collected over time! I could be the merchant from Resident Evil 4 with the jacket having nothing but eyeliner pencils and pens! At least this one is from Eyeko though I do love their mascara! I will have to see how this goes even though I am tired of black eyeliners yet glad I don’t have to buy any eyeliner unless it’s a nude liner I need from Ulta. And finally, it’s been a long time since I got Add-ons. I don’t like that I have to wait a little longer to get my bag that I get my add-on in but this month I got a credit for what had happened during the last GBX and I did use it on the Beauty Vault Quad which caught my eye basically. I haven’t tried this brand so I will see how it goes!

That completes this bag and completes my subscriptions for this month! Glad to make it through and felt bad for not doing May since it was so chaotic! Hoping July won’t be as crazy since my summer semester will be winding down at the end of July and hoping to get a better schedule of posting out. Next post will be about anime that should have their manga versions animated! Stay tuned!did bring back the memories of buying\

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