BoxyCharm: February 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with my Boxy Charm!

Boxy Charm February 2019!

Another month of Boxy Charm and so far so good it’s looking good! There were two variations where you got one or the other of one product and one of the others when it comes to skin care and either a lip item or an eye item. Let’s get to it!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: First is what was sneaked peeked at the end of January and that is the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. I know this mascara has flaked on me but I think it was due to the sample doing it rather than a full size. I am wearing it on top of my lash gel I use from E. L. F. and it hasn’t flaked so I have to try this out for a full day and may sneak it onto my lashes tomorrow for work to get that full effect to see if it flakes. I think the sample is different from the full size product and will see if I was right.
Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter: Next is a product from a brand I never tried before and that is Pretty Vulgar. This brand is sold in Sephora and I heard good things about it and they have given stuff out in Boxy from this brand and was sad I wasn’t subscribed for those moments until now. If you got the other variation there was a bronzer and I hoped to get that since I am wanting to try new bronzers but having this highlighter too is even better since I get a full size product which makes it better. I am surprised that this is $32 and that is like two dollars less than Soft & Gentle by MAC and wanted to try that one for a while, at least I can try this brand in the meantime. I hope to get more stuff by these guys since they are a good brand from what I heard.
Touch & Soul No Problem Primer: Next is a face primer from Touch & Soul. I heard of this brand on YouTube and them Sephora carries them and funny enough Ipsy did have an offer on one of their products and that is their eye shadow sticks from what I have seen. This on the other hand is a face primer that I am curious about since I have been trying new primers and trying to keep my face from going crazy lately with the fluctuating weather. This is supposed to clear wrinkles and pores which I don’t have but moisturizes from what I hear since green tea is supposed to help hydrate skin. I have to see how this goes and starting tomorrow with it.
Pharmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Cleanser: Nice! I heard good things about this brand and glad to get it. Instead of this product you could have gotten the Drunk Elephant Coco Cabana Cream but glad to get this even more due to my sensitive skin. It contains ingredients I never thought about like Tumarick, Licorice, and even brown sugar along with amino acids to help skin. This will be a good thing to try out throughout the month.
Trestique Lip Prime plus Lip Glaze: I was hoping to get the Nudesticks pencil but got this instead and not mad about it either. I almost bought this version of the lip glaze as well until I found out that there was a mini version. I think I got the shade in English Rose since most people had. This not only has the lip product but it also contains the lip primer in a magnetic bullet at the bottom. Even though I prefer my E. L. F. lip primer but I am glad to see what the full version of this product is like and in a different color.

Well that is it for this month’s box! I was hoping more of a full on date night box but at least there was skin care involved. The mascara is something I will have to try out since it is the Better than Sex mascara. The primer is going to be interesting because I have dry skin and hoping it moisturizes pretty well. The Pretty Vulgar highlight is great since I wanted to check this brand out for a while and glad to try something face related. While the Clean Bee, it makes me happy that a sensitive skin item in in this box. If I had that Lancôme makeover today, I would be so itching and wanting to take it off with this little face wash and I can’t wait to try it in the shower tonight!

So, there was a sneak peek for March’s box where Joe mentioned that we have to take our beauty quiz in order to help with the box next month and it is a few pallets that were shown. It would be interesting to see what they are and who gets what. So, until next time since I will also be doing my Omni Convention Spotlight and Ipsy 2019! Until next time!

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