Voice Actor Interview: Kyle Hebert

Hello everyone and welcome back! As promised, I got my answers back from Kyle Hebert! As you know, he will be at Omni Expo this May and I was glad to ask him to do an e-mail interview! Below are the questions I sent him, that is why they are numbered, I had to copy and paste the last three, I think I lost count, still they were questions I forgot to ask and it was with his appearance on Anime Abandoned! Sorry about that!


For those who don’t know who Kyle is he has been in anime, cartoons, and video games such as Street Fighter as Ryu, and if you seen the beginning of Wreck It Ralph, he is also Ryu in that! He is also teenage Gohan and the announcer of Dragonball Z and Kamina in the manliest anime you will ever see, Gurren Lagan! You can catch him in the new game Bravely Default and the newest show to hit Cartoon Network, Tenkai Knights! Enjoy!


You’ve been at conventions iin Orlando back in 2012, KnightroKon when it first started and Anime Festival Orlando, how does it feel to return for Omni Expo?


KH:   Always love coming back to Orlando.  It’s a pretty cool town!



      With your convention appearances across the country and Canada (which I found out on the site you were there for one) what is your favorite thing about your convention experience?


KH:    I just love getting to travel to new places, meet fans, and it’s all thanks to the all the games and shows I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of.  Getting that face time with fans means a lot.  



  1. What was the craziest thing a fan has done at a convention? As in, giving you crazy gifts or funny experience, anything like that?

KH:I’ve had two people had me sign body parts, then a week later they email me pix of the signature done as tattoos!  



  1. You’ve been in video games, anime and cartoons, which one do you like to record more? Why?


KH:    Cartoons are the most fun because you get to record as a whole cast.  You can play off each other’s performance and see how others create their magic.  It’s always hilarious watching everybody cut up and blow takes.  



  1. Is there one role you’d like to play again?


KH:    I’m easy.  I’ll do anything again, or ever.  Hire me!  ;D



  1. What was the funniest thing that happened in the booth or has someone done while recording?


KH:   Trying to fart nonchalantly….but the mics are so sensitive, they can hear your food digest.  So there’s no getting past those things.  



  1. Are there any new projects in the future?


KH:   I have recurring roles in Tenkai Knights (Beag), Digimon Fusion (Ballistamon, Dorulumon) and Naruto:  Shippuden  (Kiba, Inoichi, Akatsuchi).  Some big game projects out soon.  Can’t mention names til they are released, though.  Darn those pesky non-disclosure agreements!


Here are the questions I had to send in e-mail number two since I forgot to add them in my original questions!


You were on an episode of Anime Abandoned with Bennet the Sage, how did you get asked for it and was it fun?


KH:   I’m actually not that familiar with Bennet as a web celeb, but met him through other convention guests and mutual friends.  I always love helping out friends.


Would you do anything with any of the That Guy With the Glasses Personalities again?


KH:   Oh sure!  He’s hilarious.  Every con I go to I get compliments about our infamous video together.  




And my last question, not sure if anyone had asked but are you a fan of anyone’s shows from That Guy With the Blasses? Which ones?


KH: I loved watching Doug dissect the Star Wars Holiday Special and Suburban Commando.


I sent Kyle a thanks for the interview and did recommend Linkara’s stuff in case he hasn’t checked him out yet, especially check out his Live panels! I am still waiting on word about press for Omni Expo, but I am still doing press for Metro this year! I am hoping for Omni since not only I get to get in and cover the convention, also get to meet some of the guests  they got besides Kyle, such as Chris Patton, Carrie Savage, and some of the guys from Team Four Star! Which I would love to interview!


What is next? Well, since I just finished it, Fairy Tail Season 2 review! I was hoping that there would be one more part but nope, it ended at part 8! So, I will give you my thoughts! And also my convention spotlight on MythiCon 2014! Til next time!



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